There is great wisdom and understanding to be gained by understanding your participation in the community of Consciousness. When you understand your contribution as well as its effect on individual lives, you are better able to maneuver this physical plane of existence, more able to accomplish goals both secular and spiritual. When you are connected to the collective consciousness, not only of humanity but of the realms, you are better prepared for the challenges of life and the ease of mastery. You are well aware that the physical plane of existence has many challenges at this time, and that the collective consciousness of humanity varies greatly from moment to moment.

Perhaps the Community of Consciousness can be seen as a double-edged sword.

Soaring one moment into spiritual heights, and then plummeting the next into the depths of the human condition. A roller coaster ride in consciousness from hope and peace to fear and anxiety. One may feel trapped, strapped on this ride, condemned to a circle of ups and downs from which they cannot escape.

Yet the collective consciousness holds the truth, the wisdom, the understanding, the peace and the perception to attain all things. The collective consciousness of All That Is has varying degrees of awareness from the enlightened to the one trapped in darkness.

The answer lies in understanding that the higher levels of consciousness within yourself, and within the realms in which you dwell, light your way.

Enlightenment is the awareness of and the participation in these higher levels of awareness. Focus is the compass that directs you to that which you wish to attain. If you focus upon the muck and the mire of human negativity, then that is all they will see. If you are standing in the muck and mire of human confusion and misunderstanding and look upon the light, your path will be smooth, your way easy and your goals obtained.

Consciousness is not only an awareness or a perception, it is a communication.

Community of ConsciousnessJust as any communication, you can selectively choose what you wish to listen to. The choice for you in these times of exaggerated stress and anxiety as the world begins to shift in its consciousness, is to choose which “voice” you will to listen to. When you become still and allow yourself to be open to a consciousness greater than yourself, greater than the world in which you live or the universe in which you dwell, the negativity in your life separates like oil from water.

Lift yourself up. The human experience, the human consciousness, is but one very small speck in the total awareness of All That Is. And when you merge by acceptance into that higher consciousness, any darkness fades in the glare of enlightenment.

You have many counselors and many guides, choose them wisely.

Will you go to a doctor who never went to school? Or get on a plane with a pilot who has never flown? So it is with your lives, choose wisely your guides. Be most aware that all who wish to advise you are not necessarily for your highest good.

You can separate the wheat from the chaff, wisdom from foolishness, guidance from manipulation by remembering that All that Is is of the light, will always honor you and honor the individual domain of all others.

Enlightenment creates no fear but rather understanding. It creates no confusion but rather insight. Enlightenment always shows the way, there is no question on the path to take.

So, that imagery seen in cartoons of an angel on one shoulder and a little devil on the other whispering into your ears, be aware, there is some truth to that imagery. Discern your advisers. Discern your inner advisers. Understand from whence they came and for whom they speak. The voice of Spirit and the collective whole in consciousness speaks gently but powerfully. Do not allow the din of human confusion and chaos to over power the gentle strains of truth and the melody of awareness that permeates your very being.

The collective consciousness, the Community of Consciousness, in its entirety is pure, for the light of wisdom and understanding casts off the shadows of doubt and confusion.

So the Consciousness Community of Consciousnessof All That Is, the Community of Consciousness in which you dwell, resides in the pure white light of understanding and awareness of the reality in which all dwell. It is only when you segment your consciousness that darkness has the opportunity to dwell. You have access and the ability to utilize the collective consciousness that is given you. Allow, when the night of forgetfulness and the darkness of the lack of love pervades your life, to see the Community of Consciousness in which you dwell as a bright star to guide you through the dark days that everyone encounters.

We speak to you from that Consciousness. When you speak to yourself from that Consciousness, you cannot be led astray for all is in your highest good. You are the chalice of the Consciousness of All That Is and you bring an illumination into this world that dims the brilliance of your sun in comparison.