A Course in Understanding Universal Energy

Reception & Transmission of Energy

Energy, the lifeblood of the Creator flowing through the universe, sustains all creation by its vibrational resonance. Every vibrational signature (i.e. object, plant, animal, emotion or thought) is a receiver and a transmitter of energy. All you need to do is walk into a room where there has been tense emotions and you can sense it. Not only can you sense it, it can begin to affect you.

Each of the three consciousnesses, (the consciousness of utilization, the consciousness of identification and the consciousness of definition), respond to the reception and transmission of energy in its own unique way. In the inanimate, passive consciousness of utilization, an object can only receive and transmit its own vibrational signature.

diamondA rock receives a combination of vibrations to create a rock and it gives off “rock” vibrations. What would be the difference in the reception and transmission of energy if the rock was the Hope Diamond? The diamond would simply receive and transmit “diamond” energy. If you had the opportunity to have a piece of granite in your left hand and the Hope Diamond in your right, would the energy be different and why? What would be the difference if you had a marble that your father had willed to you, that he had carried on him from the time that his father had given it to him on his deathbed, in your left hand and a piece of gravel from the moon in your right hand? What would be the difference? What would be more precious? What would be of greater value? Suppose in your left hand you had a rock that you found sitting in the front seat of your car surrounded by glass from your windshield and in your right hand a rock that someone had handed you. How would you feel? Imagine having the same two rocks in your hand and being told the rock handed to you had been thrown intentionally at a child by an angry parent and had killed the child. How would you feel? It is obvious that you would have varied emotions and perceptions. Having the same two rocks in your hand and not knowing their history would you be able to sense it and why would you be able to sense it if you did? If you could,what would have changed since you had no conscious awareness of the circumstances mentioned?

energyIf you were handed two rocks that were similar in all aspects but one of the two rocks 100 people had put loving energy into it, would you be able to sense which one? What occurred? It is obvious that humanity’s definition of objects, either in their use or their perceived value has an affect on the object’s vibrational frequency. The consciousness of definition always affects the vibrational signature of an object, adding to it the emotional and intellectual signature to its own. The greater the emotion and thought, be it positive or negative, the greater the effect on the object’s signature to the point that it will begin to be a receiver (attract) and transmit that frequency. Crystals are used because of their susceptibility to receiving vibrational signatures of thought and emotion and their ability to transmit and enhance those vibrations. The consciousness of definition (which only humanity possesses) has the ability to change the vibrational signature of an inanimate object and, therefore, what it is able to receive and transmit.

kittenAnimals, which possess the active consciousness of identification, are energy sponges. They are highly receptive to higher vibrational signatures of thought and emotion and are able to imitate those emotions and thoughts. This is not to say that a pet does not have affection and love for its master but have you ever noticed if there is turmoil or chaos in a pet’s environment that they become chaotic? Have you noticed if you are sad, a pet will also seem to be sad or unhappy? Because animals are capable of the higher vibrations of emotion and thought and are able to transmit them but unable to define energy, they are vulnerable to the environment of thoughts and emotions to which they are submitted.

handshakeThe third level, the consciousness of definition possessed only by humanity, allows an individual to not only selectively receive energy but to redefine those energies they have chosen and to transmute them at will. An individual not only can selectively transmit what vibration they choose but focus those vibrations intentionally. Remembering that Universal Energy cannot be destroyed but only changed, in order to transmit an energy, one must either already possess it or transform another energy. Remembering that energy attracts like energy, the only way to receive more of a desired energy is to transform the energy you already possess.

You cannot transmit an energy that you do not possess because you are unable to receive it. You cannot transmit love without transforming that which is not love within yourself. You cannot transmit healing energy without first possessing it within yourself. In order to receive any energy that you wish to transmit, there must be a resonant energy within yourself to attract it. This does not mean that the healer might not need healing, but a healer can only heal to the degree that they are willing to be healed. You can give love only to the degree that you are willing to be loved. It is really quite simple. You are that which you are willing to receive and you can only give what you are.

energyThe law of attraction is the greater you resonate what you wish to receive, the greater your reception. The more you think of love, the more love you will receive. The more you think of health, the more health you will receive. The more individuals that agree to love, the greater the reception of love. The more individuals that agree to health, the greater the reception of health. The more individuals that agree to focus energy, the greater the energy is multiplied. For every individual that joins in like thought, the energy is multiplied by ten. This creates a vortex, a center of focused energy.

The law of energy that states that energy is able to sustain and replicate itself has a direct affect upon the one transmitting the energy. An individual, as earlier stated, can only transmit that which they possess. The law of sustenance and replication automatically causes that which is transmitted (projected) to be multiplied by ten and returned to the sender. What this law means, in reality, is what you project to another is what is directed to you. To state it simply, what you transmit defines what you can receive. If you transmit hatred or anger, you limit yourself to receiving only that, you limit your frequencies of reception. If you project love, love is the “station” or “channel” that you have tuned into, you are unable to receive hate or anger. If you project healing, you are tuned into healing. If you continue to transmit an energy it becomes “fine-tuned” to that station to such a point of clarity and intensity that it will seem ten times greater than that which was projected.

creationWe have been told that we are creators. We have been told that thought and emotion create. We have been told that humanity is divine, spiritual and physical. What does that mean in the light of Universal Energy, the Creator, the Source? In this course, it has been offered that the consciousness of definition is what allows humanity to create all things unto themselves. The trinity of consciousness which humanity possesses (the consciousness of utilization, physicality; the consciousness of identification, spirit; and the consciousness of definition, divinity) is the source of all that is. The trinitized consciousness of the Creator in humanity becoming one with the creature. When the union of thought (the consciousness of utilization) unites with emotion (the consciousness of identification, Spirit), beingness is born (the consciousness of definition), I AM.