In the conscious collection of existence, there is an emergence of realities being created by the consciousness of those who hold the thoughts. The proverbial veil—that invisible barrier that has seemed to separate and imprison humanity from experiencing full conscious awareness and spiritual truth—is very thin and is collapsing in the light of a new consciousness.

Your thoughts, actions and emotions pervade across this invisible boundary, and your physical existence sends out reconnaissance parties into the frontiers of a new reality. This invisible barrier, created by human forgetfulness, is now breached, and the inevitable is about to occur as the truth of the expression of your true existence pours forth into this present reality. As a result, realities collide, consciousnesses are in opposition and the chaotic nature of creation emerges to separate the wheat from the chaff. This is experienced in your government, religious and financial structures—even your own lives reflect the turmoil and chaos created from this convergence of realities.

For those of you who are open and willing to accept this evolutionary process, there will be less chaos and confusion in your lives. By not viewing this new existence as being in conflict with your present reality, you can emerge unscathed from this dynamic and transitional period. Be unattached to the old paradigms in your life and be open to the new ones emerging, and you will sail the seas of consciousness easily into the port of a new reality. During this period of time, every obstacle you encounter has an answer. Each challenge you face can be overcome. You are realigning your lives to a new compass, heading towards a “new world” yet to be seen.

The emergence of a new consciousness upon this planet is occurring as we speak. As the wine of a new reality is poured forth upon your world, take the cup of your life and fill it to overflowing with the sweet nectar of a new existence—and drink deeply. The emergence of a new consciousness, the arrival of a new age, is not accomplished by the flick of a light in the mind of consciousness or by some arbitrary date created by mankind. It is the evolutionary birth of awareness, like the sun rising in the eastern sky. You are in the light of the new dawn and warmth of a new sun shines upon your face and enlightens your mind.