Consciousness is an interactive web of communication between all of its elements. It has been likened to a spider web, and appropriately so; for, like the spider web, any movement within it is felt throughout its entirety. All consciousness is connected and affects all of its individual parts to some degree. Admittedly, those to whom you are more energetically or emotionally connected will have a more obvious influence—but you are affected by all.

“What is that influence?’ and “How is it experienced and transmitted?”

First, what is the influence? We will say this: it is in direct proportion to the energetic resonance of consciousness being transmitted by you. You have experienced this unspoken influence, be it to a loved one’s need or a national cause. How did you know your loved one was in need or why is the time now ripe for social change? Be it two, a few, or many tuned into the same message, at first individuals can be unaware that anyone else is “listening”.

Secondly, how is it experienced? The answer to this question is as varied as the receivers but the transmission of consciousness will be “translated” into a means most receptive to the receiver, be it a gut feeling, an intuitive message or a visual thought form, an apparition. All movement on the web of consciousness is experienced to some degree consciously or unconsciously. Let us offer this analogy to assist, think of thought floating in the grid of consciousness like particles in the air. A few go unnoticed but the more the concentration, the greater the effect. But in either case, you are literally “breathing” the particles into your lungs—or figuratively into your consciousness.

Third, how it is transmitted is by focus. Thus is the foundation; be it for prayer, telepathic communication and the like. We believe many of you have experienced suddenly thinking of someone and then the phone rings and its the person you were thinking of. That is the basic principle of which we speak.

It is not our intent in this brief concept to discuss the techniques and subtleties of interaction in the web of consciousness but to remind the reader to be open and aware to extra-conscious communication by others. It is important to state that your participation in and influence on the web of consciousness is inevitable, but you have free choice, let’s say, to join in on the “song” being sung.

But like the unconscious song you begin to hum, unaware it is playing on the radio, make a conscious intent to be aware of the influences occurring to your consciousness to keep you from “singing” a song you don’t want to sing. You can remain aware of the energetic grid of consciousness’ effects on you by being a sentry of your thoughts to ensure that they are conscious choices. Many atrocities have been committed while “humming” a tune unaware, and many a mountain has been moved by collective agreement.

But of itself, the web of consciousness makes no judgment and vibrates to the “song” you sing.

The ability to communicate via the web of consciousness is a powerful ally when used in tandem with personal conscious intent and choice.

It makes one plus one greater than two; for, it is a multiplier of intent when used consciously. Yet, it is worth reminding that it hums the “song” you sing—and those like unto you will join your song.

So pick your thoughts wisely; for, those who resonate to what you sing will become your neighbors on the energetic web of consciousness.