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Individuality and Separateness

In contemporary terms, you have heard it said, “No man is an island,” or that ” The loneliest number is the number one.” In the vast sea of consciousness there is an island called separateness which can be the loneliest of all places in the universe. Isolation created by an illusion that one is separate from their surroundings, their environment, those whom they encounter and the world. One can see his life marooned upon this island, hoping for a ship to appear over the horizon to save them. Or perhaps if very lucky, someone else to drift ashore and to share the island; yet, the island of individuality has an occupancy of one.

Relationships, organizations, communities and governments are built upon the need to feel connected in one’s world. Out of fear, manipulation, control and deceit and the emergence of negative sexual energy becomes the tools, perhaps even the hooks, in a vane attempt to draw that which is outside themselves onto their island of loneliness. The warm waters of consciousness that lap against the shore of separateness quickly turn into a stormy sea of alienation.
The error in thought is that individuality by its very nature creates separateness.
To be individualized […]

September 14th, 2014|Consciousness|

The Void

As we have stated in an earlier concept, creation is an ongoing, ever-evolving process–ordered in its laws yet unpredictable and ever evolving in its outcome. There are many universes and many alternatives of those universes. We have expressed that both the creation and the creator are equal. That it is an honored state to be that which thrusts thought into existence and just as honorable to be that which exists, joyfully returning to the Source.

An analogy would be a child going off to school, a parent sends its offspring off to school and in the evening the child shares its adventures, talks about what it has learned, struggles, challenges and perhaps gives a picture to the parent. The parent is more complete and whole because of it.
The process of creation is thought made manifest and as a result that manifestation enlightens the Source.
Both the creator and the creation are teacher to each other and interdependent. Both are in dominion of their realms. Both learn and teach and thus is the dynamic energy of creation.

Humanity, as an expression of that consciousness in physical form, is in dominion of its creation and free to choose. Therefore, humanity has the opportunity to […]

September 8th, 2014|Enlightenment, Physicality|

Divine Intervention

Throughout our teachings, we have spoken to you of the power of your thought, the positive nature of forgiving yourselves and others. The victorious strains of surrender that frees you from the bonds and the chains created from the negative ego consciousness. You are truly the masters of your own destiny and ultimately responsible and accountable for that which you have created. Yet you are gods in learning, like the child learning to walk or the adolescent learning to drive, needing the assistance of a parent to teach them, guide them and, perhaps, even protect them from harm.

It is important that humanity understands their accountability for their creation; yet, often with that realization becomes the misunderstood perception that they are alone and the burden of creations is theirs. As any craftsmen or master builder they have tools and materials and often assistance in accomplishing their creation. So it is with Consciousness, you are learning to hone a new skill, to make adjustments, to re-evaluate, to redirect your thinking, and in that process you have the parent of your Consciousness, the collective whole, the presence of All That Is—God—to guide you, to instruct you, to protect you.
There is divine intervention […]

September 2nd, 2014|All That Is, Consciousness|

Surviving or Living?

In life, one often loses sight if they are merely surviving or are they living? As distinct as those two concepts would seem, there are subtleties that allow individuals to be lulled into a passive state of surviving rather than an active state of living. Just because one breathes does not mean they are alive, for life, in its true essence, is a vibrant expression of Consciousness, an active rather than a passive state. When one is in dominion of their life, their choices are the creator of their reality, and expressive of their choices—they are living. Perhaps not every choice they make may be for their benefit or their highest good, but when one lives one is able to learn.

On the other hand, when one is just surviving they are like a ship tossed and turned in the sea of life’s experience, vulnerable to all that they encounter. Survival demands reacting to one’s environment while living demands one is an active participant. Survival is powerlessness and in opposition and defensive to all that is encounters. While living is vulnerable to nothing, even its miscreations.
How does one determine if they are surviving or living?
Obviously one’s attitude would be an […]

August 18th, 2014|Enlightenment, Physicality|

Signs and Symbols

Within physical creation there is a shadow image of eternal existence–from the framework of the universe to the intricacies of an atom and from the DNA chain to the spiraling nebula. These are a reflection of the one who created them. These are an indicator of the aspects of consciousness. Just as the artist leaves an aspect of themselves upon the canvas; consciousness has infused creation with an image of itself. Consciousness can be found by observing creation and creation can be discovered by residing in consciousness.
The evolutionary process of existence and the reproductive process of life are reflections of the attributes of consciousness.
When the day comes, and it will, that you are fully and completely conscious, you will comprehend how your physical existence and the universe in which you dwell are truly a mirror image of the thought that created it. Therefore, in your life look for the signs and the symbols, they are indicators to you of what consciousness is trying to tell you about itself. You are immersed in a sea of living signs and symbols that surround you in an awareness of understanding when it is comprehended.
The universe itself is the greatest symbol of consciousness […]

August 10th, 2014|Enlightenment, Universe|

The Ebbs and Flows

The ebbs and flows of life, nature and creation are evident. There are peaks of activity and times of rest; there are moments of growth and times of breaking down. This cycle of creation and re-creation is an aspect of existence that permeates all universes and dimensions. It is the heartbeat of the creator and the breath of spirit upon all that exists.

