Eternal Now & Eternal Here

Perception is pure awareness of the Oneness of All That Is. This perception is projected through the lens of the mind which can become deformed and distorted through the negative ego consciousness, and this perception projected through the lens of one’s mind creates one’s awareness. As we have stated, physicality needs to be anchored. Your individual expression is anchored within your body, your body is anchored upon this planet. It gives you a place of perspective in a physical expression.

We wish to speak of the Eternal Here and the Eternal Now. The Eternal Now when unexpressed or unrecognized becomes time and the Eternal Here when unexpressed or unrecognized become space. It becomes the orientation within the physical plane of existence for the unseen Eternal Now and Eternal Here, an expression of the One Mind and the One Thought in the physical plane of existence.

So time and space, the now and the here, are physical expressions for orientation purposes of the One Mind and the One Thought. When one is residing in the One Mind and the One Thought, time and space cease to exist. So remember time and space as the expression of individuality are projections upon the screen of your awareness. That is why in very basic physical laws, there must be an object for there to be time and space.

Time and space do not exist physically without the expression of an individual or object. Once there is an object there is distance from the object, there is a location of that object and there is a longevity of that object.

Now here is the subtlety: think about a grain of sand. You look at that object and you determine the distance you are from it, and you determine how long it has been there. You determine its location in relation to the observer, so you have time and space. Our questions to you are: Where is your point of reference? Who is looking? Where is yourself? Time and space exist when one separates themselves from All That Is. Did you not observe that grain of sand from a third point of view, an objectification? When you are in the One Mind and the One Thought there is no time or space, you are the grain of sand. Time and space only exist when you objectify your awareness from your perception. When you are the universe, there is no time and space because all there is is the Eternal now and the Eternal Here.

Therefore, time exists and space exists when one objectifies themselves, stands apart and observes their reality rather than being their reality. So when one consciously moves into the One Mind and the One Thought, what happens to the concept of time and space? It begins to disintegrate. It no longer integrates into your reality. Therefore a variety of things occur. Cause and affect disintegrate. Past and present become only now. Distance disappears and you may experience the destination before the journey or the future before the past.

When one is in the One Mind and the One Thought, they move beyond the logical laws of chronology or cause and affect–that is how one changes their reality.

As long as you see your life and experiences as something that is being done to you the laws of chronology and causality are in effect. When one is in the One Mind and the One Thought they are truly free of physical limitations.

This is elemental basic principles for transcending the laws of time and space. If the Eternal Now which begets time is an expression of the One Mind. If the Eternal Here is expressed as space and is begotten from the One Thought, the One Soul which expresses as the individual is the observer. When the observer becomes the object, it observes there is no time and space. Even in your holy writings it speaks of spirit, the One Soul and its fulfillment through the awareness of the Father, The One Mind and the Son, The One Thought.

Therefore, it is important to note when time and space, cause and effect become distorted. Where you feel time has become warped, or you see the end product before you see the beginning. This is even the basis for intuition and prophecy. In understanding this, these are fundamental in the process of recreating your reality, if you have control of chronology and causality, you can change anything. Now you are not going to be whisked away across the universe because of your thoughts, but it can transform your reality. Those laws are no longer in place and you can freely create what you want.

Remember in the One Mind and the One Thought your experiences upon this plane of existence have no effect upon your reality unless you want it to. This is how miracles occur.

Direct the focus of the One Mind and the One Thought as it individually expresses in your awareness. The One Mind and the One Thought can encompass all, the world, the community and the individual. The oneness never changes–it is how expansive is that expression. Be here today in the absolute awareness that you are free, totally and completely free, of the limitations of the chronology or the causality of time and space. And as exciting and as hopeful and freeing as that is, it can feel frightening. It is only not frightening when you observe it from the One Soul which exists in unison with the One Mind and the One Thought. Even to think that you could change what you perceive as errors, change the chronology of the path of your soul, might seem frightening if done from an external point of view, but from the One Mind and the One Thought it can be from a place that remembers why you began the journey in the first place.

This is our primer for our opening conversations.