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Choices and Options

Options empower choices. In fact, it is impossible to have choice without them and there is always choice; so there must then be options available at all times. As a result, there is never a dead end in consciousness or a one-way thought that cannot be reversed.

Most who read this concept though have experienced that dead end in thinking or the trapped feeling that comes from an inability to reverse the direction they are heading. Though very real to the conscious mind, these two scenarios of thought are not truth; for, there are always options, and therefore, choice to every situation or circumstance in life.
What causes you to believe you are without options?
Though there are many motives and emotions that contribute to these feelings—be it resistance, judgment, beliefs or lack of understanding, to mention but a few—the acceptance of powerlessness is the primary cause of this error thought in consciousness. An attitude of being powerful is born from an acceptance that you are in dominion in your life and a creator of it. Dominion always, yes always, creates options be you willing or not to accept this reality. That is why there is always choice in your life because […]

May 2nd, 2013|Consciousness|

The Dings and Dents

The Dings and Dents of Daily Living
Life has been extolled as a beautiful, precious opportunity but it is not always easy.  Unfortunately, many of its difficulties are often inflicted unnecessarily and without thought. It is not always the direct assault of someone “gunning” for you that causes the greatest emotional and psychological damage but the insults, insensitivity and inconsideration that you receive on a daily basis that are most harmful.

Humanity’s individual pain, often expressed in subtleties, erodes away at the quality of your life and those around you. As a result, to use an analogy, your life becomes like an old car that has lost its luster, dented and dinged but still runs.
The damage inflicted when these dings and dents occur often go unnoticed, ignored or disregarded, but they still leave their mark on the “finish” of your life.
All humanity has been both on the giving and receiving end of these seeming minor insults and injuries in their lives. As a result, life becomes, perhaps unconsciously, unsafe and even dangerous. A gnawing sense of vulnerability and a need to fortress oneself against others becomes commonplace.

Don’t fool yourselves into thinking that insults, insensitivity and inconsideration–no matter how small, that humanity […]

April 26th, 2013|Enlightenment, Love, Physicality, Spirituality|

Rains of Enlightenment

The soul of humanity is parched from a drought of meaningful words of comfort, understanding and empowerment. The messages of greed, chaos, confusion, doubt and fear has dried up the rivers of peace, understanding, hope, faith and love that naturally and effortlessly flow through the gardens of humanity’s mind. It has been said only drowning individuals can be saved. Perhaps humanity in its arrogance, in its need to be in dominance, its illusion that it exists separately and independently from the planet on which they dwell and the universe in which they live, has strangled and dammed up the flow of the cool waters of understanding, insight and truth that quenches the soul.

The “cathedrals” of the human spirit are again filled with the prodigal children of humanity’s thoughts, awaiting, praying for a spark of insight and a flicker of understanding. The Universe, the creative force of All That Is hears the plea of its children and the cries of the ones who call them forth into existence.
The obstacles that have stood in the way of humanity’s understanding of the truth are being cast away as the floodgates of enlightenment are opened upon this planet.
Though unseen to the conscious mind, […]

April 13th, 2013|Enlightenment|

Motivation in Manifestation

We have spoken throughout our teachings of the power of your thoughts in creating what you desire in your life—focus and deliberate visualization being essential for the realization of your desires.
Yet, thought alone does not a manifestation make. The emotional content of your request is what propels it into realization—thus motivation in manifestation.
Motivation is an often-overlooked element of the manifestation process. You know what you want but why you want it is equally important to identify; for it is the essence of the energy within the creation.

You may have a quick response to what your motivation is, but we ask you to take a second look.  It may not be what you suspect. Motivation is vastly misunderstood and often misidentified and is responsible for many mis-creations. The manifestor got what they asked for, but not what they expected. Motivation fine-tunes the manifestation. You might be visualizing a new job for the purpose of security.  However, because you did not identify the importance of security or ask for it in your petition of prayer, your new job offers you none.

Your motivation is actually what you are asking for. The object of your manifestation is the vehicle in which to receive it. […]

April 8th, 2013|Spirituality|


Synchronicity is the result when The One Mind and The One Thought merge.
Is not paradise absolute synchronicity?
When you move into the One Mind and One Thought, you are one with your environment, you know what the next moment holds, you know what exists around the bend in the road, you are guided in harmony, balance and peace.
The One Mind and One Thought when merged is absolute peace, absolute joy, absolute harmony and absolute love.
Even time and space and the dimensions are at your command for the One Mind and One Thought is the greatest expression of existence. The I AM is the source, the One Mind, existence, the One Thought, creation. That is the truth of being, the dimensional houses of existence are based upon the mastery of that concept of the One Mind and the One Thought.