When you are willing to accept and understand this dynamic aspect of your environment and your existence, you will be able to utilize the raw materials that are present to create what you desire, as stated in your holy writings, “There is a time for everything under the sun.”
When you allow yourself to be receptive and open to this pulse of consciousness flowing throughout the universe, you will experience ease and grace in creating that which you desire.
Some religious and theological philosophies call this the will of God. From the human perspective, this cycle can be frustrating especially when you want to create something now, but universally it is not the time. Yet many of you bang your head against the wall of creation in a vain attempt to regulate and manipulate the creative process. Just as […]

August 1st, 2014|Enlightenment, Spirituality|

An Invitation to Yourselves

You do not define your life by a day; do not define your existence by a life. Your life is one note in a great symphony playing in perfect harmony with the One Mind and One Thought. We wish for you to unhinge yourself from this life experience in order that you can comprehend them all.
We want to break your identification and definition of who you are as only this life experience.
When you isolate yourself to your present experience you have limited yourself, you are infinitely accessible to all aspects of yourself. Why utilize just one aspect of yourself, the masters such as your brother Jesus discovered himself in the other dimensions. He could never have transfigured if he never knew himself in the other dimensions. It was himself from another dimension that came and got him from the grave. We declare to you that this is a time of resurrection and eternal beingness.
Jesus could look at Good Friday as the best day or the worst day of his life.
Understand that when Jesus took his last breath through the sweat and blood that blurred his vision, when he took the last look at the earth or his mother, he did not know […]

July 24th, 2014|Enlightenment, Metaphysical|

Thoughts On A Nurturing World

The earth has every gift of the oneness of All That Is; no level of Consciousness is less than the other or limited. Physicality shares in the consciousness of All That Is. It could not be anything less than eternal and infinite.
Go and look with the eyes of the oneness of All That Is. Listen with the ears of All That Is. For the earth has a secret that it wants to tell you that will give you dominion over your world.
Now, one might question why, why would it take so long, why would I need this process. First of all it is a beautiful process of self-awareness. Second, when you are complete with it you can’t remain in physical form upon this planet, you will ascend. Because your world, your perception will have changed, and so will your reality. Be playful, and in that play be observant. This is not a test to pass, it a gift to receive.

We want you to love the earth upon which you stand, the air which you breathe.
Recall and remember that this is God also, that the world, the universe is the physical expression of God.
It is our wish to assist you […]

July 13th, 2014|Awakening, Physicality|

Always Present

It is difficult in a temporal world to comprehend the concept of eternity. It is as difficult to comprehend infinity in a finite existence.
Yet the reality of your existence is that you are always present in all time and space.
Even the event of a physical death does not diminish your presence or the presence of those who you have encountered from being part of your present reality.

Though many of the great masters have spoken of it, the man, Jesus, told his followers that he would always be with them. What did that mean? We will say that his promise was not unique for there is no loss, it cannot be in the universe in which you exist, there can only be change. Everyone you have ever loved or cared for, anyone who has ever been your friend or a confidante, is whispering in your ear and reminding you that, “I will be with you to the end of time.”
The community in which you participate is far more vast and inclusive that you can imagine.
There are far more beings in your presence that are unaffected by the negative ego consciousness or who stand in the light and awareness of the […]

July 6th, 2014|Awakening, Enlightenment|

Countdown to Evolution

Even in your holy writings it speaks of the labor pains of the birthing of the “Christ” consciousness, yet when the mother beholds the child, her pain is forgotten by the realization that a life has been brought into the world. Your spiritual awareness and your intellectual psyche are fully aware that you are on countdown to your destiny. Perhaps likened to the countdown of a space shot, the closer you get to the blast off, the more activity and the double checks that all systems are working properly.

