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The concept of healing is utilized on all levels of human expression. It is a goal, a process, and a destination that most of humanity participates in. Seemingly individuals are always in some process of healing, be it physical, emotional, and even spiritual. It is both the goal and the means to reach a state of being that the one who wishes to be healed desires.

As you are well aware, there are myriads of products and processes available to assist the individual in the healing process. Many have come to understand that healing is an internal process rather than an external series of events or actions–such as medicines or counseling or alternative therapies. However, there remains a vast number of people who see those things holding the healing for them.
The process of healing, if one is not cautious, can be abdicated to those in assistance, the doctors, the medicines, the therapist, the teacher or even the preacher.
Psychologically, healing has been understood to be a reaction to discomfort and pain. One does not seek healing until they are experiencing one of these aspects. So then, what is healing? Is it a catalyst? Is it a process? Or is it a goal […]

May 12th, 2010|Physicality, Spirituality|

Embracing the One

We would invite you often and readily to recall and remind yourself of your participation and presence in the oneness of All That Is. We have shared with you the primer. If your creative force that brings opportunities into your life is not strong, you need to embrace and encompass the One Mind. If your intuition, which is input from the realms and your awareness of what you perceive is manifested, is blurry and dull, you need to enhance your embrace of the One Thought. If your perceptions are not to your liking, if you are not in harmony and balance with your planet and the physical realms, you must embrace more fully the One Soul.

Now, how does one do that?
You are in limitation with the One Mind when you see yourself as limited.
If you box yourself into a corner, or into a little corner of possible reality, you must realize all possible realities are available. Remember that humanity has a tendency to attempt to change that which is projected rather than identify the source of that projection. Any limiting thought separates you from the One Mind. When you do not feel creativity and that energetic flow which is the fodder for creation in […]

April 27th, 2010|The One Mind|


When you create a goal or an energetic destination — how do you determine if and when this event will occur? Are you a prophet of your own destiny? Or are you too intimately involved to clearly see your own future? Does the present moment foreshadow future events? And if the only real moment is the present then the future must be contained within it.

So how do you sit here today and determine what your future holds? We will say this, the universe always responds in the most expedient and appropriate manner for that which you desire. The factors involved is how compatible is your current reality to nurture the seeds of your future desires. There must be a place in your present moment that holds that which you desire in your future. The seed must be present. The seed must be nurtured. The seed must be protected.
To see the realization of your goals create the seed in your present day.
That is the foundation from which your future springs forth. Make a place in you current day for that which you desire. Make a place in your current thoughts and desires. The time period between the thought and the manifestation […]

April 14th, 2010|Creation, Physicality|

Be Mindful of Separation

You live in an era where the individual is touted as the supreme authority in one’s life. Individuals vie for positions of power, control and authority. In fact, the individual has become so important that one person can have an affect on an entire community, society, culture or country. If an individual does not like a song or a prayer, their rights must be protected disregarding all others’ opinions.
The individual has become adversarial in our society.
Yet, in this time of human rights, individual expression, and the right to follow the beat of “your own drum,” more people than ever before are unhappy with their lot in life, insecure in the fortress of individuality they have built around themselves to protect them from the enemy—the other.

The spirit of community in your current society is seen as an optional adventure into interaction with others. To belong to a country, a society or a culture is determined by how much that structure can assist the individual. The pendulum has swung from a time of societal tyranny and control to individual anarchy and dominance.
The point of human rights, individualized expression, and its relationship to the community’s well being has been lost.
Yet when one fully understands […]

March 24th, 2010|Physicality|

The Anchor

As humanity experiences the upcoming dimensional shift and its effects on Consciousness, there can be a distortion in an individual’s perceptions of themselves, others and their world. Differences become exaggerated and commonalities become intensified. Consciousness can become more of a knee-jerk reaction than a purposeful focus and choice. Governments, philosophies and religions are undergoing a transitional period greater than anyone on this plane of existence has experienced since the last changing of the age.
Just as you are aware that scientific understanding is geometrically expanding, the same is true of human Consciousness—it is geometrically expanding. This ever-increasing awareness is exponentially changing one’s reality and, therefore, perception.
This is not an inappropriate process. Chaos is a cousin to creation and a necessary aspect for humanity, your world and your universe to move forward in an every-spiraling expansion of itself. Yet, it is necessary and appropriate if one is to ride these waves of change to be anchored in order not to be tossed and turned, and slammed into old paradigms of thought and set adrift in waters of new realities.

