It is tradition, and rightfully so, that many celebrate their birth upon this planet, their incarnation into physical form. Friends and family gather and celebrate giving gifts to the one who is celebrating. We, of the realms, also celebrate that momentous occasion when an aspect of ourselves immerses themselves into the physical plane of existence and becomes consciousness incarnate.

In your holy writings of the Judeo-Christian belief, there is a hymn-like text that is filled with adoration of Jesus’ incarnation. We are not speaking of Christmas, we are speaking of a text, the Kenosis, that commemorates and acknowledges that Jesus set aside his divinity to become fully and completely human. He laid aside those aspects of himself, the skills and wisdom, that made him one and inseparable from the creator that created him—and what is spoken there is the model for each and every individual who has been born into physical existence.

You often admire someone who voluntarily gives up the comfort of their home, their employment or finances, and sets out on a mission to help others, perhaps a missionary to a foreign country. You take note when someone sacrifices, gives up something in the pursuit of a higher goal. It is just as notable, and far more profound, that you, as an incarnate consciousness, willingly laid down those aspects of divinity that are rightfully yours for the expressed purpose of transforming the physical plane of existence into the consciousness of All That Is.

You reached down and became one with the very earth on which you stand, and became the incarnation of the creator—God walks through his gardens through you.

You immersed yourself and became one with the physical plane.

Your mission was that there would not be one aspect or element of creation anywhere—in any universe, in any dimension—that was not aware of the creative force that birthed it and is one with it. We choose the word immersion for it implies that when one is immersed in it they are surrounded by it and not separate from it.

You did not come into the world; you became the world.

Celebrate your existence; for, it is through you that the earth sings. It is through you that the earth knows God. That is the perfection of your task, the destiny of your journey, and the purpose of your arrival. Any other interests or attention is simply trivial or for the purpose of maintaining your survival.

We are not advising you not to participate in your lives, careers, societies or governments, but we are advising you to dedicate every thought, word, action and deed with the ‘soul’ intent to immerse the physical plane of existence into the consciousness of divinity by your presence—and in that, all will be one with All That Is.