Consciousness, like a compass, guides the traveler towards their destination. In the physical plane of existence, one is familiar with distance, time, direction in moving towards a predetermined goal. In the fourth dimensional realms, there are also parameters of orientation that assist the spiritual traveler towards the predetermined goals of Consciousness they wish to obtain.

In the physical plane, one has come through experience, trial and error to learn to maneuver towards their destination and around obstacles that might be in their way. In the spiritual realms, the traveler must also learn the points of orientation that guides them towards their goal.

What is a degree in consciousness? Is it simply an intriguing phrase or does it truly have substantial meaning to assist individuals on their journey to enlightenment? Is the human mind simply out-of-focus and therefore misses the opportunities to observe spiritual guidance? Or is it more complex than that?

To understand the degree in Consciousness, one must be clear in what Consciousness means. Consciousness is the intelligent orientation of one’s existence. Think about that for a moment. Why is a being sentient? Why do we refer to the creator or the source as Consciousness and you as Consciousness incarnate? Sentient life is capable of self-observation for the purpose of orientation. When one is able to determine their point of existence, they are sentient. The creator is Consciousness since its orientation is All That Is.

degree of separationTherefore, the pathway to Consciousness is one’s own point of orientation. It is more obvious in the physical plane of existence to determine your locale–with sophisticated technological advances it is possible to determine your exact longitude and latitude.

In the spiritual realm, what is the measure in which to determine your locale and what is the landscape upon which it is projected? Consciousness as indicated in the past is the integration of Beingness and Physicality. The longitudinal and latitudinal lines in the spiritual realms are Beingness and Physicality. Just as in the physical plane the intersection of two locators indicate one’s position, in the spiritual realm, the intersection of Beingness and Physicality indicate one’s spiritual location on the spiritual grid to enlightenment.

Just as in the physical plane of existence there must be a triangulation of three known points to determine one’s location; the same is true in spiritual realms, the triangulation of Consciousness, Physicality and Beingness.

Enlightenment is but a degree of separation and the traveler’s success in the journey is based upon one’s orientation in the journey. The sailor on the sea finds their position upon the earth by the triangulation of the stars. The spiritual journeyer finds their position on the sea of enlightenment by the triangulation of consciousness and their Beingness.

This is a complex topic and one that will need deeper exploration but we would wish for those who read this concept to contemplate this analogy. Physicality is determined by Consciousness and Beingness rather than Consciousness and Beingness being determined by Physicality. Physicality is the projection of the existence of Consciousness and your interaction with your Beingness created from that Consciousness.

So often both in worldly activities and spiritual pursuits, the traveler seeks to adjust their consciousness and who they are, their Beingness, by physical activity and endeavors. Rather Physicality is the result rather than the source of the interaction between Consciousness and Beingness. Physicality is a reflection and the result of who you are, consciousness, and where you dwell, Beingness. You change your world by interaction and understanding your relationship and your position to Consciousness and that will determine your physical expression. One may wish to create changes in their life, we will eat better, we will exercise, we will pursue spiritual enlightenment, we will be kinder, we will be more loving, more prosperous or healthy, but that physical change occurs because of a re-orientation, a degree in Consciousness in one’s relationship to being.

The same is true on the spiritual realms. On the road to enlightenment, understand that all your meditations, spiritual insight, wisdom and understanding comes not from the journey but from the “stars” of consciousness and Beingness. As Physicality is the projection of Consciousness degree of separationand Beingness, enlightenment is the projection of Consciousness and Beingness in the spiritual realms. For there to be a point of orientation in no matter what realm, there must be a stable point, unchangeable and immutable otherwise one would be adrift upon the seas without orientation. The unchangeable factor no matter what realm you are traveling is Consciousness. Consciousness is your rock. Consciousness is your North Star. Consciousness is your lighthouse to guide you on your journey. And how you position your Beingness to that Consciousness determines your position to your physical and enlightenment. That is the secret and answer.

A degree in consciousness is determined in your inter-relationship between Consciousness, which you are, and Beingness, where you dwell. Physicality and enlightenment may be where you live, it is not who you are. Physicality and enlightenment is the reflection in the mirror of your Beingness illuminated by your Consciousness. Such is Consciousness. Such is Beingness.