To what then does one anchor one’s self? An anchor seeks a stable point unaffected by the turbulent waters of change that beat […]

March 14th, 2010|Awakening|

The Continuity of Creation

From the fires of inspiration and the chaos of conceptualization, all the universes of all dimensions were created. Creation is eternal and infinite and not isolated to one time or place. It is an energetic dance of dynamic forces in a perfect cycle of chaos. Creation cannot be fully comprehended and is ever evolving. In humanity’s myopic vision of the universe, it is able to comprehend physically, emotionally and even intellectually one small fraction of what creation truly means.
Yet in the immensity of the concept of creation is the reality that each soul participates in a dynamic and directive way in the creative forces of the source of All That Is.
Creation is not predictable. Creation is ever evolving. Creation is difficult to understand because that which is being created already exists in the potentiality of All That Is. And immediately upon its being created it wishes to return to the Source that birthed it.

To fully understand creation, one must not see it simply as cause and effect, a Source and an outcome, from the ethereal to the physical—that would be limiting. It is as creative for thought to be propelled into existence as that which exists to be propelled […]

February 25th, 2010|Creation, Energy, Universe|

Glass Ceiling of Consciousness

Do not create a glass ceiling of consciousness. Do not limit that which you can attain. You are the master of your spiritual house, not the servant, and the crumbs that fall from the table are not yours to consume.

Spirituality and the attainment of its attributes are a powerful process for humanity. When the door to spiritual awareness is ajar and the light of a new consciousness is emerging into the darkness of the human mind, one can become overwhelmed. Do not allow the evidence of spiritual presence to limit your goals of understanding.

We speak this because the marvels and wonders of a new dimension are emerging upon this plane of existence and one can even become distracted by the evidence of that fact. Any portion of spiritual awakening is full of wonder and mystery and one holds tightly onto that which they have attained.
Humanity can become distracted with new spiritual information.
Spiritual awarenesses are stepping stones to yet greater insight. Be open and willing to expand, to allow yourself to reach beyond your conscious awareness to the outer edges of spiritual awakening, to the realms which you have not yet perceived.

We have spoken in the past that awakening is […]

February 9th, 2010|Metaphysical|


Let us discuss the concept of individuality. It would only take a cursory glance at the universe, its individual stars, or your world with a meadow filled with individual flowers to quickly understand that the concept of individuality is not an aberrant concept to be avoided or extinguished from the creation. Individuality is the unique expression of the integration of Physicality and Consciousness.

The flowers of the field know they are individual; yet, they are uniquely joined to each other. They know they come from one source. The stars of the universe know they do not stand alone, that they are forever interdependent with each other. Individuality is the unique expression of perception. Is the concept of individuality a stumbling block in understanding Oneness? The problem is not individuality but separateness. Humanity fortresses itself in separateness, rather than celebrating the expression of individuality. Your world is full of examples of how individual expressions of a thing when combined with others creates beauty in your world. Individuality is truth and power; separation is illusion and weakness.

