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Becoming Like the One

Obviously, the One Mind has the ability to comprehend itself; so, one might ask why is there a need for the One Thought? The One Thought is the catalyst of the manifestations of the One Mind. It is Thought that is the creative force that reaches within the pool of resources of potentiality within the One Mind and places it upon the palette of creation. Divinity is self-generating and re-generating.

Therefore, with that in mind how does one live a life, how do they observe their reality? Where is the perfect perception being hindered by the filters of the ego construct? That is your task. That is your goal. Where are you being hindered?
What do you perceive would be the filters that would hinder you from the perfect perception of the mind of God in you?
Remember, you are in complete dominion and control of the filters you use to glean that which is acceptable and that which is not acceptable in your perception. Earnestly and diligently surrender the filter, and when it is truly surrendered, it is no longer in your reality. Individuals scramble to change the outer perception which cannot be changed unless their inner awareness is unfettered by […]

August 20th, 2009|The One Mind|


A martyr comes when one perceives that they must suffer or injure themselves in someway for someone else’s benefit. “Look at what I have to go through in order for all these people to learn.” Martyrdom is an abdication of responsibility and participation in one’s own lessons.
There never has been or ever will be an appropriate martyr. Even Jesus.
Individuals may be inspired by someone’s stick-to-itiveness even to the point of demise, but what you are learning is that in the process of saving yourself, in connecting yourself to the divine, you inspire others to do the same. A true master does not reflect their own divinity, but the divinity of those around them. The more you are in the One Mind and the One Thought the more others see it in themselves.
Jesus was a good mirror; in His presence one saw their own divinity.
Divinity cannot be beheld other than in yourself. Think of anyone you see as holy or spiritual, and they uplift you. You are uplifted in their presence because they are a mirror for you to see your own divinity. Any individual of the universe that directs its attention unto itself is not of the Christ Consciousness.

August 17th, 2009|Metaphysical|

Light Unbound

Our revealing ourselves to you is but a tiny point of light in an infinite field of illumination waiting to open itself unto you. Yet light can become so bright that it can blind. So we have created a little opening in the veil in which you can peer through into the unhindered, unobstructed light of awareness.
In time you will open the veil further so you can receive more and more and more of the light.
And when all is said and done, when the ages upon ages upon ages have melted into a distant memory and all the universes are again contained in a single point of light, you will know that the source of the light that so brilliantly shines upon you to illuminate your darkness was your own presence waiting for you on the other side of the veil.

And again, all will be forever an expression of one. And this cycle will occur again and again and again, never returning to the same place. This is not for your negative ego, it is not a trap or unending repetition but rather a spiral ever spinning upward. For in the One Mind and the One Thought at the […]

August 8th, 2009|Awakening|

Creativity and Potentiality

Do not get caught up in the evaluation of your potential. Rather, dwell in a reality of infinite flow. The answer is in your connection to the creative source for every potentiality you need. Therefore, embrace completely the physical plane so that its benefits may be made available to you. What can happen is your belief filters blur the perfect perception of your possibilities. Tap the creative source, that creative potentiality that comes into your life.
Allow yourself to focus on the potentiality and possibility.
One of the greatest resources you have is allowing the One Mind to be in dominion in your lives for we are the source of everything that has or will exist; hence, many things that will never manifest into physical form because they have never been thought of. There is more than just the universe, there is a creative force that can never be completely comprehended or consumed.
Declare, “I am in dominion here and have the force and the source of the creative power of the universe at my disposal.”
And the mountains will be laid low and the valleys filled in. Every time you are feeling trapped or limited in any way, affirm this. It moves […]

July 17th, 2009|Empowerment|

Bumps in the Road

In the coming days, there will be bumps in the road; yet, it is not meant to make one fearful or anxious. When one is adjusting their perception of reality, it is often like the tectonic plates that move and shift on your planet. The tension builds to a significant enough point that something must break. And there is an adjustment, a relieving of the pressure, a relieving of the tension.
So if you perceive there are shifts, possible changes afoot, do not be concerned. It is not a traumatic experience.
It is a positive experience, be it a change in location, career, finances—it is moving you forward. We mention this not for you to be fearful, defensive or protective, it is so you understand the processes afoot to free you. The impetus is building toward your goals. The past hurts, the past indiscretions, the past issues, problems are being dematerialized, disintegrated, evaporated in the light.

