As we have instructed in the past, all that exists is intricately connected with each other. That creation itself and the creator are one. Your physical expression and the planet are born from the same source. Your consciousness is one with the creative Consciousness of All That Is. A simple degree of conscious awareness is all that separates you from a personal, powerful, presence of your infinite and eternal existence in your life.

What is a degree in consciousness? What is meant by a degree of separation?

A circle when segmented can be measured in degrees. Temperature is measured by a different concept of degrees. Even in your society, you speak of the degrees of separation of all individuals upon the planet. Degrees of separation are defined measurements to determine one’s position or attributes in relationship to the whole. How much of the piece of the pie has been cut? How warm or cold something is in relationship to the measurement of temperature. The degree of separation between people on your planet is the number of individuals it takes to be connected to anyone.

When we speak of one degree of conscious separation, we are firstly stating that there is nothing that stands between you as a physical expression, an independent soul and the divine consciousness and infinite expression of existence that you are. The other operative word here is consciousness. One degree in conscious separation, no arbitrary boundary or barrier set by some infinite mind to keep you, subservient and separate from the creative force of All That Is but humanity’s self imposed perception of who they are.

So how does one understand and eliminate a degree of conscious separation?

0000brightHow does one determine their position to the greater whole? If you were standing upon a mountaintop purveying your environment, you could turn 360 degrees around and see the entirety. You could focus upon an object far below and turn one-step to the right or left, still focusing straight ahead. Perhaps in your peripheral view you could see the object but you could focus elsewhere. That is the best analogy. Divinity is in the peripheral view of your consciousness. It is present; you are aware of it but not focused upon it.

As the coming age arrives, divinity moves from the peripheral view of your focus into direct alignment with where you are looking.

What we are saying is even if you didn’t change your focus, Consciousness is permeating your view and, therefore, creating a shift in what you perceive and how you comprehend it.

Perhaps another analogy is that you are working on something, perhaps fixing a piece of plumbing or on your vehicle and someone is holding a flashlight for you. But they are not quite aimed where you attention and action is focused. The area is somewhat lit but it is only when you instruct them to redirect the light towards the area of your attention does the area become illuminated. The same is true with divinity. Ask, invite divinity to shine its light upon your focus and your consciousness.

Perhaps that seems a little backwards for you have been instructed to remove your attention from the physical world and redirect them to the spiritual. Yet in the changing of the age it is not that you escape to divinity but rather that divinity, Consciousness, is integrated into the physical plane of existence. We want what you are physically focused upon to be filled with the light of divinity. For as the goal has always been is to transform physicality, not escape from it.

When you descended into the physical plane of existence from a plane of spiritual awareness it was not the intent upon your return back to be empty handed. But as you climbed “Jacob’s Ladder” back into the awareness of God, you brought the world with you.

The changing of the age is not simply a return to consciousness but rather an integration of consciousness into creation.

0000planetSo how does one eliminate the degree of conscious separation? By holding your focus upon that which you physically wish to express and call forth the light of divine consciousness to illuminate your actions, your thoughts and your environment.

We have taught in the past, All That Is created seeks to return to that which created it. And you are the vehicle for the physical plane of existence to return consciously to the creative force that birthed it. That is your destiny.

Seek to bring the perfect expression of consciousness into physical form by not fleeing your world but transforming it. For you have been made sacred by this journey and the planet holy by your presence.

We are complete on this concept.