The spiritual process has somewhat befuddled humanity in its struggles to express fully the Consciousness of All That Is in physical form. Consciousness must be able to lift itself out of forgetfulness for otherwise it would always be vulnerable to the seemingly unknown.

That is humanity’s challenge—to remember.

Humanity lives in a back closet of a palace of kings. Humanity hears only a single instrument of a full orchestra. Humanity sees in two-dimensional black and white rather than 3-dimensional color—so myopically does it view itself. Your physical form is simply one aspect of a greater being. You, as a species, exist upon this planet by the grace and the pleasure of those who live here. You truly are a visitor. You accepted the task as you traveled the galaxies and came upon this blue and white gem of a planet as a base of operation. It is your contribution to Consciousness to be expressive of the sum total of all kingdoms upon this planet.

When you stand before, figuratively speaking, the Consciousness of All That Is, will you have been a good ambassador? There is not a square centimeter on the face of this earth that is not holy and when you honor that, when you acknowledge that in humility; the earth will dance beneath your feet, the birds of the air will bring you food, you will walk upon the waters, animals will come and lie at your feet. And that overflows to all on this planet, your fellow human beings, to be the best expression of divinity that you can be.

You have been given the keys to the kingdom.

When you are truly one with another individual, you can heal them. You cannot trespass upon that which is yourself, for when you meet in that place of Consciousness, you are all One. You are the sum total of All That Is and without that you do not exist. If you are the sum total of All That Is and you diminish your connection through hate, fear, anger, deceit, you therefore limit your own expression . Everything that exists waits to give itself to you in service.

Every being of limountainsght, everything that exists is within. You are the expression of All That Is and you exist because of All That Is. And the power of it is that All That Is cannot exist without you. That’s the power. You are that expression, that intricately, entwined Oneness.

Creation needs you and you need creation, without that interaction there would be no Consciousness.

Nothing can separate you from being aware of your Oneness with All That Is. You have been given an honor, that expression of support for your physical, being from everything that exists.

Let go and become One.

Let go and allow yourself to become the expression of that which has been bestowed upon you. Love everything you touch, everything you see, for it has granted you existence. Everything is yours to behold.