Acknowledge, bless, forgive all that has occurred. Stand firmly in the light of the awareness that there is no more powerful being in all of the universe than yourself, literally and completely, no matter what is reflected upon your environment and your reality.
You have the ability to […]

July 15th, 2009|Empowerment, Metaphysical|


Have you ever just stopped and pondered why you exist? How you came to be? Your consciousness, a window into a reality created by you, the eternal questions of “how did it begin” and “how will it end?”
Humanity lives within the thought that there is some source or force beyond their awareness that they have labeled “God.”
It is like a child playing in its room, aware that their parents are in the house, yet immediately unseen. So it is with you. There is an awareness that there are others in the “house” unseen; yet, even that awareness does not answer the question of existence. For if there is a God, who created it? Can something have no beginning and no end? The veil seems tightly shut against the answers. Yet today we will peek through the illusion of unknowingness and observe the truth of existence.
When you look out to the night sky and see the immenseness of the heavens above–what power, what force could have created that?
The easy answer is to label it “God”. The scientific explanation is the “Big Bang”. Even scientists would agree that the universe is not eternal, it had a beginning, and that in the […]

July 7th, 2009|Enlightenment, Metaphysical|

Universal Assistance

Do you think you are alone? Do you perceive you face trials and tribulations alone? We are always in assistance for your highest good.
Humanity has many frailties, self judgement being among them. In that judgement you eliminate the awareness that you are assisted.
Nothing in this plane of existence can shatter that alliance with the One Soul. Cast aside your doubts and fears. Allow yourself to move into the light of a new day. Where you reside, there is only One Power, One Truth, One Soul. Feel its presence. You are always attended to, always cared for.

There has never been a separation from the One Mind and the One Thought, and we are seeking to assist you in the conscious integration and access to that One Soul.
It is in that place that you travel the universe. It is in that place that you ascend. You become one with your aspect of the Ages, that part of you that stands by your side.
Our only caution to you is to be patient, allow the process to occur, do not rush the aging of a fine wine, and allow the leaven to rise in the bread. The only time clock is eternity; allow it to occur. In this place […]

July 1st, 2009|Awakening|

Self Love

When one becomes aware of the One Mind and the One Thought awareness is permeated and filled with the presence of oneself. When one is in tune with and accepting of the One Mind and the One Thought, all of reality is in harmony.
To the degree that you love yourself is the degree to which you will see love in your awareness.
Everything that is within your reality is an expression of yourself. You would speak of wars and things that are not pleasant. The degree to which it intrudes upon your world and your interaction within it is the degree to which it is yours.
It is difficult to fully express to you that your world, this projection of what you experience and what is going on in your immediate reality, is a complete and direct projection of your own self, your own worth, your own self love.
The more you can accept that self love, the more your life will be in peace and harmony, no matter what is going around you. There can be peace in the midst of chaos. When you can stand within and look out with the eyes of love, you are in the One Mind […]

June 27th, 2009|Love|

Dark Night of the Soul

There is an event in spiritual growth and transformation referred to as the “Dark Night of The Soul.” Throughout fable and actual history, there are epic tales of those who faced the most dire of circumstances, held to their beliefs, their faith, and even in certain circumstances died, to reached their spiritual attainment.
The Dark Night of The Soul is the pit experienced in the pyramid where all darkness and despair converges, hopelessness creeps by your door and despair is just a breath away.
In the midst of that void, that darkness, in the absence of hope or light, one holds firm to their belief that there is light beyond the darkness and they are transformed, empowered and enlightened.

To the degree that one experiences those trials and tribulations is in direct proportion to the rewards they receive in spiritual strength, knowingness, insight and awareness. The Dark Night of The Soul mimics the ultimate test of this plane of existence, that of being totally separated from the conscious awareness of the creative force and the oneness of All That Is.
Without the opportunity to become unaware of the light, that ultimate peril, one cannot be secure that nothing can shake them.
The Dark Night […]

June 16th, 2009|Metaphysical|

The Universe and All That Is

Let us speak of the universe.

Often the universe is referred to in general conversation, particularly by those of newer thought. It is spoken of as an entity. It is spoken of as a parallel name for God. The word is volleyed around. It is utilized in varying contexts.
What is the correlation of All That Is and the Universe?
Is it one and the same. Is it a physical place? Is it a conscious dimension? Does it remain the same? Is it different? Is your universe the same as another person’s universe? Is there more than one? If so, how many? If there is only one, then whose is it? If everything that you experience is a reflection of yourself, what part does the universe represent?

Time, or the concept of it in memoriam, has recorded the slow evolutionary process of the universe’s growth and development. Your book, Ships of Song, speaks often of a loving universe.

