Even the very expression of this concept excites the universe. The one perfect thought contains within its very expression the truth of all existence. Thought, a powerful vehicle of Consciousness, is a defining of energy and the impetus for universes. A single thought projected with the pristine awareness of the infinite creative aspects of Consciousness always manifests.

The perfect thought has been called many things but by whatever name, it is the name of God. Yet not a God out there living in a higher hierarchical society, alienated from its creation.

The name of God is your name: I AM is the perfect thought for within that concept lies the seed of all creation, all things are made manifest by that realization. I AM encompasses all that exists.

It is music to the soul and the song of the universe. When one acknowledges oneself, when they declare their existence, they merge with all creation and become one with it. I AM is your declaration. I AM is your potential and your possibility for perfection and paradise. That you can comprehend that you exist is a declaration that you share the Consciousness of God. Divinity is as close to you as that thought and is spoken with the voice of God and the knowledge of your soul. Self-realization, self-awareness, self-acceptance are the handmaidens of the manifestation of your existence. I AM is the key and the portal into another realm. There is nothing in your reality except I AM and that is not a cloistered cage of Consciousness but an infinite journey of eternal expressions of your being. Your self-expression is a journey, hand-in-hand, heart-in heart, mind-in-mind with all other expressions of yourself. The concept of I AM is your window into existence. It is the only expression of existence you will ever have or ever need. And at the pinnacle of that Consciousness all is merged into one and the great I AM of the universe, the voice of God, rains down upon its creation in an infinite and intimate awareness that all that it perceives is children of its own self-expression.

You are journeying back to that all encompassing expression of existence. The perfect, precious thought, the one thought of The One Mind expressed in The One Soul is the awakening process of humanity is that ever-expanding expression of I AM.

roseYou have been instructed, advised and taught that you are one with All That Is, and, indeed, that is true and most expedient to look upon a thing and declare your oneness with it by stating, “I am the flower. I am the tree. I am the universe.” And as you become adept you can even declare that you are one with another person though at the moment that may seem frightening to the negative ego consciousness. I am my spouse. I am my brother. I am my sister. You will not lose your identity, you will rather expand it. You will break through the bonds of separation and merge into a world of understanding, compassion, and love.

Be unafraid to break through the illusion of separation for remember whenever you integrate anything into yourself, you cannot be in conflict with it.

Conflict comes from alienation and separation. Declare the one you love most, or the one you dislike the most that you are them. I am John or Joe or Mary or Susan and the illusion of separateness will disappear and the bond of love will be reestablished. That is the true expression of love. Everything you encounter as pleasant or distasteful as the divine or evil, if you declare I am sad, happy, and mad you then are empowered to change it. I am has been seen and is, indeed, an affirmation and one might perceive that to affirm something they do not desire would be disadvantageous yet the reality and the truth, if it is in your reality it is you. And by honoring and accepting that aspect of yourself you are then able to incorporate it into the I AM of your being. For in the I AM, the perfect thought, there could only be love. Hate, anger, manipulation, control and deceit cannot enter there.

Go about your days consuming in Consciousness the world about you. Devour that which you desire and allow the gentle progression of Consciousness to guide you to when you can look upon your enemy in love and state in grace, I AM. I am is a cleansing, purifying, forgiving thought that heals all wounds and binds one’s consciousness to their creation.

Perhaps a little further understanding.

When something is seen outside yourself and you declare I AM, you are integrating it to be healed.

I I AMam unloving. I am deceitful. I am angry. Bring it to the only place where it can be healed for if you see it, you are it. And if it remains outside yourself you are unable to heal it. I AM is the thought that creates surrender. I am the thought that creates dominion. I am is the acknowledgment that surrender and dominion is possible. There is only One Mind and it is you. There is only One Thought and that is I AM. And there is only One Soul. The One is the most expansive concept in all existence. The negative ego consciousness would like for you to see it as a prison. We wish for you to see it as paradise for there you return to the garden and God walks amidst its creation. I am and all is well in my world.