Why would you not do the same for the greatest event in human history which is about to occur in your reality? Or perhaps you don’t really believe it is going to occur? We assure you that the deep intuitive levels of your mind are aware and responding to the every-increasing energies being transmitted to this planet.
When critical mass is met–and it will be met, just like water hits the boiling point–humanity will ascend into a new level of consciousness.
The reason there is mention of the tribulation is not because it is some externally imposed punishment for human behavior but rather the tribulation is in direct proportion to one’s resistance to […]

July 2nd, 2014|Awakening, Enlightenment|

Simple Circles, Sacred Cycle

As we have indicated in the past, the symbol of the fourth dimension, the spiritual realms, is that of the circle. The circle is encompassing; all points upon its edge are equal to the center. When three-dimensionalized, the circle becomes a sphere, similar to that of the planet on which you dwell. Even the universe itself is circular in its form.
The impact of the circle goes beyond just the physical form of the universe but to how existence expresses within it.
The galaxy’s orbit, a center sun, the planets, their own unique fiery star, the years, the seasons, the days are all cyclical in nature. With each sunset is the promise of a new day. With the withering of a flower in the early fall frost is the promise of a blossom in the spring. With each death is a promise of a new birth.
Some see this impermanence and ever-changing existence as a detriment, when in fact, it is a statement of the continuity and continuation of the creative expression of existence. The circular and cyclical nature of physical existence is the direct interpretation and integration of the eternal here and the eternal now as physical expression. The cyclical nature […]

June 26th, 2014|Universe|

Times of Great Power

These times are times of great power and volatility. More than ever before one has a responsibility to keep their focus towards their desired goals and ends. That is not something to be afraid of; yet, something to be aware of in order that you might more fully participate and be responsible for your creations through respect and understanding of the creative force within you.

More and more individuals feel victimized which we find curious in a time when victimization has no place. More than ever before there is the information, the insight and the understanding available to take responsibility for your reality.
The creative forces of your psyche are more exposed and available than ever before in human history.
We have spoken to you of the rising of the energy upon this planet. You have read various speculations and accounts of what that transition would look like. We have spoken to you of the countdown. We have discussed with you the spiritual attributes of this shift and the change in consciousness–but what does that mean?
What is occurring as your very physical body is being inundated with a higher vibrational frequency?
You know what happens when someone is inundated with radiation. You are […]

June 19th, 2014|Empowerment, Energy|

The Perfect Present Moment

You have heard stated numerous times that all that exists is the now. That all power resides in the now. There are philosophies and even treatments that utilize this truth for both the physical, mental and emotional well-being of the participant. Yet the perfect present moment can seem illusive and unattainable when the fears of the future and the cowering guilt of the past impose upon your dominion of the moment.
How does one live in the eternity of the now in a temporal world? How does one conquer their fears of the future and set free the prisoners of their past? How does one create that perfect present moment?
The reality is that you have never, nor will you ever, exist anywhere but in the now. The concept of now, the present moment, is virtually the most consistent concept of creation. It is the evidence of Consciousness and the expression of All That Is. Existence finds its home there. So how does one release themselves from the prison bars of months and years and the lock that temporal existence imposes upon one’s consciousness?

Now, we would be foolhardy and we would be incorrect to insinuate that in the physical plane of […]

June 10th, 2014|Consciousness, Physicality, Universe|

Through the Thinning Veil

The veil of human consciousness which shrouds the reality and the truth of existence is self imposed by humanity’s forgetfulness. It is a temporary delineation between Knowingness and Unknowingness, Awareness and Unawareness. It is not a boundary created intentionally or as some religious beliefs explain as humanity’s fall from grace; rather it is the necessary and natural component of physicality becoming aware and awakened to its source and its destiny. In your holy writings it speaks of the paradise that existed and the garden in which it was lost. It was not by temptation nor arrogant defiling of the laws of “God” but rather a willing, loving, conscious sacrifice to lay down one’s conscious awareness of their divinity in order that physical creation that was not yet aware could become so.
The veil is not the obstacle.
The veil is the border in which human perception has limited itself in order that it might reach the deepest and most unknown aspects of itself so that it might become whole and complete. To truly be conscious of all things and an expressive being of divinity, one must overcome the obstacles of forgetfulness and the distraction of darkness; for, in truth, there is only […]

June 3rd, 2014|Awakening|

A Candle in the Darkness

The reason individuals do not know what will occur in their lives is not only would knowing steal the opportunity for the learning but the ego consciousness would make choices based upon the future rather than the present moment. As you know the future is created in the present moment; so, act as if your desires are being made manifest. We understand the confusion, frustration humanity experiences; yet, the purpose of this life is to master it, to face challenges boldly, bravely and confidently, trusting that the desires of your heart, the choices of your soul and the will of your spirit will be made manifest.

Look around you, not to compare, but most of humanity is facing challenges, and easily one could despair on the state of affairs of the human race and its consciousness. But each challenge faced, each faith maintained disempowers, bit by bit, the negative ego creations of the human consciousness. Though this world and throughout life, your experiences are important and real to your perception; yet, it ultimately does not matter. You are an infinite, eternal consciousness, and this physical plane of existence is but one frequency in an unlimited set of dimensional levels.
You are […]

May 30th, 2014|All That Is, Physicality|

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