A Universal Blessing for Humanity

Behind the thin veil of awareness, we reside forever in assistance to you, for beloved children of the earth, abandonment is not your inheritance nor sorrow your destiny. Behind the pallet of the stars of the universe lies a presence awaiting your return, forever patient and understanding, forever vigilant and in service are those of the realms to assist you.

Dear children of the earth, we are present. You are not abandoned nor are you orphaned. We, as the air that you breathe, surround you, permeate you and infuse you with the light of Divinity.

Dear children of the earth, step out from behind the illusion of separation and the darkness of the lack of understanding. Be willing, intentional and purposeful in your pursuit with the Oneness of All That Is.

Dear children of the earth, the truth is far more wondrous than you can imagine. The Garden that you perceive was lost is awaiting you, surrounding you. The path beneath your feet has been trod by the masters before you. If you but look, you will see their footsteps upon the ground.

Dear children of the earth, you are guided, you are led. You follow your own path to the destiny that has awaited you from before the beginning of time.

Dear children of the earth, we bless you, we enfold you, we hold you in our love, our presence and our consciousness.

Dear children of the earth, simply acknowledge and accept the potential and the possibility that you are far more than you imagine yourself to be and there you will find us–more importantly you will find yourself.

Dear children of the earth, even in the midst of chaos, confusion and fear, all is well in your world. Remember that even when the storm rages, the sun shines constant above the darkening clouds.

Dear children of the earth, you are the light, you are the sun of your existence, and you are not alone.

Dear children of the earth, we grant you ease, peace, love and joyful days upon the earth. For the moment at hand is the optimum moment for expressing your communion and union with the oneness of All That Is.

Dear children of the earth, see yourself in all that you encounter, the tree, the flower, the stone, the eagle and the bear. All are you.

Dear children of the earth, when you look upon yourself see Divinity smiling back upon you. We of the universe grant you this wish, that you may know the eternal truth of your being. That you may be God walking amidst the garden of creation and that your spirit will soar to the realms above and your consciousness be aware of all things.

Dear children of the earth, dear children of the universe, dear children of God, all is one with you and you are blessed–and all is truly well in your life, your world and your creation.