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Thoughts on Empowered Consciousness

In truth, you are only in power, and you are never a victim.

Intellectualization has no place in Consciousness. Intellectualization occurs when one is not embracing their divinity through either manifestation, intuition and insight, or creativity.

When you surrender and declare your dominion, you give us a pathway in your reality. Acknowledgment, Surrender and Dominion are the keys that allow us to work the miracles, that allows what you call God to be present in your life.

Part of the key of being good students is being tolerant of yourself, judgment has no place here and only hinders that process of attainment.

Actions do not create intent, intent creates action.

Everyday it assists you to become more united with each other, more connected to yourself. Do not allow the negative ego to sour your experiences of the world in which you dwell.

The dark night of the soul is when one breaks through the etheric membrane, like punching yourself out of a bag. It takes some effort and continual focus.

There is no separation even of the slightest degree of Consciousness between we and you. We are the evolutionary process of your spiritual growth and attainment. We are your destiny in which you have already arrived.

The […]

April 8th, 2011|Consciousness|

Cleansing the Palette of the Soul

We are sure that you are aware of the practice of cleansing the physical palette between courses of a sumptuous meal. What is the purpose and intent of this action? Would you not want to savor the delicacies long after they have been consumed? Yet when the palette is not cleansed, you cannot fully and completely appreciate a new taste, a new sensory experience.

Cleansing the physical palette brings you back to a place of unbiased receptivity, uninfluenced by other tastes and textures in order that you might fully experience what is being offered in the moment. The same is true of the soul, though we doubt if many have ever considered that correlation in cleansing the physical and spiritual palette.

As mentioned, cleansing the palette is to acknowledge that which has been consumed or experienced and return to a neutral place in order to experience something new. On life’s journey, one seldom thinks of cleansing the soul’s experiences.
Cleansing the palette of the soul allows you to be in the experiential moment of spiritual awareness.
Cleansing the palette of the soul is not the same concept of living in the present moment or forgiving the past, it is an acknowledgment of completion […]

April 6th, 2011|Soul, Spirituality|

Prelude to Paradise

Humanity has the opportunity to look at its creations that deplete the environment, threaten the environment, or simply ignore the effects of the world industrial complex on the eco-structure.
As we’ve discussed in the past, the true understanding of the “tribulation” is not when humanity rebels against itself—but the earth rebels against humanity.
Just as in your own lives, you must take responsibility for your own creations—and transform and transmute them into the higher good, humanity must take responsibility for its creations and their impact upon the planet. Some of the recent man-made disasters are a precursor to greater changes in the environment and an opportunity for humanity to re-evaluate the impact and consequences of its behaviors upon the planet before these planetary shifts occur. The failure to learn would ultimately be calamitous; for, when the “real” disasters occur, society’s infrastructure will be far more vulnerable to the earth’s changes and shifts.

The greater disaster in Japan is the nuclear devastation that is, and will, occur. The earthquake and tsunami, in and of itself, would be disaster enough, but long after the hearts have healed, the economy has recovered and the debris has been carried away, the effects of this event will […]

March 22nd, 2011|Spirituality, Universe|

One with your World

Intentionally, purposefully instruct yourself, remind yourself to ground yourself to this planet. As you walk upon the earth draw its energy into your being. Breathe in deeply the energetic aura of the planet. Consume and become one with the planet on which you dwell, the physical plane in which you exist.

It is intriguing and interesting to us that humanity will seek to unite with what they perceive as divinity. Much energy is put on becoming one with a relationship, community, organization, government or religion, and how little energy is put on becoming one with the physical plane of existence.
In some ways the physical plane of existence has gotten a bad spiritual rap.
The “flesh” as seen by Paul is viewed as negative. Rather, the physical plane is the conduit of your ascent in consciousness. In the flow of energy from the One Mind to the One Thought to the One Soul and back again, the more you immerse yourself in the physical plane, the more it returns you to the source and potentiality. When one embraces the physical plane the opportunities and creative abilities increase. The physical plane of existence is the doorway back to the One Mind which is […]

March 16th, 2011|Energy|


Hallelujah has long been a song of praise and prayer. It is not affiliated with any religious sect or spiritual belief; yet, to the one that sings it and the one that hears it, it uplifts the soul, lightens the heart and immerses you in the presence of God.

The origins of this symbolic sound are more ancient than history itself. It is born from the eternal yearnings of the soul and the desire to express the presence of God. It is the foundation of all language. It is the intuitive song of the Ohm and is the sister to the song of the universe. It represents the essence of expression and the complete statement of existence. It is a song of love from the lover to the beloved. Born of the sacred Ohm, the sound, the song and the name of God. It is the song of existence.

Let your life be full of song. Let your soul sing the presence of God. By whatever nature you believe God to be, one thing holds true: that by the very essence of your soul it sings with the creation.

