Let us review and add another level to the concept of the One Mind, the One Thought and the One Soul.

— You know you are in the Consciousness of the One Mind when you are acknowledge the potentiality and possibilities available to you, therefore, erasing limitations or preconceived ideas.

— You know you are in the Consciousness of the One Thought when you have access to your intuitive nature.

— And you know you are in the Consciousness of the One Soul when your life is in harmony and balance, and you are manifesting your soul’s desires.

So what do you do when you don’t experience a connection to these levels of consciousness?

There is a formula that can be followed to reconnect you in consciousness.

–If you are feeling limitation because you are not in connection with the potentiality and the creativity of the One Mind: ACKNOWLEDGE that all things are possible and you have all potential.

–If your intuition and insight is clouded by subjective filters and beliefs you are out of alignment with the One Thought you are called upon to: SURRENDER those thoughts, belief, ideas and emotions that block the creative power of the One Mind.

–When you feel powerless and out of control in your life you are disconnected from the One Soul and need to call up your DOMINION in your life.

These three attitudes when incorporated into your conscious will have a powerful effect in the consciousness in which you live.

This is the essences of tapping the Trinitized Consciousness.

The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; The One Mind, One Thought, And One Soul; The Source, The Observer, and The Manifestation, the three aspects of Consciousness; Acknowledgment. Surrender, and Dominion–herein lies the secret to Consciousness and the Mind of God.

This is the time of manifestation and we are teaching you to be in the pure Consciousness of All That Is and to be able to manifest that into your awareness.

fourth dimensionUnderstand the premises that we have shared are no different for you than it is for us. We have given you insight into the practical application of consciousness which is divinity in your life. We have given you the ABCs of Consciousness but letters by themselves are of little interest or value. But when you begin to combine them into words, sentences, paragraphs and stories, they become great inspiration and beauty unto the mind of God. Even the universe itself came into existence by the Acknowledgment, Surrender, and Dominion of self-acceptance and awareness.

You now stand at the doorway, the threshold of an every-evolving infinite perception of yourself.

You have the basic information to take the first step into paradise. Every universe, star, planet, animal, molecule of existence is within this construct of consciousness.

Anytime you have any difficulty on your path, refer to that which we have given you and you will have your answer. This is your cheat sheet, put it in your pocket, keep it in your heart and you will never, never, never be out of the Consciousness of God or its full potentiality and manifestation in your lives.

Now, that the lesson is over, let us in the days to come build paradise.