Anniversaries, holidays, birthdays, family reunions, graduations, births and deaths are mileposts for humanity. They are a time to step back and review a life’s journey. One has often been instructed to not live in the past, not to dwell there.

So what is the benefit of remembering or reviewing the past? The value is that it gives you perspective in understanding your present.

Humanity, in its often myopic view of its existence, fails to look at the greater perspective. It is true on any journey, whether it is one’s life or actual physical travels, one can only be in the present, or the now. Yet, if it wasn’t for the miles behind you or the days you have experienced, would you be at this present place?

The new year is a cause to review the past, acknowledge the present and hope for the future. Past performances are predictors of future behavior and trends. Mileposts not only offer humanity the opportunity to review one’s life but they offers hope for a “brighter future” and a resolve for change.

Life and death, days and nights, past and future will disappear when humanity awakens to a reality in which they fully understand and are able to observe all of their experiences in the present moment.

When humanity gathers its past and future, like a mother hen gathers her chicks under her wings of the present, will humanity no longer need stopping points, resting points and observing points along life’s journey. Until then, without these stopping points, humanity would lose hope, faith, and strength. Humanity needs a beginning and humanity needs an end. That is why you live in a temporal world. Nothing in your physical existence is infinite. As painful as death may seem, it is a gift until humanity is able to stand upon its own presence to offer peace and hope.

So as time marches on, as you review the past of your life and hope for its future, gather the chicks of your experience under the wings of your present moment. Therein lies the answer to infinity and eternity.


Celebrate the moments of your life for they are the droplets of experience that create the masterpiece of one’s life.

When all of your life is gathered into the present, nothing can harm you, nothing can hurt you; for just as when as all color is merged, it creates white. When all experiences are merged, it can only create light. That is why God, Consciousness and love is light. Light is the result of the merging of all things.

Dance the days of your life upon the stairs of conscious awareness. Bless the past, gracefully acknowledge it, bring it in to the bosom of your soul and all will be well in your world.