Hallelujah. Ohm. Feel its presence whisper in your heart. Feel its melody embrace […]

March 11th, 2011|Spirituality|

Riddles to Reason

The universe is full of questions and answers. The exploration of existence and the presence of a divinity lead one to explore the outer horizons of the ability to reason. A riddle is seen as an intentional and purposeful clue to be explored in order to uncover a truth being sought. Reason is the analytical process that one goes through by examining facts and determining conclusions.

Which of these aspects of discovery, if either, are appropriate in the exploration of consciousness, creation and existence? Does divinity scatter riddles throughout the human consciousness to entice an expansion of awareness? Are facts of existence like precious grains of gold being sifted through the sands of human existence?

Divinity and consciousness do not seek to hinder or hide the truth of existence from any of its creation. Riddles are not created by the universe but rather as an intermediate step in the process of discovery, drawing humanity’s attention to the fact that something is hidden by their own limited self-awareness. The facts, or perhaps better stated, the laws of existence are evident and available to all who seek their discovery.
The universe is completely accessible. Consciousness is totally knowable and existence understandable—when you are open, […]

March 8th, 2011|Enlightenment, Universe|

Stairway to Heaven

Let us simply summarize—the universe is in the progressive return to that which created it. There are energetic shifts and waves of consciousness that inundate the very universe in which you dwell. This energetic shift has occurred many times on the spiral stairs to the consciousness of God.
This shift is particularly important and unique—it is at the cusp of the dimensions and by its very nature causes physicality and consciousness to move into the next dimension.
So this is a unique shift in comparison to other recent shifts over the last millennia. Not every shift in consciousness is a shift in dimension. Think of it this way, imagine a building twelve stories high and each floor represents one of the houses of consciousness. Each step in each bank of stairs is a shift. Yet when you get to the top stair, what occurs? You are now in the next house. That is what is occurring here. Why it is important?
What is occurring here, occurs every 250,000 years.
There is a cycle to the shifts and the energy, be it the signs of the zodiac, be it 2500 and 25,000 year increments. Not to over simplify but there are ten major steps […]

March 3rd, 2011|Spirituality|

The Anatomy of a Reality

It has been spoken of that there are infinite aspects of yourself, a myriad of realities simultaneously occurring at any moment of time. It is only the ego consciousness that determines which reality you experience. If your reality was like a chessboard, each of the squares would be a reality of yourself but you reside only in one square at a time.

Multiple realities, alternate realities, previous and future existence, their possibility becomes confounding to the finite mind of humanity. One often feels it is difficult enough to take charge of one life without all these renegade and unknown aspects of oneself gallivanting through time and space.

The immenseness of your being and its multiple expressions is beyond any consciousness awareness that you are able to comprehend in physical form yet there is a doorway, there is a portal of passage that allows you to choose the reality in which you desire to dwell.
Now, in the truth of it, whatever is manifesting in your present reality is obviously what you have chosen.
Yet sometimes we do not choose as well as we might be due to misinformation, lack of understanding or even conscious deception that that is what we desire.

A better imagery […]

February 18th, 2011|Spirituality|

Pursuit, Progress, Perfection

Actions and reactions in the third-dimensional plane of existence are particularly curious and uniquely controlled by internal thought and external events. Within the laws of physics there is action and reaction, cause and effect, beginnings and endings. These aspects of third-dimensional existence play an important part in the potential and the power of intentional action.
In the higher realms of consciousness where duality does not exist, the past has never been and the future has already arrived.
There is instantaneous manifestation without any physical effort or energy to bring it into realization one’s thoughts. On the physical plane of existence action is the bridge between the thought and the destination, the belief and the attainment, the dream and one’s goal. It is a vitally important part of the creative process in the physical world. It is true that as one develops expertise in the use of their consciousness, the necessary action to attain an end result becomes less and perhaps nonexistent.

Probably the most evident of this manifestation without action is miracles. What is a miracle but an end result created by a desire without any evident action? Therefore, action is the means by which one maneuvers through the laws of the […]

February 17th, 2011|Consciousness|

The Archives of Consciousness

The Diary of the Universe
Available to all of humanity is the sum total of all knowledge that has been accumulated from the moment of creation. One only needs to be attuned, alert and willing in order to hear, to be instructed and guided by that Consciousness. One’s very existence validates one’s participation in that Consciousness. You are not, nor have you ever been, orphaned from the Source of your existence or participation in that which has created your awareness.
Access to the archives of Consciousness is unlocked by one’s willingness to look beyond the five senses.
To be open to the idea that the reality that they physically perceive is not the totality of that which exists. Becoming adept at utilizing the spiritual senses of intuition, vision, perception and awareness, to open the doors of understanding into a realms of enlightenment. Humanity is not only the physical expression of Consciousness but contained within that expression is access to the very infinite breath of knowledge, wisdom and understanding to maneuver through one’s physical existence.

