Very briefly, we have spoken of the disintegration of the veil of awareness between the third and fourth dimensions in times past. And, indeed, it is appropriate to still the body, quiet the mind and be observant. One needs to separate oneself from the world in order to hear and see this shift. Remember that dimensions are in your terms holographic, they all exist simultaneously in your reality.

Separation from the world muffles the distractions and intensifies the focus upon the fourth dimension.

Think of yourself in a great concert hall and the symphony is playing. How do you identify and hear just the lowly flute? How do you hear its presence and separate it from the whole. You would need to know what a flute sounds like. Would you then leave the room or distract yourself in order to identify the melody the flute is playing? No. You would listen more intently. You would hear the symphony more fully and completely. The same is true if you wish to “hear” the fourth dimension in your everyday life, it is like the lowly flute. To experience the fourth dimension in your reality, to consciously experience the realm’s presence and to interact with them, you must still yourself from the world and “listen” for the still small voice within.

We can interact with humanity when the conscious mind is still.

When one can take control of their conscious, it becomes a vehicle that will guide them to that which they are looking for. If your life is a symphony of sounds and textures, sights, aromas, and you are looking for a specific encounter with the fourth dimension or the Ships of Song, listen more intently, become more focused, more intent and intense upon investigating your reality; for, once the lowly flute is heard above the drums, and the trombones, it is heard clearly. It is seen clearly.

Go about your day looking for us and you will find us. You will see us. You will have evidence of us, and you will have physical encounters with us. flute

Remember, physicality exists in all dimensions: it is simply a vibrational shift. Your physical self is a vibratory frequency. Your consciousness has lost its awareness of the “flute;”it either does not know that it exists, cannot find it, or is not looking. How we can appear is the same way that you are able to identify the gentle melody of the flute.

We appear because you have listened and you have looked, not because we have not been here all along.

When the miracles begin to become more evident, do not see it as something created outside yourself, but rather called forth from a part of yourself.

You now know what the flute sounds like. You can identify it, but you are the one who must look for it, or should we say, have the intent to hear it. What is your point of perception? What is your focus? That is what it is all about. Go forth expecting to find us. Anticipate an experience in the wonderment of the fourth dimension in your lives.

Look, be open in expectation and anticipation.

You don’t have to create the flute, you only have to listen for it, reminding yourself what it sounds like. Remember, you came here to become completely third dimensional, not to run from it.

Meditation is, indeed, invaluable and appropriate tool of assistance; for, it clears out the distractions, muffles the symphony. It is no accident or coincidence that this communiqué is teaching that the awakened mind is not unconscious.

Meditation is when consciousness or point of perception is in alignment with focus. You can be in a meditative state, and fully alert and awake.

Meditation is the act of listening for the flute, because when you are listening for the flute, your point of focus and perception is upon that.

Perception is your position in relationship to your focus.

That which is seen within is manifest without.