The elderly, as with every living thing, need to be nurtured, cared for and loved—within such an effort they find their strength. There are studies of children who fail to thrive because of the lack of nurturing. Do you think it is any different for people of all ages, especially the elderly? The natural progression, when one is not nurtured or cared for, is to become disconnected and unfocused in one’s environment, often times beginning the transitional steps from this plane to the next.

A failure of many modern societies is to not honor the elderly.

With age there comes wisdom of years and wisdom in understanding the journey that lies ahead. Each and every phase of human existence is intentional, purposeful and meaningful. How humanity has interpreted them is an aberration of the original plan of physical existence. When an individual is seen as more than their physical form, chronological age or their ability to contribute to society, humanity will more fully understand the phases of life.

Is it any less honorable to be the seed that sprouts or the leaf that falls to the ground to nourish it?

This is the grand cycle of physical existence and both are necessary. So be it the child that is the sprout or the elderly that is the leaf about to fall from the tree, all have value. For the fragrance of the blossom of consciousness is never lost and the sweetness of the fruit that falls to the ground never dissipates in the realms of the consciousness of God.

Life, existence, and the universe in which you dwell, although a cyclical movement, is a spiral rather than an enclosed circle that is ever expanding from each life lived. So every sprout of humanity that is born and every leaf that falls propels that spiral upward and closer to the creator. Every living being leaves its mark on the consciousness of All That Is and the consciousness of All That Is is better for it.

Every living thing, be it a fox or a fern, adds to and raises up the consciousness of God.

Dear ones, you are the gardener that tills the ground, plants the seed, nurtures the sprouts and harvests the fruit through the phases of your physical life. Perhaps in this discussion we have given you new meaning to the garden of Eden for existence is a garden that bears a rich harvest of consciousness.