Have you ever just stopped and pondered why you exist? How you came to be? Your consciousness, a window into a reality created by you, the eternal questions of “how did it begin” and “how will it end?”

Humanity lives within the thought that there is some source or force beyond their awareness that they have labeled “God.”

It is like a child playing in its room, aware that their parents are in the house, yet immediately unseen. So it is with you. There is an awareness that there are others in the “house” unseen; yet, even that awareness does not answer the question of existence. For if there is a God, who created it? Can something have no beginning and no end? The veil seems tightly shut against the answers. Yet today we will peek through the illusion of unknowingness and observe the truth of existence.

When you look out to the night sky and see the immenseness of the heavens above–what power, what force could have created that?

pyramidsThe easy answer is to label it “God”. The scientific explanation is the “Big Bang”. Even scientists would agree that the universe is not eternal, it had a beginning, and that in the future there will be an end. A butterfly or amoeba has a life expectancy. In a world where nothing exists forever, can one perceive that something has existed or can exist forever? When humanity encounters something, be it the pyramids or ancient mountains that have spanned the millennia of time, there is a sense of eternalness and one feels closer to the divine.

The answer is that there is one thing in all of existence upon your planet, your galaxy and your universe that has always existed: you. We are sure you would quickly question that fact.

If you always existed, how did you come to be?

Can it be possible to create oneself? It is a concept unknown upon your planet. What exists beyond the reaches of time and space? Like what lays outside the house in which the child dwells? Can God create itself? Can you?

The answer to your dilemma is not easy; for, at a conscious level you have agreed to be locked into a third dimensional plane of existence. It was the agreement of your soul for your learning and understanding. But the veil is soon to be rent as the light of an eternal dawn shines through into your world. Even if you were to see today celestial beings of light that are in participation to you, you would ask the same question and face the same dilemma–who created you? What existed before there was a universe and if you have always existed, where did you dwell? Can there truly be nothing? And if not, who created nothing?

It has been said that the glimmer of self acceptance was the impetus of all creation. And that is truth. But to have self acceptance, one must be self aware. And to be self aware one must exist.

existenceThe most accurate, conceptual imagery we can give you to begin the process of understanding eternity, is that all existence is holographic, multi-leveled, enfolded upon itself, expressed on each dimension.

We once spoke that there is not a straight line in the universe for all implodes upon itself.

Have you ever thought where the universe resides? What space and time could hold such a magnificent creation and, perhaps, an infinite creation. What lies outside the frontiers of the end of time and space? Even in your universe, scientists can detect a location at the center of the universe where the Big Bang occurred.

With all that we have said, with all the questions raised, take an about face and turn and look inside to the center of your being. And then look beyond that center to where you join with other beings, other inhabitants of other planets, other galaxies, other universes. Therein lies your answer. There consciousness resides.

But who created consciousness. For there to be consciousness, there must be a mind? What energy created it and how can it exist when consciousness is needed for both?

The holographic nature of existence is circular and, yes, dear friends, there are existences beyond that.

Your universe is housed in other dimensions. There is some truth that all of the universe exists as a paperweight on someone else’s desk. If you understand the sacredness of the circle, you would understand or have the opportunity to perceive that there can be no beginning and no end for existence is the reflection of itself upon the temple of physical existence.

The proverbial question of which came first–the chicken or the egg–is a moot point in a physical existence that is born from a source in which that concept does not exist.

You will best come to understand your existence by laying aside the concept of finite reality since your consciousness is born in a dimension where beginning and end do not exist.