In the infinite understanding of creation, there are no limits, no boundaries to one’s conscious awareness. You have been instructed that time and space do not exist in the realms beyond the physical planes of existence and that all is eternal and all is infinite. As a result, there is but one place where one can dwell in and that is the now and the here.

What does it mean to eternally exist in the present moment?

Is it all encompassing of all experiences? Or is it like stopping a DVD in the middle of a movie? How does one orient themselves in a temporal plane of existence when they are being instructed that they are eternal beings?

Is it simply words to exist in the now? Are you being asked not to look backward or forward but to focus all of your attention, all of your presence, in the “immediate frame” of existence of your life? Does “now” move through time? Truly, does your future become your present? And what then of your past? If all is now, what is the validity of cause and effect or are we pre-destined to a script already written?

You have been instructed that your present moment creates your future and your past no longer exists. Is the now omnipresent and omnipotent, or is it like a single day in a lifetime? Is the now active or passive? Is it an element of your existence which you command or are you confined to it?

Let us attempt to explain the power and the potential of the now. We would like to use the study of kinesiology to explain. As most who read this are aware, in testing one’s strength the subject is stronger when thinking current thoughts or having positive attitudes. The now, be it in the temporal or ethereal realms, is the only place where any of us exist.

rimwThe value of the here and now is that it is the cross hairs of your point of perception.

The now is, indeed, the only place that you exist. It is the environment in which all potentiality, all power exists. When one accepts and acknowledges their present moment they are empowered to create change. Indeed, the now is omnipotent for therein lies the only place of power. And yes, it is omnipresent because when you explore the past or present it is done from the now.

The now and the here, the cross hairs of perception, pervade all aspects of time and space. They are eternal constructs because they cannot be escaped. We defy you to try to exist other than in the now and the here. The eternal now, the infinite here, are foundational aspects of existence. They are personal, powerful perception of God. It is in that sharing of the common attribute of consciousness, the here and the now, that you participate in the creative force and source of the universe. In that eternal now and infinite here you are participatory in The One Mind and The One Thought of the creative expression of divinity.

You are in dominion of the now. You are in dominion of the here. And when you heal this moment, past experiences are healed and future events are transformed. The eternal now is not an inactive state; it is a present action in a current moment. It is expressive of the creative mind within each who participate.

It is your moment to exist. There is no error in the conceptualization of temporal time. It is a fact. The very universe works on a clockwork of existence. The error is that humanity has a tendency to leave the present moment or the present place in pursuit of what they desire to create. Nothing could be further from the truth or more disempowering. As stated, you will never exist anyplace other than the now, but in the now you exist every place else.

In the now, you command your existence. In the here, you have the power and potential to create your reality.

timeYour temporal here and your temporal now is a shared experience with the realms of eternity and infinity. The only difference between those two dimensions is that in the ethereal plane of existence there is no longer a desire or intent to step outside one’s present moment or place.

Early on in our instruction to you when we offered to share with you a definition of the concept of divinity, we began by speaking of your point of orientation, your here and now. Your participation and your expression in the here and the now is evidence that you share attributes with the divine. In essence, to seek to escape your now or here is to run from your own aspects of divinity.

There is not some boundary or dividing line between that which is physical and that which is spiritual.

Both realms are imbued with aspects of each other. They are intermingled. It is your task and your destiny to integrate them. They are not in opposition but rather complementary.

As you approach the shift in consciousness, be most astute and observant that you will find hints of your future in your present moment for it cannot be otherwise. Celebrate your day. Celebrate your dimension. Celebrate your divinity.