Each and every individual, no matter what their education, their intelligence and even their level of common sense has access to the accumulation of all experience and thought as […]

February 16th, 2011|Consciousness|

Feel the Earth Move

Feel the earth move beneath your feet. These are the lyrics of the song that speak of that very fact. Indeed, it is lyrical and speaks of love. We, rather, speak literally to you: Feel the earth move beneath your feet.

In the recent past and even currently there have been numerous earthquakes and volcanoes. Now let us be clear that we are neither indicating that they are extraordinary events nor are we predicting some catastrophic occurrence, rather we are saying to be sensitive to the shifts of the planet. There are numerous stories of animals that respond prior to some catastrophic event. Animals run to the hills before a tsunami or react to an upcoming earthquake. Humanity also has that sensory perception but fails to recognize it or utilize it.
It is important to identify that sensory perception’s impact on the human psyche.
If listened to it is an innate signal that provides an alarm and protection. It allows you to be sensitive to and participatory in the environmental circumstances in which you dwell. Secondly, when not listened to or responded to it becomes a nagging voice in the background of your mind that something is not right, that you are […]

February 15th, 2011|Consciousness, Physicality|

Chicken or the Egg

As we have stated, Consciousness, God, Divinity, must of itself have a source, the potentiality of all things. It must have a place from which to manifest and a place in which to observe. What has occurred in the separation of consciousness, is the point of observation is seen as separate from both the source and its manifestation. What has occurred is what is observed is seen as the source and therefore creating a point of consciousness–that is “out there”. What you would call point of observation, the One Thought, is the ability to comprehend what one creates. Is it not true that often times one sees oneself separate from their own soul and apart from the concept of divinity.
So how does one develop a point of observation born of the One Mind and expressed through the One Soul? And what does that look like?
We have spoken that when one removes the filters, the perfect Inner Awareness is expressed as the Perfect Awareness. When one does not see themselves as separate there are no filters, only comprehension. When one comprehends something, it means that they are enveloped in total understanding of something. Think of the difference between observing something and […]

January 28th, 2011|All That Is, The One Mind|

The Garden

Every action and thought you do in this physical plane of existence, you do not only for yourself, but for all humanity—in fact, all the Universe. Every thought, word, or deed affects the overall Consciousness of your planet. You are not different, you are not unique from the Universe upon whose shoulders you stand: for you are the Universe.

You are the breadth of space, you are the dust of stars in physical consciousness. You think too little of yourselves, too myopic in seeing your full effect upon the entirety of All That Is. You, and others upon this planet, and across the universe, are seeking to express the fullness of All That Is. Your destiny is to understand the mystery that is unfolding before you–that everything is holographic in nature, every plant, flower, insect, animal and yourselves exist in all dimensions.

Consider all possible possibilities and their participation in the Oneness of All That Is. Everything created has Consciousness—a Consciousness in which you participate and are one with. In your sacred writings it speaks of a garden in which Paradise resides. It is a belief that in the beginning all things were perfect, that humanity’s first form in nature was […]

January 27th, 2011|All That Is, Spirituality|

The Internet

The internet, not only in the third dimension, but also in the fourth dimension has had a profound effect on the consciousness and communion of humankind. It is emerging, the first glimmer of light over the eastern horizon shedding the light of a new day on the consciousness of humanity. When there is an advance in the consciousness of humanity, it is always reflected in advances on the physical plane of existence, usually in the areas of technology, medicine, and spirituality — but not limited to these.
Because of the internet’s electronic components, it is “a cousin” to our energies and easily adapted to.
The web is susceptible to any of the abuses human consciousness can deal out. You must make a decision in your consciousness to either be the spider or the fly. To each the web means greatly different things, either a source to capture all that you need and desire, or a trap in which to be devoured. Whatever one’s choices or even humanity’s, our energies are unaffected and travel freely within the components.
It is another avenue in which we can express ourselves and assist you.
When you sit in front of your computer screen, think of yourself standing in the […]

January 19th, 2011|Awakening, Metaphysical|

Shifting Signs

We would wish to comment on the recent developments regarding the astrological houses and the positional shift within your yearly calendar. Nothing in the universe is stagnant nor should it be. It is evidence that the clockwork of the universe is constantly in motion and shifting. This discovery is a small indicator of the greater shift that is occurring with the birth of a new age.

Human psyche, spiritual consciousness and the motion of the universe are inseparable. They are one grand organism that when combined creates the experience of existence. As we have mentioned in the past, the spiritual and physical are intertwined and interdependent upon each other. If the universe is a reflection of the consciousness that created it, then what does the universe’s movement and its influences upon its inhabitants tell you about its creator?
When you view existence as a holographic experience rather than diverse individual aspects, you can have a greater understanding of the universe and its creator.
In the clockwork of the universe, the movement of its individual parts has a direct and profound effect on the consciousness it expresses. Let us explain. The universe is a compilation of energy and an expression of consciousness in […]

January 18th, 2011|Awakening, Universe|

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