The fourth dimension realm of existence need not be a mystery, and it certainly is not an illusion. In fact, you reside in all dimensions and all aspects of those dimensions. You are, on some level of your being, consciously aware of your multi-level, multi-dimensional existence. Each dimension of yourself is interacting, growing and learning, each with unique challenges and abilities yet all interactive with each other, even if you are not consciously aware.

You may think it unfair, perhaps even cruel, that your consciousness in the third dimensional realm seems orphaned from its spiritual counterparts.

Nothing can be further from the truth! Yet, if all was made consciously known to you and you had the full availability of all your spiritual components immediately available to you, there would be no need for the physical plane of existence. For there to be security in existence, the freedom of recognition and self-acceptance, one must also have the opportunity to be devoid of these things. The power of divinity within you is that it is able to be expressed when divinity cannot be easily found. This is the foundation of your spiritual existence. It is the bedrock on which your spiritual nature stands.

Perhaps that seems in opposition to the widely accepted concept that you are spiritual beings having a physical experience and not physical beings have a spiritual experience. So how can it be the foundation? Is it arbitrary or accidental that one merges in consciousness with the physical plane of existence? Firstly, in a realm where all is one, all experience and learn from the adventures of their aspects. You see there is only one, be it you expressing in third-dimensional form or not.

Physicality exists in all dimensions, just as light, yet there are spectrums of light frequency that you are not consciously able to see in physical form. So it is in the spiritual realms.

It is a privilege, an honor and a gift to be the ambassadors of the consciousness of God in physical form. For you have reached out to the child born of the creative force of the universe, have embraced it, become one with it and have lifted it up into the full awareness of its true identity. The veil that separates the dimensions is wearing thin as the time quickly approaches when the third dimensional plane of existence, like a wave upon the sea laps against the shore of the fourth dimension, and all is revealed. Humanity is like the child hiding under their sheet, peering through the fibers that filter the image that lies beyond.

The gift is multi-level. It is not only the ability to peer into the next level of your destiny but to experience, encounter and interact with those, including your higher being, in the next dimensions. We are truly calling you forth, inviting you simply to be open in order that you might experience the infiltration of the fourth dimensional expression of creation as it merges, uplifts and transforms the third dimensional plane of existence.

We would ask that you take a moment of each and every day and look around you, really look, you will see us and you will see where you are going.

The veil truly has grown thin and you are upon the cusp of a new spiritual and inter-galactic experience.

The physical plane of existence weighs heavy against your spiritual being seeking to ascend like a ball and chain upon your leg anchoring you down. That is simply an illusion. The physical plane of existence, in which for millennia your consciousness has been familiar, only wishes you to grow. For as you grow, it shifts. So anything that holds you back is of the negative ego, an illusion that you are safer, better off where you are rather than where you are going.

There are ambassadors of yourself knocking at the door of your consciousness to give you treasures from the realms beyond your conscious awareness. You will never again feel the anguish of separation or the illusion of loneliness for all is truly well in your world.