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The Undeniable Fact

Throughout human history, what has been deemed as fact has often been shown to be fiction; and what has been thought of as fiction has been found to be fact. In a universe too immense to comprehend and a reality that is always shifting, unquestionable facts become rare, indeed.

As a result, humanity finds it difficult to find an anchor from which to build the perception of your existence. For every premise, theory or belief, there are those who would disagree or disprove its validity. There seems to be no common consensus of the reality in which you dwell or the world which you share.

Theologian, philosopher and sociologist alike have sought to find a common ground from which to participate and observe your world. The meaning of physical existence has been bantered and banged about by those seeking the truth and by those wishing to control. The purpose of your existence, the destiny of your days, the ultimate meaning of your life seems to be as numerous as the stars in the sky.

Yet, there is an undeniable fact, one that cannot be contested if you are reading these words–one that cannot be denied. It is the anchor and the foothold […]

August 12th, 2011|Enlightenment|


It is tradition, and rightfully so, that many celebrate their birth upon this planet, their incarnation into physical form. Friends and family gather and celebrate giving gifts to the one who is celebrating. We, of the realms, also celebrate that momentous occasion when an aspect of ourselves immerses themselves into the physical plane of existence and becomes consciousness incarnate.

In your holy writings of the Judeo-Christian belief, there is a hymn-like text that is filled with adoration of Jesus’ incarnation. We are not speaking of Christmas, we are speaking of a text, the Kenosis, that commemorates and acknowledges that Jesus set aside his divinity to become fully and completely human. He laid aside those aspects of himself, the skills and wisdom, that made him one and inseparable from the creator that created him—and what is spoken there is the model for each and every individual who has been born into physical existence.

You often admire someone who voluntarily gives up the comfort of their home, their employment or finances, and sets out on a mission to help others, perhaps a missionary to a foreign country. You take note when someone sacrifices, gives up something in the pursuit of a higher goal. […]

August 5th, 2011|Enlightenment|


The nature of existence and the dynamic movement of consciousness between the creator and the creation is cyclical. Re-emergence is the counterpart of immersion and completes the energetic circuit between the creator and the creation. We use the term re-emergence as an indicator that the evolutionary process of returning to the source is not a removal or a separation from the physical plane of existence, but rather born from it.
When the seed of consciousness is immersed into physical creation, it begins the gestation process of re-emergence into an expression of the creative force that bore it.
Within this cycle lays the origins of existence created by energetic movement to and from the polarity created between the creator and the creation. Each cycle of immersion and re-emergence propels creation to a more refined state of consciousness, therefore, expressing the creative source more fully in physical form. This re-emergence process is the foundation for the concept of evolution. Creation is always redefining itself to be a more perfect expression of the consciousness that created it and, therefore, redefining how creation sees the creator.

This concept can be better understood when you observe both the ecological evolution of the planet and the sociological development […]

July 28th, 2011|Creation|

Anatomy of Surrender

When one thinks of the word surrender, one often feels that to surrender is to be defeated. One surrenders when they have become overpowered, no longer able to endure, incapable of victory. Within human society and military operations this definition is quite accurate. Surrender is synomous with defeat.

So, it is expected when one is asked to spiritually surrender that it could mean defeat. We have been powerless against our own demons and beleaguered and disheveled, fatigued and confused. We give up. And, indeed, this behavior is very much parallel to society’s concept of surrender.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Spiritual surrender has nothing to do with giving up; it has nothing to do with defeat; it has nothing to do with going to battle.
In fact, when one does not surrender, they are already defeated.
With that in mind, let us explore the concept of surrender and how it pertains to the aspect of Consciousness which is the thought, the One Thought, encompassed within the mind of humanity.

One might question why we would say not to surrender is to be defeated. Surrender is a lack of participation in that which we do not wish to participate in. The only way […]

July 22nd, 2011|Consciousness, The One Mind|

Chance or Fate?

This question has haunted humanity since the beginning of time. It is certainly understood that physical existence is littered with the possibility and potential for calamity and tragedy. When a catastrophe strikes, an accident maims or kills, a natural disaster takes the lives of many, one questions if it was the “luck of the draw” or was there a purposeful and intentional focus toward these victims and locales. God has often been blamed for calamity and accused of singling out individuals or cities for destruction. A child born with a handicap is often seen as God’s will, or a young mother dying of cancer as some divine plan. Perhaps these statements, rather than offering an explanation or comfort, give an excuse to hide behind for what cannot be rationally explained.

There is some history to this belief that God wields the gavel of judgment against the world and its people. Be it Sodom and Gomorrah or the promise of death and destruction at the end of time, the Almighty has been seen a rather merciless monarch battering his subjects into compliance by threats of physical tribulation. The belief system even goes as far as to state that the good will […]

July 13th, 2011|Awakening, Physicality|

Turn Around

Perspective and the point of observation are extremely important in one’s cognitive ability to comprehend what is being observed. Humanity, in its pursuit of spiritual truths, is often amiss in their point of observation.

