The holographic nature of humanity’s existence is awakening upon the planet with the ever-increasing vibrational frequencies of universal energy. The planet, and therefore humanity, is on the cusp of a new experience of existence. An awakening deep within the recesses of humanity’s forgotten origins is emerging through the rich earth of human experience, like the gentle sprout peaking its head above the soil. This is a time of gestation and growth, a time to be nurtured and cared for; for, you are yet unable to fully comprehend or enter the dimension on whose threshold you stand.

We have spoken of the holographic experience of existence.

Now is the age. Now is the time for humanity to fully comprehend the meaning of that term.

When one holds a holographic image in their hand, they turn it slightly with their fingers to get just the right perception, to see the various levels of the image they hold. So it is with you, you hold in your hand an image of what the new age offers. You have a thought of what the fourth dimension contains. You hold it between the fingers of your life experiences as you view it from a perspective of spiritual awareness and identity. The constant is your awareness of the Oneness of All That Is, and it is important to acknowledge that, claim it and affirm it so that it becomes even more integrated into your self-identity.

That the “I” of your life becomes “us” and the “me” becomes “we.”

holographic experienceAs we have shared, find and identify that vibrational frequency in all that you encounter. Consciousness is the observer; human consciousness is the fingers that manipulate the image in the hand of your life.

How does one adjust their human consciousness, that they are able to perceive the holographic nature of their existence? That is the meaning of looking beyond the veil, to see that which exists simultaneously in any aspect of your existence. Intent, desire and willingness are the conscious keys of orientation that places the image of the age to come in a perspective that you can see the multiple depths and layers of existence. By your intent, willingness and desire you open yourself up to the resources and sources, both seen and unseen, that are available to teach you that which you need to know to enter fully conscious into the dimensional shifts that are occurring. Just as a child innately knows it can walk, a parent lovingly guides it. Although a child if left alone would come up with its own language a parent teaches a child the vernacular in which it will grow up.

We of the realms are assisting you to learn the spiritual and physical skills to participate in the fourth dimension.

And just as the human parent we are teaching you a new language in order that you may be able to fully communicate with those of the realms. We share this information with you for if you are most observant you shall receive indicators that, indeed, your life is becoming multi-dimensional in its expression. Never before has it been more true that you, indeed, walk in two worlds.

The dimensional shift that is occurring is not to ascend and leave behind the physical plane of existence but to incorporate it into the dimensional shift that is occurring.

To abandon the physical plane of existence would be like leaving a parent behind who has nurtured you as you’ve grown. The planet and its inhabitants have been the foothold upon which you have stood to incorporate yourselves into a complete and total expression on multi-dimensional levels. This is but one concept we will be sharing in the days ahead as you prepare for the great shift of humanity into an existence more wondrous than your dreams.