A Course in Understanding Universal Energy

The Mechanics of Manipulation of Energy

energy diagramAs we have discussed, the human body is a perfect transmitter and receiver of Universal Energy, capable of receiving the entire spectrum of energy and using it for manifestation. The trinitized consciousness of humanity, in conjunction with the available energies of the universe and the ability to manipulate energy at will, gives humanity dominion over its reality, the ability to change the very essence of the reality in which we dwell.

Just as we realize that an automobile is an efficient means of transportation, simply knowing that fact does not assist us in utilizing its potential. The same is true of the physical body, it is one thing to know its capabilities, another to utilize it. Any piece of machinery that performs a task must have fuel and that fuel, in some way, must flow through that machine and be transformed by that machine so it can be utilized. Therefore, in order for the mechanics of energy manipulation to be accomplished, one must allow the fuel (Universal Energy) to flow through and be transformed (consciousness of definition) into an energy that can now be manipulated.

Remember, your intent for the manipulation of energy is either to translate, transform or transmute. To manipulate energy, it must first be defined and then projected. Keeping the above in mind and that energy must flow (be received and transmitted), these five manipulations of energy are the basis for all energy work.

energy diagram1. Energy scanning is the utilization of the energetic flow through your left reception hand and your right transmission hand. You are incorporating and, therefore, translating the object of your focus into your own energetic field in order to read it. You are enveloping the object of your focus into your own energy field and permission is always required, otherwise you would be trespassing into the energy field of another. (Translation)

2. Raising energetic vibration is the act of consciously raising the vibratory frequency of yourself and the individual or object enveloped within your energetic field for the purpose of being more in resonance to receive vibrations of higher consciousness, i.e. health, wholeness, abundance. (Transformation)

3. Focusing of energy is the act of manipulating a wide spectrum of Universal Energy to a specific point for a specific purpose. A vivid example of this would be light passing through a magnifying glass into a single point becoming intense enough to set a piece of paper on fire. Consider the difference between a light bulb and a laser. (Transformation)

energy diagram4. The magnetic attraction or repulsion of energy is the ability to draw that which is not desired out of an individual or object by pulling the object to be transformed into the light as the North Pole is attracted by the South Pole. (Transformation)

5. Balancing energies, which is the essence for healing to assist, is the transmutation of energies into their original resonance with divine perfection. This balancing is accomplished through the use of the preceding four mechanisms of manipulation of energy. (Transmutation)

Health and wholeness is the balanced reception of Universal Energy and its ability to be utilized by the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies perfectly. Think of sunlight passing through a prism and you will fully understand who you are, where you are, and why you are.

Copyright © 1997 by Stan & Pat Walsh