A thoughtful invitation to move beyond limitation.

Come with us; for, we whisper to you from beyond the veil of understanding and the light of awareness. We call to you to come. We invite you to reside in this place. We grant to you an emergence of awareness and well-being that you possess–that which is unseen. In the light of awareness and the words of wisdom, the boundaries and barriers of limitation disappear. We are ever present and you are ever here in a realm beyond limitation or boundaries.

We step forth into your environment as we have invited you into ours, and we merge into one grand conscious existence. There no longer is separation. There is no longer a limitation to understanding and conscious awareness. Acknowledge the merger of the minds of consciousness. Surrender into the perception of paradise, and declare that all is well upon your world. Insightful understandings, wise concepts of action, intuitive light of guidance allows you to maneuver a complex physical creation. Where there is darkness, you are light, and where you are there can be no darkness. There is peace where you are, and where peace is, there you are.

In a chaotic and confusing world, you are all-powerful, enlightening the minds of those who you encounter, and hold vigilant to guarding the truth of your beings. You are the master of your domain yet dominant over none. You are the creator of your creation and all that you perceive is one.

Grace upon the pathways and light upon your journey. Behold we step into your world and you walk into ours. Infinite horizons, endless boundaries encompass you in the creation of love and light in which you dwell. Step with us, your soul, your infinite expression and your destiny into a perfect paradise of one.

We have merged with your existence and you with our consciousness; and in that venture, creation is renewed.