Individuality does not exclude the concept of the Oneness of All That Is. The value of the grain of sand in the desert or the drop […]

February 1st, 2010|Awakening, Spirituality, Universe|

Haiti in Perspective

We are indeed aware of the turbulent and catastrophic outcome from earth’s changes. Indeed, the energetic vibrations upon the planet are shifting, creating unique, unseen, immensely powerful forces, be it upon the spiritual nature of humanity, upon the human psyche, or upon the very planet on which you stand.
Whenever any catastrophic event occurs, just as the earthquakes radiate out in concentric circles of waves of energy, the same occurs emotionally, energetically and psychically.
Even before modern communication catastrophic events were felt across the planet. With the emergence of virtually instantaneously reporting of events, the effects of that which we have spoken have only increased because now the conscious level of the mind also participates in the event. Vivid images and sounds are added to the already vibrational disruption that has occurred because of the event.

What this event represents for humanity is an open book test, an opportunity to observe the planetary responses, the individual reactions to a catastrophic event—both the good and the bad. Where the best of humanity is brought forth and the worst, those moments of heroism and cowardice, of courage and confusion. The recent events, Katrina, the Indonesian Tsunami and this event are indicators not only of […]

January 18th, 2010|All That Is, Empowerment, Love, Metaphysical, Spirituality|


Anniversaries, holidays, birthdays, family reunions, graduations, births and deaths are mileposts for humanity. They are a time to step back and review a life’s journey. One has often been instructed to not live in the past, not to dwell there.
So what is the benefit of remembering or reviewing the past? The value is that it gives you perspective in understanding your present.
Humanity, in its often myopic view of its existence, fails to look at the greater perspective. It is true on any journey, whether it is one’s life or actual physical travels, one can only be in the present, or the now. Yet, if it wasn’t for the miles behind you or the days you have experienced, would you be at this present place?

The new year is a cause to review the past, acknowledge the present and hope for the future. Past performances are predictors of future behavior and trends. Mileposts not only offer humanity the opportunity to review one’s life but they offers hope for a “brighter future” and a resolve for change.
Life and death, days and nights, past and future will disappear when humanity awakens to a reality in which they fully understand and are able to […]

January 12th, 2010|Metaphysical, Physicality, Spirituality|

The Keys to the Kingdom

The spiritual process has somewhat befuddled humanity in its struggles to express fully the Consciousness of All That Is in physical form. Consciousness must be able to lift itself out of forgetfulness for otherwise it would always be vulnerable to the seemingly unknown.
That is humanity’s challenge—to remember.
Humanity lives in a back closet of a palace of kings. Humanity hears only a single instrument of a full orchestra. Humanity sees in two-dimensional black and white rather than 3-dimensional color—so myopically does it view itself. Your physical form is simply one aspect of a greater being. You, as a species, exist upon this planet by the grace and the pleasure of those who live here. You truly are a visitor. You accepted the task as you traveled the galaxies and came upon this blue and white gem of a planet as a base of operation. It is your contribution to Consciousness to be expressive of the sum total of all kingdoms upon this planet.

When you stand before, figuratively speaking, the Consciousness of All That Is, will you have been a good ambassador? There is not a square centimeter on the face of this earth that is not holy and when you […]

January 5th, 2010|All That Is, Awakening, Empowerment, Metaphysical, Spirituality|

Community of Consciousness

There is great wisdom and understanding to be gained by understanding your participation in the community of Consciousness. When you understand your contribution as well as its effect on individual lives, you are better able to maneuver this physical plane of existence, more able to accomplish goals both secular and spiritual. When you are connected to the collective consciousness, not only of humanity but of the realms, you are better prepared for the challenges of life and the ease of mastery. You are well aware that the physical plane of existence has many challenges at this time, and that the collective consciousness of humanity varies greatly from moment to moment.
Perhaps the Community of Consciousness can be seen as a double-edged sword.
Soaring one moment into spiritual heights, and then plummeting the next into the depths of the human condition. A roller coaster ride in consciousness from hope and peace to fear and anxiety. One may feel trapped, strapped on this ride, condemned to a circle of ups and downs from which they cannot escape.

Yet the collective consciousness holds the truth, the wisdom, the understanding, the peace and the perception to attain all things. The collective consciousness of All That Is has varying degrees of […]

January 1st, 2010|Consciousness, Enlightenment|

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