What does the definition of uni-verse mean? What is a verse? A verse is a containment of something, a verse of scripture, a verse of a song, or a poem. It may be a verb as one is competent. It is a containment. It is a definition […]

June 8th, 2009|All That Is, Creation, Universe|

Eternity & Infinity

Eternal Now & Eternal Here
Perception is pure awareness of the Oneness of All That Is. This perception is projected through the lens of the mind which can become deformed and distorted through the negative ego consciousness, and this perception projected through the lens of one’s mind creates one’s awareness. As we have stated, physicality needs to be anchored. Your individual expression is anchored within your body, your body is anchored upon this planet. It gives you a place of perspective in a physical expression.

We wish to speak of the Eternal Here and the Eternal Now. The Eternal Now when unexpressed or unrecognized becomes time and the Eternal Here when unexpressed or unrecognized become space. It becomes the orientation within the physical plane of existence for the unseen Eternal Now and Eternal Here, an expression of the One Mind and the One Thought in the physical plane of existence.

So time and space, the now and the here, are physical expressions for orientation purposes of the One Mind and the One Thought. When one is residing in the One Mind and the One Thought, time and space cease to exist. So remember time and space as the expression of individuality are projections […]

June 3rd, 2009|Metaphysical, The One Mind|


Humanity has mutilated the concept of divinity by personifying it. Promoting the illusion of a divine being outside of yourself and in control of your reality. For most of humanity, God is seen as a controlling force to which one has no recourse, one that cannot be escaped, and who manipulates humanity like pawns upon the playing board of the third dimension. Nothing could be further from the truth.
The objectification and personification of God is an aberrance of the truth, and the reality of what you perceive to be divine.
The universe is governed and guided by an intelligent energy referred to as God. In reality, God is all encompassing. Divinity is the definition of all existence. God cannot be localized, cannot be compartmentalized. To experience God is to be immersed in the creative force and intelligence of the universe. You do not need to go anywhere to find the Divine. Everything is brought forth by divine impetus, energy and thought in a creative process. Divinity is a force that merges and expands into all creation.
What occurs is humanity is so intent on discovering, defining and locating the concept of God, they forget–or ignore, or are blind to–the reality that […]

May 30th, 2009|All That Is, Metaphysical|

Purpose of Process

Often times, humanity gets so caught up in process that it forgets that process is when there is resistance to a desired change in the perception. The catalyst and the key to all change is perception, and process only exists when there is resistance to that change. The processes exist for only one purpose, to alter perception. Perception is the individualized experience of a selected reality. Therefore, if there is resistance, one has need to see what hinders one from bringing forth the reality, the perception they desire. Perception is the frame, the slide you choose to be projected upon the environment of your life. Perception is the seed of both meaning and the message.
Remember that the process exists to create the perception without resistance.
It is perception that allows you to experience and capture the cascading gifts of love, wisdom, trust, balance, non-resistance and peace. Perception is the key. Indeed, the feeling of moving through and observing from a different direction is correct because if you have in some little way passed through the veil, then you would be looking from the other side.

What is your perception now and how did you create it? Focus. Focus is the light […]

May 25th, 2009|Empowerment, Metaphysical|


When you are in transition, it is valuable to acknowledge the foundation of the past which has brought you to the present. Allowing you to understand what is expressing in your current reality is the culmination, the manifestation of that which you have created. It is important in human terms to honor the chapters of one’s life, be it the change of locale, a change of a job, the absence of a loved friend or family member. You make the past sacred, you transform it by acknowledging its existence in the history of your life’s expression. You neither have to hide from the past or fear the future, for the power is here and now, and in that power is the transformation of your reality.
Do not go blindly through the chapters of your life. You do not need blinders to hinder you. Honor all that you have experienced.
There are no good days or bad days, no good years or not good years in universal terms, all are blessed. We understand that life is not always pleasant and the circumstances one creates in their life can be non-beneficial. Yet, when one acknowledges what they have created, they are free to transform […]

May 14th, 2009|Physicality, Spirituality|

Trials and Tribulations

Humanity, unfortunately, often measures its existence by the presence or the absence of trials and tribulations in their life. It is a good day, a good week, a good year or a good life, if one can maneuver and avoid physical, emotional, financial or, even, spiritual crises. If the bank account is balanced, a good health is reported from a doctor, your relationship is without conflict, and your children or family members are at peace, one sees themselves as successful, as having a good life. The opposite must then be true. If one experiences financial difficulty or lack, your relationship is in turmoil, your children and family members have stress, your health is disintegrated, it must then be an unsuccessful life – a bad day, a bad year, a bad life.

The physical plane of existence and human experience, by its very nature, elicits a constant need to focus on one’s consciousness.
Humanity is here to master the physical plane of existence, not so much to change the physical laws of the third dimension, but the ability to gracefully maneuver and encounter those seeming obstacles that stand in the way of a peaceful, loving, successful life.
The third dimension and your journey in […]

May 5th, 2009|Metaphysical, Physicality|

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