The evolutionary process of humanity is on the brink of conscious awareness.

The human adventure is about to culminate in a dramatic shift that will forever affect human perception and energetically transform  existence.

Just as days evolve into months and then years, an individual’s growth can be marked by the passage of time. The same is true in humanity’s maturation into a new species of spiritual awareness and enlightenment. Just as each stage of a child’s development into adulthood is important and to be honored, appreciated and respected, each stage in its time is to be released in order to move on to the next phase of growth—and spiritual growth mirrors this process.

Humanity is now at such a juncture and is being called upon to relinquish the present moment in order to accept a future reality. Honor this phase of human development for both challenges given and learning gained. Honor the present, let it go and welcome the future that is being offered. This is a time of un-attachment, as referenced in the writings of the Mayans, a time of no time.

Many of you who read these words are facing a level of challenges beyond anything that you have experienced in your life before. They are being brought forward to be released, forgiven and relinquished.

What does not matter, does not matter, and does not exist in matter.

You are being invited and, perhaps, challenged to let go of those things you hold on to so dearly, and not all of them to your benefit. The pledge we make to you is that the challenges you face today hold the promise of tomorrow. Those personal issues when willingly released will be replaced with what you desire.

Take a deep breath, realize what you have experienced, the difficulties and the challenges you have faced, the moments of faith and those of despair. Become aware of the inevitable presence of a new awareness emerging within your being.

As a child matures they think new thoughts, become aware of new ideas, push the limits of  experiences—and the same is true with you as a new spiritual being. Be unafraid of what you are thinking, be open to what you might know, and feel free to push the limits of your new existence.

The key that unlocks the door and allows you to enter into this new reality is an honoring and a relinquishment of the present, and a willingness to accept the future –

for you are on the brink of your destiny.