I Am and existence go hand-in-hand; one does not exist without the other. It is the ultimate definition of the masculine/feminine energy of the world; it is the beloved and the lover; it is the beholder and beheld.
Duality is the degree to which one separates the One Mind from the One Thought, or the I Am from Existence.
Even humanity places existence outside of itself. […]

April 2nd, 2013|The One Mind|

Compass in Consciousness

As the reader is well aware, a compass is a device to help travelers know which direction they are heading or gives them the ability to choose the direction they wish to go. This is achieved by the triangulation between an agreed-upon stationary point, in this case magnetic north, your current position in relationship to that point and a predetermined direction in which you wish to head.

As a result, the functioning of a compass offers an excellent analogy for understanding how your orientation in consciousness is determined. What then is that triangulation in consciousness that guides the spiritual pilgrim on the path to the attainment of their goals?
First, and most important, is to identify that stationary point in consciousness that determines direction.
Perhaps at this juncture, the reader might question if there is a singular point that identifies direction for all who travel the path of conscious determination in their lives. To complicate the question is whether the fact that consciousness is dynamic, and therefore, an immovable, unchangeable point of reference even possible. If we agree there is, we create dogma—if not, a compass in consciousness is unrealistic.

How then does one orient himself or herself in consciousness and determine the […]

March 27th, 2013|Physicality|

Receptivity and Responsiveness

The reception of and response to universal energy are essential elements of the consciousness of creation—both are necessary to complete the energetic circuit of creativity.
Receptivity without responsiveness, or responsiveness without receptivity, is energetically sterile and unable to conceive creation.
Receptivity is the acceptance of the creative process. It neither implies understanding or ability, but openness, while responsiveness is evidence that the energetic gift was integrated into your conscious awareness. They are the first cause of creation and are innocent of dogma or dictates. Receptivity and responsiveness are the handmaiden of magic and the domain of the inner child.
They encapsulate the purest potential of creative consciousness.
Though necessary to create and the foundation of All That Exists, they can neither be taught nor learned for they are the automatic catalyst to the consciousness of creation unfiltered by either belief or theory. They are your natural allies to your creative attributes. Therefore, be aware of your receptivity and your responsiveness to what you wish to create, for they are indicators of your connection to your innate abilities as a creator in your life.

You enhance your abilities to receive and respond by surrendering your intellect and allowing the creative process to flow unhindered. You […]

March 22nd, 2013|Energy, Love|

Returning to the Source

As we have been discussing, the universe from the moment of its conception has been in the process of returning to the source of its existence. The possibilities and the potentials brought forth at the moment of existence expands into creation only to return to the one that created it.

All is well and good, unless your choices are not to participate in this evolutionary process of awakening and then you might feel like you are a captive on a ship that is sailing to a port that you do not desire. The reality is that all creation returns to the creator but returns at creation’s willingness to participate.

What we mean by that is:
Consciousness creates and you have freewill and the right to choose not to participate.
But what then? And why would one choose not to enter a more perfect state of being?  The negative ego consciousness of humanity holds tightly onto it tools of control, manipulation and deceit.  This awakening age is an affront to the negative ego consciousness, and there are those among you that would choose the old paradigms rather than the light of a new day.

Consciousness will await creation forever to return to where it began […]

March 18th, 2013|All That Is, Awakening|

Power of the Soul

Call upon your soul to emanate forth in all aspects of your life that you are in dominion and authority in all things. Project the dominion of your soul into those aspects of your life where you are, for where you are is the greatest facilitator on the path of the soul. When you call forth your soul, your soul has power to assist you. Those powers consciously and unconsciously work within your life.
Your soul is your emissary into physicality.
Do not depend on the ego consciousness to provide your needs for that is like trying to crawl across a room using your fingers. When you call upon your soul, you stand upright and walk with intent and purpose through the pathways of your life. The ego consciousness does not work any longer. For you are moving into a realm where one’s identity must be grounded in the spiritual awareness, from there you will ride out the storms of change upon this planet.
When you call forth your soul you empower every aspect of your life.
Every aspect is transformed, for as we have spoken, the soul is the soul and the soul is God–and it is not vulnerable to the whims […]

March 10th, 2013|Soul|

Resonant Energy

Resonant Energy, Reciprocal Response
The foundation of all existence is built upon an energetic grid created by the resonant vibrations of the elements of existence, forming a blueprint for creation. Understanding the resonant energy and reciprocal response will allow you to more fully access the creative forces of the universe.
The harmonic response of the universe to itself is caused by the vibrational alignment of energies. All energetic frequencies of creation have their place in the universe, just like a puzzle with its multiple pieces, each individual element has a specific location in which it fits perfectly.

You, as an expression of consciousness, have a unique vibratory signature.
This aspect of your existence is not some limiting factor, but rather identifies your unique place and contribution to the entire universe. Within the expansion of consciousness and the ever-spiraling understanding of physical existence, your resonant vibration and energetic frequency can and will shift. Because you are here on planet Earth, it can rightfully be assumed that your unique energetic signature is in harmony with planetary consciousness.

