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Adversary or Advocate?

Is your perception of your existence an adversarial relationship or an advocate with your physical expression? How do you approach your life? When you awake in the morning do you see the world and your life in assistance to you or something that you need to overcome? Is your physical expression something that you need to get through in order to get to a better place or is it something that propels you on the way? Does the physical plane of existence assist or resist your evolution into a spiritually-conscious being? Or perhaps, at times it can be either and, if so, why? And how do you take conscious control of your perception of adversary or advocate?

Certainly throughout theological history, the physical plane of existence has been seen as a battle to overcome, a distraction over spiritual existence, damnation to a place alienated and isolated from spiritual awareness. Yes, the souls of humanity did choose to infuse themselves within the framework of physical existence, but it was not a purgatory they entered—it was a paradise. The “Garden” that was lost was done so by humanity’s own consciousness, for just as your enemy has no power when you are not […]

May 10th, 2014|Enlightenment, Spirituality|

Potentials, Possibilities and Promises

We celebrate and rejoice in the potentials, possibilities and promises given humanity. The lessons learned, the tasks accomplished, the goals to reach and the promises to be obtained for you are coming to a deeper appreciation that the expression of your existence is greater than what can be comprehended.
The veil is ever thinning and the expression of physicality and the manifestation of consciousness merges into one dynamic being.
Not only is an expression of existence occurring but a shift in your realities because of the metamorphosis of your consciousness. You are coming to understand, accept and perceive the union of the spiritual and the physical aspects of your existence.

Time and space transform into eternity and infinity, and your perspective of who you are and where you dwell changes the perception of your world. The awareness of your inner being pours forth into your reality. It is the promise of the ages, the merger of the creative mind with the creation, the awareness that all you physically experience is one layer of an infinite holographic experience.
You are not locked into your current perception of yourself or the universe in which you dwell;
It is simply where the seed of your soul was […]

May 2nd, 2014|Consciousness, Physicality|

Tribulation to Triumph

In the journey of enlightenment whenever one calls upon the realms to be of assistance, the realms of light always respond. No matter what has occurred in your life by external forces or internal choices, the universe, the source and the community of souls throughout the universe are always in assistance to the one who calls upon them. Therefore, no matter what the outward expression of your life exhibits, the internal process of communication, insight and understanding is continual and non-ending. And no matter what the circumstance in one’s life, it is transformed—transformed into that which you have requested. It cannot be otherwise.
Do no allow the external illusions of the world in which you dwell or the life that you inhabit on this physical plane of existence dissuade you or distract you from the eternal truth that the universe is always in assistance to those who call upon it.
Guilt, unworthiness, lack of forgiveness and even cause and effect are third dimensional constructs. The universe, your brethren and even your own highest expression in consciousness that stands before the throne of All That Is neither expects or anticipates perfection upon this journey. Like the child learning to take its first […]

April 30th, 2014|Enlightenment, Physicality, Spirituality|

With Highest Esteem

Consciousness is much like a website hub on the internet with the individual expressions being the outposts connected to the center point of awareness. Humanity often feels less than full participants in the spiritual realms, or worse yet, they see us of the realms as greater than themselves—nothing can be further from the truth.

Just as two individuals choosing different paths does not create inequality, one sibling choosing to go back to school does not mean they are less than the other. In fact, we of the realms hold you in the highest esteem for your willingness to be participants in the physical plane of existence. Without you, the consciousness of creation’s return to the source would cease to exist.
Humanity has been falsely instructed, often through religious institutions, to strive to throw off the vestures of the physical plane of existence.
And that attainment is to overcome and expand beyond their physicality. Creation is equal in all dimensional expressions of consciousness. The flower does not forget its roots or the mighty oak the simple acorn that was the source of its existence. There is nothing in all creation that is to be escaped.

Now there are things created by the negative ego […]

April 20th, 2014|Consciousness|

Merging Mind, Thought, and Source

Firstly, the more that you merge with the One Mind, the One Thought and the One Soul, the more harmonious and balanced you become, and your life’s journey becomes more synchronous. When you are attuned with the One Mind, greater creativity manifests in your life. When you are in alignment with the One Thought your intuition sharpens, and merging with the One Soul creates harmony and balance. Any and all disruption in your life comes from a disconnection from one of those three aspects of consciousness

You can always tell which aspect of consciousness is out of balance by what is occurring in your reality:

— If you are lacking creativity, hope and possibility, you need to reconnect with the One Mind.

— If you are bungling along in life with little intuition and understanding, you are disconnected from the One Thought.

