When you give in true service, unconditionally, without expectation, it always serves for the highest good, though you may not be aware at that time, or ever, of the positive affects your assistance has had. Therefore, the question at hand is how do you nurture and fulfill yourself in the process of giving when you may not see an end product.

The key is in the motivation. When you are unconditionally loving it is a guarantee that no matter what the seeming affects, it will be in the highest good of all, even if the one you give to misuses the gift. Love, in its purest form, and its handmaiden of appropriate assistance, are never expended in vain. But when motivation is unclear and lacking unconditional love, then indeed all the energy expended may truly be in vain. The illusion is that the reward is in the result, the fulfillment is in the process of unconditionally loving and appropriately assisting.

Spiritual Awareness

You cannot be spiritually aware in isolation, for spiritual awareness only comes in the expansion of the perception of yourself. Spiritual awareness is in direct proportion to the horizon of your reality.

By assisting others on their journey you expand your community – the perception of themselves overlaps into their perception of each other. Community occurs when you can see out of more than your own set of eyes, when you can hear out of more than your own set of ears. That ability, in and of itself, creates the Christ consciousness.

When one truly merges with the consciousness of another individual there can no longer be negative ego. Negative ego lies within the realm of individuality. To merge into the oneness is divine, then the universe does not fight against itself – and it couldn’t.

Conflict arises only when there is a belief that there is something outside of yourself. When you stand at the center of creation at the source of All That Is, there is only you. And you can never be alone.