In the journey of enlightenment whenever one calls upon the realms to be of assistance, the realms of light always respond. No matter what has occurred in your life by external forces or internal choices, the universe, the source and the community of souls throughout the universe are always in assistance to the one who calls upon them. Therefore, no matter what the outward expression of your life exhibits, the internal process of communication, insight and understanding is continual and non-ending. And no matter what the circumstance in one’s life, it is transformed—transformed into that which you have requested. It cannot be otherwise.

Do no allow the external illusions of the world in which you dwell or the life that you inhabit on this physical plane of existence dissuade you or distract you from the eternal truth that the universe is always in assistance to those who call upon it.

Guilt, unworthiness, lack of forgiveness and even cause and effect are third dimensional constructs. The universe, your brethren and even your own highest expression in consciousness that stands before the throne of All That Is neither expects or anticipates perfection upon this journey. Like the child learning to take its first steps, the universe as a loving parent coaxes, praises and picks you up when you fall down. Whatever occurs in your life by your own making, your own error thinking, your own misguided thoughts and intention, or an external force seemingly inflicted upon you, when surrendered into the source, the One Mind and the One Thought, it is transformed.

Tribulation and tragedy must become triumph. Do not allow the external illusion to dim the internal light. That is the power and the source and the awakening of an enlightened mind.

In the human plane of existence, the goal is not to avoid all the obstacles or challenges but to transform them.

Everything you experience is of your own making and the foothold of the negative ego consciousness is for you to respond to yourself in guilt, doubt, fear and failure. There is nothing that you can do upon this plane of existence that cannot become transformed by surrender and place you on the throne of dominion in your life.