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Seasons of the Universe

With the emergence of the changing of the age, it is valuable to understand that the “boundaries and horizons” between the dimensions is thinning or, perhaps a better analogy, evaporating.

As we have indicated in past discussions on this topic, the process that humanity is in and the events that are about to occur are not to be seen as some prediction of doom or gloom, catastrophic events or, even worse, the end of the world. There is no end to the physical plane of existence–only a change, an advancement of moving forward.

Consciousness is like the waves on the sea, each marching forward towards the shore. Each having their moment, then to be followed by another wave. So it is with Consciousness, not only does the physical universe pulse with the heartbeat of creation, so does Consciousness.

The emergence of the New Age is not to be seen as the year 2000 or a Y2K. Throughout history there have been predictions in human terms and human time to events or shifts that would occur. What we are speaking of is universal time and when one allows themselves to align to the natural ebbs and flows of energy and Consciousness in the […]

September 21st, 2010|Awakening, Empowerment, Metaphysical, Spirituality, Universe|

Maintaining Balance

The illusion is that the physical plane of existence has a certain level of stability. When one is standing upon a floor that is seen as stable, one could balance on one foot or be in more precarious positions without toppling.

In reality the “physical floor” upon which you stand is in motion, changing angles, gyrating. If one was in a precarious position that required balance on a floor that was moving, they would topple. For one to balance in the changing physical existence, they need to be grounded, feet firmly planted, responsive in a positive manner to maintain their balance.

Therefore to survive the changes occurring in your reality, one must be firmly planted, firmly standing upon this moving plane of existence. This movement is not chaotic but it could seem chaotic to those standing on the floor. Rather it is a progression, a movement upward in consciousness.

That which used to be taken for granted can no longer be taken for granted. Balance is maintained by identifying and responding to the shifts in the foundation on which you stand. The physical plane of existence can feel much like a carnival ride that tosses and turns you. It is a natural […]

September 19th, 2010|Metaphysical|

A Simple Degree of Separation

Consciousness, like a compass, guides the traveler towards their destination. In the physical plane of existence, one is familiar with distance, time, direction in moving towards a predetermined goal. In the fourth dimensional realms, there are also parameters of orientation that assist the spiritual traveler towards the predetermined goals of Consciousness they wish to obtain.

In the physical plane, one has come through experience, trial and error to learn to maneuver towards their destination and around obstacles that might be in their way. In the spiritual realms, the traveler must also learn the points of orientation that guides them towards their goal.

What is a degree in consciousness? Is it simply an intriguing phrase or does it truly have substantial meaning to assist individuals on their journey to enlightenment? Is the human mind simply out-of-focus and therefore misses the opportunities to observe spiritual guidance? Or is it more complex than that?

To understand the degree in Consciousness, one must be clear in what Consciousness means. Consciousness is the intelligent orientation of one’s existence. Think about that for a moment. Why is a being sentient? Why do we refer to the creator or the source as Consciousness and you as Consciousness incarnate? Sentient […]

August 25th, 2010|Consciousness, Physicality|

The One Perfect Thought

Even the very expression of this concept excites the universe. The one perfect thought contains within its very expression the truth of all existence. Thought, a powerful vehicle of Consciousness, is a defining of energy and the impetus for universes. A single thought projected with the pristine awareness of the infinite creative aspects of Consciousness always manifests.

The perfect thought has been called many things but by whatever name, it is the name of God. Yet not a God out there living in a higher hierarchical society, alienated from its creation.
The name of God is your name: I AM is the perfect thought for within that concept lies the seed of all creation, all things are made manifest by that realization. I AM encompasses all that exists.
It is music to the soul and the song of the universe. When one acknowledges oneself, when they declare their existence, they merge with all creation and become one with it. I AM is your declaration. I AM is your potential and your possibility for perfection and paradise. That you can comprehend that you exist is a declaration that you share the Consciousness of God. Divinity is as close to you as that thought […]

August 13th, 2010|Awakening, Metaphysical|

Enlightenment is Never a Weapon

You must learn to look with the eyes and hear with the ears of spirit in all that you experience.

When you take enlightenment and turn it into a weapon, it leaves the cinders of Consciousness behind in its wake.

Remember, do not create light in a village by setting it a blaze.

When one is not in acknowledgment, surrender and dominion, one’s life loses focus upon their goals.

The truth will be made known that the salvation of humanity has never rested in the fickle consciousness of any one individual or grouping of individuals.

See each failure or success as a stepping stone toward your ultimate goal.

Find the joy, enthusiasm in your lives. Why would you do something that does not give you joy.

Consciousness is the Universe. If you want to know what Consciousness looks like, simply look around you.

Understand that the body travels with the spirit rather than the spirit with the body.

When one identifies spirit and realizes the body is as a servant to it, one can walk on water, or pass through walls.

Everybody really is you, you know. Creation is a game of solitaire played on an infinite board of possibilities. Your only player is yourself.

