Each of you have the opportunity to observe great human suffering. To understand it, it must be viewed from a perspective that transcends the physical plane of existence. The physical plane seems to offer little security and hope to explain away human suffering. Challenges, be they physical, emotional or perhaps financial, need not be hard nor difficult, if viewed simply as opportunities to direct you to the power you command in your life.

What do these opportunities offer? You do not need to lose your home or your vehicle or your possessions, and even if you did, what would it matter? Look for the opportunities in the midst of challenges; do not allow the common mind, the less than divine, to persuade your thinking and create fear. Hold to your truth; hold to the moment; hold to the belief in what you do. Let nothing shake your peace.

Dear ones, this is your training ground, for if you do not tame “the dragon” of the negative ego, how can you be of assistance to another in pain. You are greater than that which is within you, far more powerful than any and all things manifest in the physical form. We wish for you to be empowered.


Embrace Your Holy Self

Those who feel physical pain, fill that place with healing light.

Those who are suffering from emotional wounds, fill your emptiness with joy and peace.

Those who have relationships to mend or to heal, embrace your holy self.

Those who are experiencing financial difficulty fill that void with acceptance, receivership and worthiness.

Those who are experiencing anger, let the fires of anger be cooled by the tenderness of your compassion.

Those who have judgment, bind it by the light of understanding.

Those who are anxious, let your anxiety be calmed by the breeze of clarity.

Those who feel resistant, fill that resistant spot with intent.

Those who are experiencing fear, allow the power and dominion given you at the beginning of creation to overcome it.