What is the state of Beingness that is most conducive, receptive and open to the realms of the angels? Balance is the fruit of a mind at peace. It is the result of one who knows that they are in true dominion and authority. Balance is the mother of peace. Think about that. For a state of peacefulness, there must be balance, the lack of resistance. Though our brother never truly said the words in the manner written on the night before his death, he spoke to his disciples and stated, “My peace I give to you. A peace the world does not give to you.” Though not totally, historically accurate, it is an invaluable statement of balance and non-resistance. The mother of non-resistance is balance, and it is trust that begets balance. Think of that which we have spoken.

Trust creates balance.

Balance begets non-resistance.

Non-resistance begets peace.

If one is having difficulty with balance, they need to look at their trust issues.

If one is having difficulty with resistance, or the lack thereof, one needs to look at their issues of balance.

If one is having difficulty with peace, one needs to look at that which they are resisting.

You see, trust is begotten from wisdom. Wisdom to trust, trust to balance, balance to non-resistance, non-resistance to peace.

Wisdom, the knowing, the knowledge is that in the truth of the universe there is nothing that does not propel the one who looks to God. He who trusts upon the “Lord,” a knowing, an awareness happens that no matter what the world places before you, it is and can be transformed and transfigured into perfect, divine will.

Peace is not a passive state. Peace does not come from surrender, but the wisdom to know that all things are to the good for those that trust. If one has difficulty with trust, they should look at wisdom. Wisdom is begotten of love, for love when experienced begets the awareness that there is nothing on heaven or earth that can hinder you from your destiny.

And in that wisdom overflows a trust that all things are in order, and balance results and resistance fades away, and peace, yes, peace fills your heart.