In truth, you are only in power, and you are never a victim.

Intellectualization has no place in Consciousness. Intellectualization occurs when one is not embracing their divinity through either manifestation, intuition and insight, or creativity.

When you surrender and declare your dominion, you give us a pathway in your reality. Acknowledgment, Surrender and Dominion are the keys that allow us to work the miracles, that allows what you call God to be present in your life.

Part of the key of being good students is being tolerant of yourself, judgment has no place here and only hinders that process of attainment.

Actions do not create intent, intent creates action.

Everyday it assists you to become more united with each other, more connected to yourself. Do not allow the negative ego to sour your experiences of the world in which you dwell.

The dark night of the soul is when one breaks through the etheric membrane, like punching yourself out of a bag. It takes some effort and continual focus.

There is no separation even of the slightest degree of Consciousness between we and you. We are the evolutionary process of your spiritual growth and attainment. We are your destiny in which you have already arrived.

The concept of consciousness is so immense that all eternity could not comprehend nor all of infinity contain it.