In the past, we have used the analogy that any destination is but a short distance away, as well as being a great distance, depending on the direction you are facing. The example is if you are standing in front of your home, you are but a few feet from it. If you turn and begin to walk toward your home in the opposite direction, you will literally need to encircle the planet to reach your destination. So the distance to any destination is in direct proportion to your perception and, therefore, the perceived action needed to attain your goal. This truth reflects the interaction of the universe and consciousness, that any action is a movement towards yourself.

In the pursuit of any goal, it would seem logical that you would choose the most efficient and effective path to your destination. You would tell a friend who was walking towards their house by going in the opposite direction that they might want to turn around and take […]

July 1st, 2011|Awakening, Spirituality|

Embrace Yourselves

It is often spoken of the spiritual value of being one with all things and that at the very essence of your being there is an inseparable bond between you and all creation. Though the oneness of All That Is is an irrevocable state of being, you participate in that union by embracing all that you encounter, be it an individual, an action, or a philosophy. It does not always mean acceptance or participation in it but rather a call to respond to it in love. Love re-unifies the scattered aspects of oneself created by the ego consciousness.

It is easy to embrace the beauty of a flower or the smile on a newborn baby’s face. It is more difficult when you witness evil, overt actions of selfishness and aggression, to incorporate that into yourself. When you embrace all aspects of yourself in love, you separate the wheat of consciousness from the chaff of the negative ego, and you can freely become One with All That Is.

If there is negativity in your world, it is evidence that you have not yet fully cleansed the negative ego from your collective consciousness. When you embrace all aspects of yourself in love, you […]

June 30th, 2011|Love|

The Universe: The Unfoldment of Consciousness

Philosophers, theologians and even psychologists have sought to understand and define the concepts of reality and consciousness. It is intriguing, if not ironic, that the very sea of awareness that you swim in is exceptionally difficult to comprehend and define.
The parameters of consciousness and the limits of your reality are synonymous with each other.
It is difficult to observe a concept in which you dwell and be able to step back and observe it objectively. There is only one place in which that perspective is capable of being comprehended—and that is when you are in union with the mind of the creator, God. An analogy to explain humanity’s difficulty in defining reality and its relationship to consciousness is to see yourself standing on a large, flat, unobstructed area on your planet and walking in a straight line. All who observe your actions would agree that you are walking in a straight line. But is that true? From your perspective, indeed; in fact, it looks like you are walking away from your starting point.

But in reality, neither of those perceptions is accurate. Since you physically reside on a sphere, your path is not straight, it is curved with the planet’s contour. […]

June 22nd, 2011|The One Mind, Universe|

Sea of Existence

Humanity, as an individualized expression of the consciousness of the whole of creation, has misinterpreted its individuality as an alienation from the totality of All That Is. Individuality, in the spirit in which it was created, was never intended to be a source of separation. Feelings of alienation and separation occur when one loses sight of the three basic principles of consciousness—the source, the observation and the manifestation.

As we have indicated in the past, the One Mind, which represents the source, the One Thought, which represents the observation, and the One Soul, which represents the manifestation, are integral parts of consciousness and the trinitized expression of divinity. It is only when humanity segments these aspects of consciousness that individuality becomes a state of separateness. The chasm between you, the creator, and that which was created is only bridged when there is an acceptance that those three aspects of consciousness are equal and one.
Consciousness is dynamic and in constant flux and movement with itself.
The truth of your existence is that you are the only species on the planet that consciously contains all three aspects of consciousness. Indeed, throughout the universe there are many more but that is not the topic […]

June 8th, 2011|Enlightenment, Universe|

Reminder and Review

We have discussed with you and given you the foundation–the first steps in understanding the definition of God.

We have explained to you the trifold aspects of the existence of consciousness: The One Mind, The One Thought, The One Soul, and all three of those interactions with each other.

We have indicated to you the three attitudes that allow you to move into that consciousness: Acknowledgment, Surrender, Dominion, and we have warned you of the three attitudes; Denial, Alienation, Powerlessness, that hinder the manifestation of Consciousness.

We have indicated to you the Eternal Here and the Eternal Now and how they correlate and interact with Eternity and Infinity. We have spoken to you of the creation of beingness as Consciousness pursuing Physicality throughout creation to conceive Beingness.

Now we begin the fundamental understandings of the second step towards Consciousness, a deeper understanding that Consciousness is the face of God in your reality. If you want to meet God face to face, if you want to interact with the Divine, simply open you eyes and your mind and see the world for what it truly is. God in physical form.