— If the physical world is an obstacle rather than a conduit of your desires, you are not connected to the One Soul.
How the illusion of separation occurred was from the erring belief that to observe something is to be separate from it.
The key is to observe it from it, within yourself so that the very thing you are observing is yourself. That is a path to higher consciousness–the only path that leads you to the trinity consciousness of the One […]

April 4th, 2014|Enlightenment, The One Mind|

Time in Memorial

As you stand in your present moment in time, history fades out of sight behind you and you march boldly forward toward the future on a distant horizon. When you look back over the past decade, a marriage, a job, it can seem to be just a moment. The time has seemed to fly. An anticipated time in the future, a vacation, an anniversary, a holiday can seem to take an eternity to arrive. Yet time ticks on consistently, second by second, minute by minute and hour by hour.
How those never-changing minutes can be perceived differently depends on your perspective.
What is the correlation? What is the connection between these differing perceptions of time? Is there a formula that calculates how you perceive time? In fact, there is and it is quite simple. You can only view time from the present moment. The more you are engaged in the now, the shorter of a period time seems to be. That is why when you are relaxing, playing or watching an enjoyable film, time seems to fly. Ask a child how quickly recess goes and how long a math class seems although they are the same length of time.

So when you […]

March 25th, 2014|Spirituality|

Honor of the Elderly

The elderly, as with every living thing, need to be nurtured, cared for and loved—within such an effort they find their strength. There are studies of children who fail to thrive because of the lack of nurturing. Do you think it is any different for people of all ages, especially the elderly? The natural progression, when one is not nurtured or cared for, is to become disconnected and unfocused in one’s environment, often times beginning the transitional steps from this plane to the next.
A failure of many modern societies is to not honor the elderly.
With age there comes wisdom of years and wisdom in understanding the journey that lies ahead. Each and every phase of human existence is intentional, purposeful and meaningful. How humanity has interpreted them is an aberration of the original plan of physical existence. When an individual is seen as more than their physical form, chronological age or their ability to contribute to society, humanity will more fully understand the phases of life.
Is it any less honorable to be the seed that sprouts or the leaf that falls to the ground to nourish it?
This is the grand cycle of physical existence and both are necessary. So […]

March 18th, 2014|Love|

Hints and Clues

Hints and clues are offered by the consciousness of creation, not because the truths of existence are purposefully and intentionally being hidden, but rather offered as guideposts and signs on the ultimate exploration of yourself and your existence.

There would be little value to the journey which you undertook eons before if your higher consciousness self simply imbued you with the eternal knowledge of your existence and being. It is purposeful and intentional, by your choice, to be in physical form in order that physicality might become consciousness. The evolutionary process of existence in physical form is a necessary component of the process for consciousness to be one with physicality.
What is learned is owned by the one who has learned it, innate; unlearned knowledge is accepted as a given.
As a soul, you have always had, do have and will always have unlimited access and awareness to the universal consciousness. The physical aspects of your being, though infused with this knowledge, were unaware of it consciously. So you are both the student and the teacher, that is why you teach what you already know. You are instructing the physical aspect of yourself in the consciousness you are already aware of. It […]

March 9th, 2014|Enlightenment, Spirituality|

Time Eternal

In the infinite understanding of creation, there are no limits, no boundaries to one’s conscious awareness. You have been instructed that time and space do not exist in the realms beyond the physical planes of existence and that all is eternal and all is infinite. As a result, there is but one place where one can dwell in and that is the now and the here.
What does it mean to eternally exist in the present moment?
Is it all encompassing of all experiences? Or is it like stopping a DVD in the middle of a movie? How does one orient themselves in a temporal plane of existence when they are being instructed that they are eternal beings?

Is it simply words to exist in the now? Are you being asked not to look backward or forward but to focus all of your attention, all of your presence, in the “immediate frame” of existence of your life? Does “now” move through time? Truly, does your future become your present? And what then of your past? If all is now, what is the validity of cause and effect or are we pre-destined to a script already written?

You have been instructed that your present […]

March 1st, 2014|Universe|

The Circle of Gifts and Giving

Throughout all your holy writings, it speaks of the value of giving. For it is an acknowledgment that one has received. One cannot give without having received and one cannot receive without giving. The gift is not given out of need nor should it be given out of self-aggrandizement. The gift allows the necessary flow of creation to sustain itself.
Everything receives, and everything gives.
This cycle of giving and receiving is quite evident in nature. Even your mighty sun must have the gift of the gaseous fuels to fire its brilliant spirit. The animal lays down its life that you might live. The roots deep in the earth bring nutrients to the leaves in the spring. And in the fall lay themselves down upon the ground to be re-incorporated again.

We have spoken in the past about how humanity has forgotten its participation and its need to give back to the earth that which it has received. Now to do so creates a stagnant pool of nonpotable water for both the body and the soul. You are not generous when you give, you are responsible. You are fulfilling your commitment to be a participant in the ever supportive cycle of existence.