August 6th, 2010|Enlightenment, Spirituality|

Peace and Serenity

At first glance, peace and serenity would seem to be synonymous and interchangeable. Indeed, it would be perceived that if you were peaceful that you would be serene; or if you were serene that you would be peaceful. We are not seeking to play a word game; yet it is worth noting and defining more clearly the inter-relationship and function of the concepts of peace and serenity.
Can you be peaceful and not serene? Or serene and not peaceful?
Is it possible that you could be living in a peaceful place and not be serene? Is it possible for you to be serene though not existing in a peaceful place. The answer to both questions is yes. The distinction is actually quite simple.

Peacefulness is an external expression of your environment. Serenity is the internal nature of your being. Even in the midst of chaos, you can be internally serene. And you can live in a peaceful environment and not experience that serenity.
Peacefulness and serenity are co-partners in the creation of well-being. Each half of the archway that creates the doorway into paradise.
Seek within the serenity in all situations and circumstances in your life. And from that, peacefulness will reign in your environment. And where there is peace but no serenity, seek within […]

August 5th, 2010|Spirituality|

Physical Existence

The Meaning of Physical Existence
There are volumes upon volumes written about the physical plane of existence, its laws and nature. There is a myriad of theses written to explain humanity’s existence but at the very fundamental levels, beyond scientific theory, lies a profound truth in understanding your physical existence.

Life by its very nature is a complex and profound set of circumstances, elements and events that create a spontaneous and regenerating, reactive and responsive physical being—a combination of the physical and the energetic. As most who are reading this are aware that energy has consciousness and degrees of energy have varying elements of awareness responsively and the ability to act and react to its environment. All this, though, can be documented. In spiritual theses and in scientific research.

Yet what is the meaning of physical existence? Its purpose, its source?
Physical existence is an absolutely necessary stepping stone in the process of creation returning to the Source.
As we have indicated in times past, creation is cyclical, the creator creates and the creation becomes the creator. It is a necessary element in the evolutionary process of return where Consciousness infuses itself, or more importantly evolves from that which is created.

What do we mean […]

July 30th, 2010|Creation, Physicality|


For God is the simplest of them all. The most complex of all creations is contained in the simple realization of self-awareness. The complexity of All That Is dwells at a single point of beingness. Humanity has a knack for complicating the simplest of information and insight. There is a perception that profoundness, the immensity or the importance of an event or a fact must, by its very nature, be complex.

Indeed, the analytical aspects of the human mind are of great value for maneuvering through the physical plane of existence. It is a tool just as a hand or a leg. It is not the creator of thoughts, the evaluator of insight or the catalyst of creation, it is simply a mechanism in which Consciousness can express. Our attempt to reiterate is not to diminish the rational, analytical mind of humanity but to put it in its proper prespective, in its proper place in the grand scheme of human existence and creation.
Consciousness and the information it contains is holographic in its nature, dimensional in its aspects, beyond cause and effect, and beyond discovery and learning.
It is a presence; it is a beingness in which all that is necessary for […]

July 21st, 2010|Awakening|

Balance versus Imbalance

Do you know why balance is so important on all levels, be it physical, mental, emotional, spiritual? Why there is necessity of balance?

Balance allows the accessibility of All that Is.

Imbalance is the elimination of segments of possibilities.

Imbalance is energetic suicide to the access of All That Is; one begins to eliminate availability to potentiality.

Imbalance is a minimization of the thought process of the One Mind. It is a filter that literally not only distorts the image but also eliminates certain of the rays of light. It would be like removing one of the color spectrums from the picture.

Imbalance removes the existence of the projection upon The One Soul, the difference between a color and a black & white image. The blues, reds, yellow, magentas do not exist.

Imbalance is the master tool of the negative ego.

Imbalance strangles emotions, shuts off abundance.

Imbalance is born from a conscious intent to eliminate certain aspects as possibilities.

Imbalance is the effect, the result, of an internal choice. Therefore, as in any projection do not scramble to change what is on the screen. Go to the energetic source.

You can make your journey less arduous by balance.

Remember you create the balance by opening up the possibilities.

Balance does […]

July 15th, 2010|All That Is, Metaphysical, Spirituality, The One Mind|

Believing is Seeing

We have spoken to you of the temporal and special shifts that are and will occur in the changing of the age. Time and space begin to contract into one point of awareness and being.

Each and every age is one more step up the ladder in the awakening process and the return in conscious awareness to the Source which has created it.

What we have not spoken of are the physical senses and how they are affected by this dynamic and indeed radical shift in consciousness. Unlike some religious teachings and philosophies, the body is not a hindrance or obstacle to spiritual attainment. Why would the creative force create less than an efficient vehicle to propel the consciousness contained within it to the consciousness of All That Is?
With that said, it is important to investigate the shifts in sensory perception that are beginning to occur as the cusp of this new energetic field transcends around the planet.
What are senses? What do senses provide? How are senses utilized and interpreted? In the most basic of observation, senses provide you a mechanism in which to maneuver through your environment, to find food, to protect you from harm. The senses, the five senses, […]

July 13th, 2010|All That Is, Empowerment, Spirituality|

The Rise and Fall of Flowers

You are immersed in the energy of the planet which is vibrant and dynamic. Everything is changing–creation is seeking to return to the Oneness. A constant flow of integration and disintegration and rebirth occurs upon the planet. Creation is ongoing as evidenced by a volcano erupting in the sea creating a new island; yet, the waves and wind without a second thought begin eroding it away. There is a sense of security and well-being in stillness and stabilization, but your freedom is in the dynamic movement within yourselves within nature. Let nothing be stagnant in your life; let nothing be still. Let each moment of every day be new, enticing you to move from where you are to where you will be.

