Ancient Eons, Infinite Expressions

Even the greatest comprehension of the universe in which you dwell and the existence in which you live is but a fractional aspect of the total picture of the infinite and eternal expressions of consciousness. Scientists have investigated and determined that the universe is 4 billion years old; yet, that was just a moment in and not the beginning of physical creation and conscious realities.

Throughout the infiniteness of consciousness, the “big bangs” of new dimensions flicker like stars in the night sky in an infinite display. It is incomprehensible for the human mind to understand infinity or eternity; yet, begin to imagine that infinity can be contained within infiniteness or eternity within eternalness. The myriad expressions of consciousness are beyond the comprehension of human understanding. However, it does not mean that humanity should not reach and explore beyond the horizon of the known.

The inception of consciousness and the birth of creation lie in an infinite sea of potential and an eternal landscape of creation. The wonderment is not in its incomprehension but rather in your ability to explore, and the promise that wherever you look there will be something new.

Physical reality is an infinite stream of conscious potential flowing between the embankments of your conscious awareness. Drink deeply from that flow, and welcome a fresh new life-giving cup of awareness awaiting you in the next moment.

The eternal now and the infinite here are the crosshairs of your perception in the indefinable sea of conscious expression.

In the grand expression of consciousness, honor, respect and give thanks for your unique place in the entirety of All That Is. The infinite and eternalness of the universe does not minimalize your physical expression or who you are but rather expands your identity into a greater sense of being.

The drop of water in the ocean, the grain of sand in the desert do not bemoan their seeming minuteness but rather celebrate their unique part and inseparableness from a greater force and presence in existence. The drop of water or the grain of sand are indistinguishable from their source when they are not separated from it—and the same is true for you. When you are not separate from the consciousness that created you, you are indistinguishable from it.

There would be no desert without the grains of sand; there would be no ocean without the droplets of water and there would be no consciousness without you.

Infinity and eternity exist when you realize and accept that there are no boundaries to time and space. This is true because there are no boundaries to consciousness.