Close Encounters of the Universal Kind

Some who read these words maybe familiar with the term “close encounters” as it refers to extra-terrestrial contact from sightings (an encounter of the first kind) to actual alien contact (the third kind).

Now we are well aware of the myriad of sentient species at varying stages of development scattered throughout your galaxy; yet, what we wish to speak of here is fourth dimensional (spiritual) encounters rather than third dimensional contact from your neighbors in your area of the universe.

So our conversation is of “angels,” not aliens, to create a distinction.

The holy writings of virtually all religious persuasions speak of encounters with etheric beings, prophets and the diety itself. Angels have been portrayed as everything from messengers to mercenaries on behalf of God. Ancient images portray celestial contact, and circles are recently mysteriously appearing in fields. There are prophecies of an end time filled with etheric beings engaged in spiritual warfare, humanity being whisked away into the clouds and the dead rising from the grave.

Obviously there is ample evidence that something is about to happen. Our intent is to help put the events in perspective. We believe the place to begin, and perhaps more difficult to accept, is that:

There is no place called heaven and there are no angels—only varying degrees of consciousness in an overlay of holographic realities occupying the same universe.

It is all here and all now. A species develops and transcends the dimensional grid to a higher level of consciousness. This is what is occurring in the emergence of consciousness on your planet. Humanity is about to cross the threshold of consciousness into a new dimension. The impact of humanity’s existence would be equivalent to living in a two-dimensional picture and suddenly experiencing a three-dimensional reality.

Some assistance is necessary for humanity to adjust to its new environment and that is where the close encounters will occur. The universal consciousness is always in service to itself. What has been seen as “angelic” will be understood as another form of physical expression on a higher level of consciousness.

What you are about to experience may seem like a divine encounter—and it is—but not separate from yourself.

There is a vast armada in assistance to humanity’s awakening that will become evident as consciousness shifts at the changing of the age, making your life a continual close encounter of the universal kind.