Come to understand your Oneness with the planet, blessing that with which you participate. Love the cycles of life that flow through your being. Love the rise and the fall of the flowers, the trees, your own self in physical form. Is heaven separate from the planet or is that which you call heaven already here. Perhaps Consciousness is the span of our spiritual acuity. Does your world change or does your perception of it change?

Somehow individuals think […]

June 30th, 2010|Spirituality|

Dragons of Ego Consciousness

There comes a time, a day, a moment, in the journey of human existence, be it that of an individual life or a planetary Consciousness, that one, to be truly and wholly the masters of your realm, must face the dragons of their creations. Even the deepest, most inner thoughts and emotions, even unexpressed are brought forth into the light to be transformed and transmuted into the purest of God energy and Consciousness.
It is this process of healing and transformation of the negative ego consciousness that causes chaos and confusion in one’s life and blinds them from clarity and understanding.
All of humanity, in order to pass through the ethereal doorway into a new dimension, must shake off the debris of ego consciousness like a dog shaking water off its back. Lay your burden down, empty your pockets of your physical existence of that which is not needed in the next realm. The issue at hand is not that you have experienced and participated in negative ego consciousness thinking but that you are willing to focus upon the truth in spite of it all—of who you are and where you dwell. The dragons of your ego conscious creation seeks by […]

June 29th, 2010|Love, Spirituality|

Fear Not

Fear, as one understands it and humanity accepts it, is a belief in and recognition of oneself as powerless and victimized. It is true that often one’s experiences are distasteful yet if an individual can recognize and accept that the concoction that they find bitter is of their own making one becomes empowered.
All fear comes from the lack of self-love and the lack of self-love bears the children of unworthiness, lack of receivership, powerlessness and alienation, just to mention a few.
Fear is always born from the negative ego consciousness and the degree of fear is in direct proportion to one’s rejection of self-love. Fear is the antithesis of love, and as love has been expressed as God, fear indicates the presence of a lack of light.

Understanding that, seeking to accept even the seemingly unacceptable as a creation of yours empowers you because if you acknowledge you are the creator, you therefore have dominion over it. The creation can be no more powerful than the creator. When one finds themselves in the pit of darkness, in the bowels of despair, reinkindle and reignite that inner awareness of self-recognition, self love for light always chases away the darkness.
Fear is an illusion […]

June 16th, 2010|Love, Spirituality|

The Portal of Power

There are many definitions and descriptions that seek to explain humanity’s presence upon this earth. Varying philosophies have been presented, numerous theological theses have been offered in an attempt to explain the phenomena called humanity. Each offers a glimpse, an insight, into a complex event that propels the emergence of humanity into physical existence.
Humanity’s consciousness is a portal of power.
It is a powerful, creative force in the physical plane of existence, an open doorway into the fourth dimension, a passageway in which God itself can pass. The advent of humanity’s existence and those of other sentient beings throughout the universe dramatically changed the face of the universe.
For Creation to exist, Consciousness must exist.
For Consciousness to exist, it must be expressed in Creation. It is inevitable and a necessary component of Creation for Consciousness and Creation to merge as one. Therefore, this primordial mixture of Consciousness and Creation must be acknowledged as the primary force and source of existence in the universe.

Each and every human consciousness, every sentient being throughout all the universes expresses this gift. To be consciously aware of oneself is to share in the divine expression of Creation—and is sacred. You are sacred, not only because you hold […]

May 18th, 2010|Consciousness, Spirituality|

Joy and Suffering

Are the joys and the pleasures, the pain and the anxiety of your life by choice or by fate?

Is the path that you travel, the events that you experience and the goals that you do or do not reach in your life predestined by some power beyond yourself?

Those familiar with our words would quickly acknowledge that it is a personal choice. Yet, one’s life experience is fraught with many challenges and events that are not pleasurable and even sorrowful. Why would one choose that if, indeed, choice determines that which you experience. And if ill-equipped to make appropriate choices either by lack of knowledge or skill, it is a cruel imposition by a greater intelligence.
One has come to understand that the physical plane of existence is a challenge and the antiquated concept of sin and damnation is being replaced by the concept of lessons and learnings.
Though, one can feel they are “damned,” feeling caught in an endless cycle of challenges from which they cannot emerge.

Individuals search for information through books, lectures, teachers, and your holy writings to find answers to their questions and an alleviation of their discomfort.
There is a belief that a life without challenge, without suffering, without […]

May 14th, 2010|Physicality, Spirituality|

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