To the degree that your Consciousness is expressed by your interaction with acknowledgment, surrender and dominion, […]

June 3rd, 2011|The One Mind|

The Physiology of Consciousness

The expression of consciousness in creation is a dynamic force of divinity. The creator and the creation are in a unique relationship with each other, like a positive charge to a negative charge, or the north pole of a magnet to the south. It is because they both exist and respond to each other that an energy and an attraction are created which propels creation to be expressed in the physical plane of existence and observed by you.
What is that charge between consciousness and creation? What is their interrelationship?
As you are well aware, it is the opposite attributes of an electrical charge or polarization of molecules that attracts and creates an energy. The dynamic relationship between consciousness, always seeking to exist, and creation, always seeking to return to that which created it, produces the energy of existence. Consciousness is the potential, creation is the product of that possibility and beingness observes it. In the relationship between consciousness and creation, existence is born and the I AM of observation is made manifest.
This law of existence is evidenced throughout your physical environment.
From the study of quantum physics’  minutest atom to astronomy’s observation of the greatest star, both exhibit properties of this […]

June 2nd, 2011|Consciousness, Creation|

The Physicality of Consciousness in Creation

We have endeavored throughout numerous concepts to describe and define the interrelationship between consciousness and creation. In the most simplistic of definitions, it is a cause and effect relationship, in truth their interaction is far more dynamic and less one sided. They are interdependent expressions of unique energies, interdependent upon each other for expression.

Consciousness, by its very nature, must create and all creation is conscious, be it the rock, the oak, the bird, the bear or the human. As one unified unit, they express the dynamic relationship between the source and its manifestation.
Creation is the evidence of consciousness; and consciousness is the source of creation.
Consciousness is to creation as the candle is to light. It is the integration of these two aspects that create existence and the possibility of beingness. The power and the prestige of your being is that you possess both aspects, both fully participant in the creation and a partner in the consciousness.

The reason that humanity and those species throughout the universe who express this union of consciousness and creation is not some arbitrary gift or reward; it is by its very nature a necessary component of creative consciousness. When you are able to look at […]

May 31st, 2011|Consciousness, Creation|

Co-Conscious Creators

You have often heard the expression “co-creators.” But co-conscious creators, we think, might be a little more unique.

Be it a metaphysical concept, a business decision, a social shift or a community interaction, being a co-creator—a co-participant in the creation of a common desire or goal—is something that is understood. We have even spoken of you being co-creators in the creative process of the universe, the power that emanates from co-creation where individuals join into one common consciousness and action for a common purpose.

Co-consciousness is a little different. Whereas co-creation speaks of that which is being created, co-consciousness speaks of the multiple aspects of self that are participants in the creative process. Through our discussions, we have instructed that you are multi-dimensional beings, expressive on many levels of consciousness. Therefore, it would be logical and, indeed, advantageous to solicit those various aspects of consciousness in the creative process.
The source, the creator, God, is a co-consciousness. It is the multiple aspects of self united in one thought for a creative purpose.
You are well aware that you are on a journey of self-expansion and spiritual awakening. In that evolutionary process of development is the discovery of other aspects of yourself. Upon the […]

May 20th, 2011|Consciousness, Creation|

The Handmaiden

Is your soul the handmaiden to your physical expression?
Or is your physical expression the handmaiden to your soul?

A provocative question, one not to be answered lightly; for, your decision has a profound affect upon how you interact in your life, in your world, and in your spiritual existence.

What is a handmaiden? It was someone assigned to an individual to be of assist to provide ease, comfort, caring and nurturing; to lessen the burdens, to lighten the load, to be pampered and cared for.

We perceive that many of you would quickly surmise that the soul is handmaiden to your physical expression. At the very least, that would offer a sense of security and well-being, a hope for assistance and guidance in what can sometimes be a frightening and confusing world.

In fact, through most of your history and theological beliefs, the soul has been seen as infinite and eternal, yet vulnerable to the miscreations and behaviors of its human counterpart. This perception has caused the soul to be seen as an object to be protected and cared for in order to assure one’s own eternal existence, which means that in some way the soul holds the key. A rather conflictual relationship, […]

May 13th, 2011|Soul|

Unanchoring in Order to Sail the Seas of Consciousness

The present moment is the moment of all power and potentiality. Many philosophies, psychologies, and alternative approaches to healing recognize this.
The only moment you have, or will have, is in the present.
Yet often your focus, and therefore, your conscious awareness, waivers from the firm rock of the present moment with investments in the past or future. The present moment can be a slippery slope for human consciousness to maintain a foothold.

The present moment is a combination of the here and now; it holds many secrets and promises of which the human consciousness is unaware. Within the present moment, the eternal here and the eternal now reside. It is the springboard for possibilities and potentials, the realization of goals and the capturing of dreams when you are willing to unanchor yourself from past circumstances and situations, emotions and beliefs, and future concerns or fears—and even hopes.
The building blocks for the future are found in the present moments of the now.
Yes, you must visualize and affirm what you desire for the future, but you must fully and completely live in the present moment. While planning the future or seeking to release the past, you can often live there—waiting for something to […]

May 6th, 2011|Consciousness, Spirituality|

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