Yes, […]

February 23rd, 2014|Physicality|

A Conscious Degree of Separation

As we have instructed in the past, all that exists is intricately connected with each other. That creation itself and the creator are one. Your physical expression and the planet are born from the same source. Your consciousness is one with the creative Consciousness of All That Is. A simple degree of conscious awareness is all that separates you from a personal, powerful, presence of your infinite and eternal existence in your life.
What is a degree in consciousness? What is meant by a degree of separation?
A circle when segmented can be measured in degrees. Temperature is measured by a different concept of degrees. Even in your society, you speak of the degrees of separation of all individuals upon the planet. Degrees of separation are defined measurements to determine one’s position or attributes in relationship to the whole. How much of the piece of the pie has been cut? How warm or cold something is in relationship to the measurement of temperature. The degree of separation between people on your planet is the number of individuals it takes to be connected to anyone.

When we speak of one degree of conscious separation, we are firstly stating that there is nothing that stands […]

February 19th, 2014|Awakening|

Mis-creations to Manifestations

It is important that no matter what participation you have had in the creation of that which is distasteful to you, not in alignment with the path of your soul or for your highest good, that the process of surrender and dominion is pure and untainted by the negative ego consciousness. It doesn’t matter if you burn your village down on purpose because of lack of understanding or information; if it was burned down by natural or outside forces, or divine will it doesn’t matter. When you stand in the light of the Oneness of All That Is and you call upon that presence, you are in dominion. All those in your reality are in service to your creation and when you commit, dedicate and consecrate your reality into the Oneness of All That Is, you will receive an undistorted image of your own inner perception. You are then speaking to the voices of your own inner being. Not for self-judgment but for understanding and readjustment of your intent and purpose.
Guilt has no place here. Blame has no place here. Learn from that which you have experienced and gracefully let it go.
Honoring and respecting that reality that it has served you […]

February 10th, 2014|All That Is|


Life, in its myriad and many forms, is an expression of the consciousness of energy. If one is most observant and astute they can learn a great deal about the energetic elements of the universe by observing the many life forms upon your planet.

Life, in that context, is a key to unlock the awareness of the consciousness of God expressing in physical form. Energy is consciousness and consciousness is divine.
Do not mistake life for existence; for, you will always exist. You have always existed but you will not always live in this particular physical expression.
It is imperative early in this discussion to understand that anything that lives exists–and that which exists lives. All from the stone to the human are equal participants in existence. Energy is multi-leveled and multi-dimensional. So the rock or the bird or the baby all express an important aspect of energy, and therefore, an important aspect of consciousness.

It is said, “As above so below,” and there are many interpretations of this concept. Perhaps this refers to the energetic structures that express creation. Creation is the physical expression of energy and, therefore, consciousness. It is often noted that one can find the face of God in creation […]

February 2nd, 2014|Energy, Physicality|

Balance and Non-Resistance

What is the state of Beingness that is most conducive, receptive and open to the realms of the angels? Balance is the fruit of a mind at peace. It is the result of one who knows that they are in true dominion and authority. Balance is the mother of peace. Think about that. For a state of peacefulness, there must be balance, the lack of resistance. Though our brother never truly said the words in the manner written on the night before his death, he spoke to his disciples and stated, “My peace I give to you. A peace the world does not give to you.” Though not totally, historically accurate, it is an invaluable statement of balance and non-resistance. The mother of non-resistance is balance, and it is trust that begets balance. Think of that which we have spoken.
Trust creates balance.
Balance begets non-resistance.
Non-resistance begets peace.
If one is having difficulty with balance, they need to look at their trust issues.

If one is having difficulty with resistance, or the lack thereof, one needs to look at their issues of balance.

If one is having difficulty with peace, one needs to look at that which they are resisting.
You see, trust is begotten […]

January 29th, 2014|Empowerment|

The Flute

Very briefly, we have spoken of the disintegration of the veil of awareness between the third and fourth dimensions in times past. And, indeed, it is appropriate to still the body, quiet the mind and be observant. One needs to separate oneself from the world in order to hear and see this shift. Remember that dimensions are in your terms holographic, they all exist simultaneously in your reality.
Separation from the world muffles the distractions and intensifies the focus upon the fourth dimension.
Think of yourself in a great concert hall and the symphony is playing. How do you identify and hear just the lowly flute? How do you hear its presence and separate it from the whole. You would need to know what a flute sounds like. Would you then leave the room or distract yourself in order to identify the melody the flute is playing? No. You would listen more intently. You would hear the symphony more fully and completely. The same is true if you wish to “hear” the fourth dimension in your everyday life, it is like the lowly flute. To experience the fourth dimension in your reality, to consciously experience the realm’s presence and to interact with […]

January 23rd, 2014|Awakening|

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