Some refer to the soul’s unique resonance as a tone, perhaps a note.
There is value to identifying that tone and expressing it in song or the Ohm. This not only brings […]

February 20th, 2013|Energy|

Creation and Consciousness

As we have taught, creation and consciousness are in a symbiotic relationship; neither is the source of the other nor does cause and effect play a part in their relationship.

We understand that humanity is deeply rooted in the belief that the creator, i.e. consciousness, is the source of creation. How possibly could creation not be the result of the creator?

It is best understood by first stating that creation, in human terms, is a process—therein lies the confusion. In consciousness, creation is a state of being, but in either case it is an expression of the creator.  That does not make it a result but rather the awareness of it.

Consciousness must be comprehended to be conscious. That is what creation provides: consciousness’ comprehension of itself and why they are equal. In fact, more than equal, they are one in the same.

To fully accept this concept, you must move beyond the physical norms of creation; for pure thought is pure creation simultaneously expressing as the absolute comprehension and acceptance of itself. It is worth noting that this is the source of love.

We have stated that the universe is God. This must be so; for it is God’s comprehension of itself.

The concept […]

February 13th, 2013|Consciousness|

The Mathematics of Consciousness

The art of numbers has, since recorded time, played a part in the divination of predictions of personal as well as universal events. Numerology is a recognized means, by some, to determine the optimum time for action and the value and impact the relationship of quantities have upon each other. Many people use sacred geometry and astronomers and scientists have agreed that mathematics is the universal language.

There obviously seems to be a correlation between numbers, the universe and consciousness—but what is it? How does it function? What is its relationship in understanding consciousness? Can consciousness be expressed in mathematical terms or could consciousness actually be a mathematical formula?

Is consciousness a mathematical function? Not quite but its footprint, so to say, can be mathematically calculated. “What!” one might question, “are we to throw down our holy books and reach for our calculators?” No, don’t throw your holy book down but, yes, keep your calculator handy.

Now let’s clearly state that mathematics does not alone run the universe, but the universe is mathematically predictable in its functioning. Therefore, if the universe is mathematical and consciousness is the universe, consciousness is mathematical. If A=B and B=C, then A=C. Enough of preliminary math, consciousness […]

February 6th, 2013|Consciousness|

Just Because It Is In Your Mind Doesn’t Mean It Isn’t True

What is the source of human experience? Is it reality or thought? Humanity generally sees reality as something “outside” itself while thought is privy to the inner sanctums of the mind. The relationship between reality and thoughts is for most part nonexistent or, at best, hazy.

The question at hand is, is there an uncrossable chasm between what you think and what you experience, or is there a “bridge” that spans the gulf between the two? And if so, what is it? More importantly, if your thoughts can reach the land of your living, are they observers or participants in your reality?
It would be too simplistic to say it is how you see it, but it is the best place to start this discussion.
Generally, if you see yourself as powerless and a pawn in what you experience, you would believe there is no bridge to be found. If you feel a sense of empowerment in your life, you would say you have found the bridge and cross it regularly. Now, belief alone does not create a bridge, but attitude does play a part in finding the bridge if it does exist.

Now of course, we are proponents that there is a relationship between […]

February 4th, 2013|Awakening|

Clockworks of Consciousness

The universal clockworks of consciousness tick toward an ultimate hour of awakening. The evolution of consciousness is intricately entwined with the internal movements of the universe.
The relationship is symbiotic rather than cause and effect. We are sure many who read these words are questioning, “Why the relationship?”. It is best answered by first stating that all heavenly bodies, through gravitational pull, have an effect not only on their neighbors but even the most distant galaxy to some degree. Do not think that the universe’s immenseness minimizes its sensitivity. If you were able to comprehend the greater alignments of the galaxies, the influence would be evident.

Your astrology is based upon one small fraction of the overall effect felt by your planet.
Don’t let distance fool you into thinking that distant stars have little effect. In universal measurement, the North Star would be a nearby neighbor. If you question the effects of gravitational influence on the human psyche, just ask a hospital or police department if they notice any changes in human behavior around the full moon—thus the origins of the word “lunatic.”
Now if you are willing to accept that there is an influence on humanity by the universe, the next question […]

February 2nd, 2013|Universe|

The Task and Path of the Soul

We have addressed in past concepts the topic of the path and the task of the soul. We would like to continue our discussion to, perhaps, clarify and deepen your understanding of the importance of these aspects of your life.
We realize for many reading these words the idea of a soul path or a soul task is a foreign concept. Probably the best place to start is to state that the existence of a path and task of the soul supercede any religious constructs or belief systems. They are attributes of the soul and inseparable from it. They are the intentional interaction of the soul in existence and the sole purpose for its individual expression. The path and the task of the soul transcend physical existence. They are an eternal construct that is interactive and dynamic in all dimensions of existence. The task and path of the soul is the soul’s gift back to the source of its existence. They are chosen by the soul and are imprinted in all of its expressions.

How then do these two dynamic aspects of your soul translate into physical form?
First, a definition in human terms of the task and path of the soul: […]

January 28th, 2013|Soul|

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