A Course in Understanding Universal Energy

Energy is the foundation of all that exists. Every physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspect of every dimension is energy. Energy is the life force of the creator that pulses through creation. Everything, be it physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual, is an identifiable vibration of energy. There is an energy that is the identifying signature of a granite rock. Marble would be within the same vibratory field, but in different vibration. We could use the example of the varying hues of red. Energy is eternal and cannot be destroyed. All the energy that ever was, all the energy that will ever be is the same. It can be changed but not destroyed.

The most simplistic definition of life is when an energy has the ability to transform its own energy or other energies. It is active rather than passive. A rock cannot change itself, it can be cracked by the pressure of water droplets turned to ice. It can be melted by the flow of lava. A tree has its own signature vibration, it can be destroyed and burned but it also has the ability to grow, to take the energy of life, transform it into a photosynthetic process creating a gaseous exchange. Life energy is the ability of certain energetic characteristics, such as translation, reaction, transmutation, and transformation. Translation is the utilization and consumption of energies other than itself, a plant absorbing minerals from the soil, an animal eating food. Reaction is the ability to interact with a living organism’s environment, the ability of a flower to follow the sun or a flower that closes in the evening. In higher forms of living creatures, it would be instinct. Transmutation is a living organism’s ability to change its own form, such as growth or metamorphosis. Transformation is the ability to recreate itself be it the regeneration of cells, the growth of new leaves in the spring or the more sophisticated reproductive process.

Universal EnergyA by-product or a result of every energy is consciousness. A rock has consciousness. A tree has consciousness. A bird has consciousness. It is obvious that the consciousness is varied between them. Each has its own energetic signature. A rock, in its vibration, has the consciousness of a rock and will always have the consciousness of a rock unless its energy is changed by some outside force. A bird has the consciousness of a bird, it will always have the consciousness of a bird. Does a bird that has died have the consciousness of a bird? Is it still a bird? The life force is gone. The energetic signature of a bird is inclusive of characteristics such as certain chemicals like calcium, iron, proteins and amino acids. But without the life force, it is not a bird.

The higher the energetic vibration, the greater the consciousness. The greater the consciousness, the greater the life force. Humanity is all of the above. They are a complex combination of innate energies and life force with one important difference, its vibratory rate of energy is so high that it is able to define and interpret energy. All other less vibratory energies must work within predetermined laws of nature and, intrinsically, respond in harmony and balance with divine consciousness.

Universal EnergyUniversal or divine energy pulsing through creation, as blood through a body, sustains all creation. The rock absorbs the vibration of rock to sustain itself as a rock. It is the collective consciousness of a rock. Universal energy could also be related to radio waves sent from the source throughout creation. The flower receives that energy and utilizes it in alignment with the consciousness of a flower. It cannot choose not to be a flower. It does not know that it is a flower. Humanity is not only a receiver and transmitter of energy, as is all creation. It must receive energy for it to exist. It must transmit energy for you to know that it exists. Humanity has the ability to receive energy and to define it before it transmits it. That is the definition of the creator. Humanity’s ability to define energy and, therefore, to create something other than itself is what is meant when it is said that humanity is made in the image and likeness of the Creator. This fact is what gives humanity dominion, not dominance, over their world. With self-recognition and the realization that humanity knows that it knows, it enables them to create other than that which is in divine harmony and balance.

This ability to interpret energy is freewill. With this privilege comes responsibility, and to understand our responsibility, we must understand the immutable laws of energy:

1) energy is always present, eternal, and cannot be destroyed only changed

2) energy attracts like energy

3) energy is able to maintain and replicate itself

4) energy is intelligent

The understanding and practical applications of these truths will allow you, the creator, to transform, transmute and translate any energy in your reality to create what you desire. The utilization of energy is a skill that when understood provides the user a clear path to what they desire to create. As any skill, it takes practice, it is like learning to drive a car. When you understand the physical laws of motion and inertia, traction, centrifugal force and master them, you are able to drive your car safely and with ease to your desired destination. Imagine learning to drive the car from the moment you were born and you had to learn these laws, shall we say, on the run. In some ways that is what life is about and we can judge how well we have driven our life and how well we have understood the laws of energy by looking at our creation.

Therefore, by understanding the laws of energy and their practical application in our lives, our journey will be smooth and we will reach our destination with ease.