We are indeed aware of the turbulent and catastrophic outcome from earth’s changes. Indeed, the energetic vibrations upon the planet are shifting, creating unique, unseen, immensely powerful forces, be it upon the spiritual nature of humanity, upon the human psyche, or upon the very planet on which you stand.

Whenever any catastrophic event occurs, just as the earthquakes radiate out in concentric circles of waves of energy, the same occurs emotionally, energetically and psychically.

Even before modern communication catastrophic events were felt across the planet. With the emergence of virtually instantaneously reporting of events, the effects of that which we have spoken have only increased because now the conscious level of the mind also participates in the event. Vivid images and sounds are added to the already vibrational disruption that has occurred because of the event.

What this event represents for humanity is an open book test, an opportunity to observe the planetary responses, the individual reactions to a catastrophic event—both the good and the bad. Where the best of humanity is brought forth and the worst, those moments of heroism and cowardice, of courage and confusion. The recent events, Katrina, the Indonesian Tsunami and this event are indicators not only of increasing catastrophic events but “pop quizzes” in order to see what humanity has learned, how to respond, what are the challenges and the consequences of their actions.

Those who are victims of these earth changes are volunteers to assist in changing the world, to preparing the world.

Even we of the realms of light, though hold no philosophical stance, political belief or religious affiliation are shaken and saddened that there are those who would look upon these victims—better stated, volunteers—as being punished or deserving of what they received. They are the saints of humanity. They are the weakest, the poorest, and the most in need aspects of yourself calling out for assistance. How will you treat them? Will this be your greatest day or your darkest night? How you respond to them is an indicator of how you individually and humanity responds to itself.

An individual, a planet is only as strong as its response to its weakest parts.

One understands their strength, one understands their belief, and one understands who they are by how they respond to those who have nothing to offer to you. Yes, you will go about your day, we wish for you to do so. We wish for you to keep your life in order. We wish for you to play, to work, to pray, to hold together the energetic grid of human consciousness, yet do not forget your brothers and sisters.

The irony is that in this concentrated event, the world’s attention has been brought to human suffering. Yet, dearly beloved souls of light, are you not aware that the degree of suffering on a daily basis upon this planet in starvation, deprivation, illness and death is multiple times greater than this isolated events. These catastrophic events are eruptions in human consciousness to bring you in to awareness of humanity’s plight. You live in a vibrant, ever-changing planet and when you fully become one with the earth upon which you stand the breath and the air which you breathe, you will be able to maneuver with grace the natural, shifting currents of the physical plane of existence.

Systemically, humanity is suffering.

This catastrophic event is but an outbreak. Be most aware. Challenge yourself, demand of yourself that you will not become complacent again. Do not be like those who remember those less fortunate than themselves during the holiday season to forget those in need the rest of the year. There is enough on this planet for all . It is only when there is greed—and, therefore, imbalance—that the scales are tilted against the most desperate of humanity. Do not be a glutton of human resources or a miser of the abundance that your planet has to give. Celebrate, bless that which you have received, that which you give. Hope that those who have great need do not have less. And those who have nothing can have more. There is enough for all.

Why is humanity being compassionate today? Why not the day before the great quake?

Your monetary systems of the planet are being equalized, greed and deceit is being made evident and exposed. These seemingly tragic events that are occurring across the planet are a wake-up call to humanity to reevaluate, to examine and to explore new ways to exist upon your planet. The old paradigms are faltering yet on the horizon of human consciousness is a new way of living.

Bless, pray for and assist those who have volunteered to be an awakening call to humanity for their suffering is yours. In some ways, these catastrophic events are like a physical tumor that is an indicator to the host that there is a systemic problem at hand and because of that indicator the host has an opportunity to be healed.

Those who suffer are the children of God, no less than you. And be assured, beloved souls of light, that God never has, nor ever will be, wrath-filled for all is done in love and assistance for the awakening of humanity to the consciousness of All That Is—and destiny of paradise upon this planet.

We bless all who suffered.

Join with us to ease their pain, quench their thirst, feed their bodies and lighten their load. For it is time to be the masters you are, not forgetting that those who suffer are the masters that have called you forth. And in the midst of all that is occurring we wish to remind you that at the very essence of creation, all is well in your world.

Go forth, be the God beings you are. Go forth in compassion and love. Assist those you see suffering but look in your own corner of your world and see those who are suffering within your reach.

These events, though predictable that the earth is ever changing, are more importantly a call to consciousness in the oneness of All That Is.