The human experience can be chaotic and confusing. It is easy for an individual to be immersed in it to the point of inundation. The result is then to become reactive rather than proactive and perhaps, we could say, consciously panicked.

When we speak of being above the fray, we are not saying not to participate in your life; for human existence is not a spectator sport.

To be able to step away from the tumult to evaluate causes and access abilities is an important part of taking back the creative process in your life. Otherwise, if you allow your life to control your thoughts, rather than your thoughts creating your life, you have abdicated your responsibility and right to be a conscious creator.

What we are suggesting is to allow yourself permission to put things in perspective, to take into account your whole being as a participant in your life and a co-creator of what you are experiencing. In universal terms, there is always a life preserver for the “drowning” person. Calming your mind and stilling your actions allows you to see above the waves to the life preserver floating nearby.

We understand that it can be a difficult thing to do, to stop flailing when you may be figuratively, or literally, fighting for your life.

Yet, it is in that stillness that creative conscious thought calms the sea of your confusion giving you the ability to be intentional in your actions toward the challenges you are experiencing. Make a conscious effort when your thoughts are most chaotic to give yourself the creative distance necessary, and clarity will emerge from behind the scattering clouds of confusion.

Therefore, to move above the fray is to take some moments away from your reacting to your concerns and give yourself permission to be still and listen.

You will be amazed at the guidance, insight and understanding that are waiting for you on the other side of a still mind. Perhaps, that is the original intent of “Let go and let God;” for, in that stillness you communicate with your higher self which is also participating in what you are experiencing for learning.

The creative power of consciousness is best understood in the silence of a peaceful mind. You don’t need to wait for trials and tribulations to seek out its counsel; for, active interaction with this aspect of your consciousness will calm the seas of life’s experiences before they become a tempest in your mind.