Do you think you are alone? Do you perceive you face trials and tribulations alone? We are always in assistance for your highest good.

Humanity has many frailties, self judgement being among them. In that judgement you eliminate the awareness that you are assisted.

Nothing in this plane of existence can shatter that alliance with the One Soul. Cast aside your doubts and fears. Allow yourself to move into the light of a new day. Where you reside, there is only One Power, One Truth, One Soul. Feel its presence. You are always attended to, always cared for.

There has never been a separation from the One Mind and the One Thought, and we are seeking to assist you in the conscious integration and access to that One Soul.

It is in that place that you travel the universe. It is in that place that you ascend. You become one with your aspect of the Ages, that part of you that stands by your side.

Our only caution to you is to be patient, allow the process to occur, do not rush the aging of a fine wine, and allow the leaven to rise in the bread. The only time clock is eternity; allow it to occur. In this place you will find us. In this place you will know oneness. In this place you are never alone.

We assist you daily and for always, do not forget that we always actively participate in your wellbeing.