Eternal Growth – Infinite Understanding

Throughout our dialogue with you, we have spoken to you of All That Is. Our question to you: Is All That Is a quantitative amount? Is it potentiality? Does it change? Can it change? Should it change? Is All That Is a stable or unchangeable force or is it fluid and interactive?

It is an important concept to understand for often times terms and their uses are bantered back and forth with no real understanding. And we, The One Mind and The One Thought, that is the voice and the consciousness of All That Is desires to bring deeper understanding on the realms in which we dwell consciously and you are awakening to.

All That Is expresses the sum total of all conscious expression.

All That Is, in the eternal construct, is total and complete in and of itself. An indicator of this in the third dimensional plane of existence is that energy can be changed but it cannot be destroyed. Energy is, indeed, one of the many expressions of the consciousness of All That Is expressed in physical form.

Yet, just like energy, it is fluid. It changes, never losing any of its elements but constantly and consistently adapting to its environments and its needs. Without that dynamic aspect within the reality of All That Is there would be no creative forces in any realm.

all that isSo All That Is is constantly changing its expression in all realms.

Is All That Is already the sum total of all awareness and expression or is it evolving? Is it learning? Does the consciousness of All That Is expand and grow?

Though as mentioned beforehand, that All That Is is ever changing in its expression. When one dwells in the consciousness of All That Is, all potentiality is available and expressed. A possible imagery that may be of assistance is if you saw the consciousness of All That Is as a banquet, a table filled with infinite delicacies to be tasted. From that perspective, one sees all that can be experienced, perhaps consumed, yet the choices made define the experience one encounters.

What does that mean? For you the individual? For humanity?

What it means is that you have an infinite storehouse available to you to create whatever it is you desire. Imagine a palette of infinite colors in which to paint your reality.

Therefore, the universe as you know it and the universe in which your universe resides, and the one in which that dwells, has no end. Your life that exists as an expression of many lifetimes is infinite in its expression. It is from this eternal potentiality that timelessness and infinite space reside. For as soon as consciousness perceives the thought, it exists.

We understand this can be a difficult concept for humanity, particularly in a third dimensional expression that is completely and totally built around the concepts of limitation. Even that stars of the universe grow old and die. So here we are talking to you of a realm that has no limitations or boundaries.

The tear in the veil that will give you a means in which to begin to comprehend that which we are speaking to you today, is that “nothing” cannot exist. There is no such thing.

Perhaps you raise the question which came first? The chicken or the egg? When one explores the concept of the infinite Mind of God, one must include their own consciousness. Is there something beyond creation? Is there a boundary like the ancient explorers that felt like they were going to fall off the face of the earth?

Many philosophers and theologians had sought to understand reality. Some even believing that not to think of a thing or individual, it ceases to exist during that period of forgetfulness. Imagine that you are in an absolutely dark night in the middle of a beautiful meadow. It is so absolutely dark that you cannot see the hand in front of your face. Though unperceived to you, the grass exists, the trees at the edge of the meadow, the road that leads to the village are all present.

all that isNow, give yourself a flashlight and turn it on. The flashlight represents your consciousness, the direction in which you point it is your focus. Imagine that reality in which you dwell being infinite and the light of your flashlight shines into infinity. So wherever you point it, there you see creation.

Consciousness is like the headlights of a vehicle that light the way before you arrive. There can be no boundary to the universe for as soon as you seek it–you expand beyond it. It is the ultimate expression of consciousness pursuing physicality, creating beingness. For all has always existed.

You speak of the Big Bang as the beginning. What would you think if we stated that there was an infinite number of these events prior to the one in your universe?

Why would we share this with you? We share it because of our desire for you to comprehend that you exist in an infinite expression of the consciousness of All That Is. And you sing with us the “ohm” the song of All That Is by your very existence even if you are unaware.

We are The One Mind and The One Thought, we are the consciousness and the expression of All That Is in which you participate. We are your voice. Perhaps you have the opportunity to listen to your child or perhaps a friend’s child sing in a chorus. There are many voices, perhaps you cannot identify that individual child’s’ voice in the chorus, but that chorus would be different, not complete, if that child’s voice was absent. That is your expression. Is that child singing any less to you because he sings with others? We think not.

So when you rest tonight, be attuned and attentive that you sing yourself a lullaby from the realms of All That Is.