Though mastery may be found in the moment, it occurs over a process of time. Even within the dimensions where time is irrelevant, it is a process of emerging, a journey to be taken, a destination that is never reached. “What?” you might say. Just as consciousness is ever expanding so is your mastery. Mastery is the attainment of spiritual expansion in alignment with the present awareness of your consciousness—and it is a wonderful gift that it is ever expanding, ever growing to encompass the new frontiers of consciousness that are emerging within the mind of God.

Mastery is the means by which one experiences the grace and ease along that journey. The evolutionary process of it is like the eternal blooming of the rose, its beauty beyond measure, its fragrance beyond compare, warmed by the sun of enlightenment, watered by the emotions of desire and fed by the fertile ground of consciousness. Mastery is the fruit of consciousness.

The evolutionary process of mastery is a journey well taken, one to be anticipated and desired. The evolutionary process of it is an irresistible force to the willing soul that wishes to follow its path. You need only to step upon the path to mastery and the wind of spirit will be at your back, the stars of guidance will show you the way. The most important step toward mastery is willingness, and once you are willing, the entirety of all that exists is in assistance to you.

The evolution of mastery is the ever-emerging awareness of the consciousness of All That Is in the reality that you exist.