These times are times of great power and volatility. More than ever before one has a responsibility to keep their focus towards their desired goals and ends. That is not something to be afraid of; yet, something to be aware of in order that you might more fully participate and be responsible for your creations through respect and understanding of the creative force within you.

More and more individuals feel victimized which we find curious in a time when victimization has no place. More than ever before there is the information, the insight and the understanding available to take responsibility for your reality.

The creative forces of your psyche are more exposed and available than ever before in human history.

We have spoken to you of the rising of the energy upon this planet. You have read various speculations and accounts of what that transition would look like. We have spoken to you of the countdown. We have discussed with you the spiritual attributes of this shift and the change in consciousness–but what does that mean?

What is occurring as your very physical body is being inundated with a higher vibrational frequency?

You know what happens when someone is inundated with radiation. You are also aware of the effects of the sun on the physical well-being of individuals now that the layers of protection have been diminished. You are being inundated and immersed now in an irresistible vibrational frequency. We say irresistible because the vibration that you experience individually is in resonance with your soul.

Times of Great Power

It is like striking a tuning fork which then causes another tuning fork to vibrate. When you find that quiet place within, you allow yourself to vibrate in resonance with the ever-increasing energy which is raising this plane of existence into the fourth dimension.

Stillness, focus, meditation and prayer allow you to access that “tuning fork” and allows it to freely vibrate.

What occurs if something is vibrating and those things around it are rigid, solid and unmovable? They will begin to crumble and break. Those areas of your life that are seemingly in chaos or out of balance is where you have made conscious or unconscious choices not to vibrate with this new found energy. When you don’t fight the shift in consciousness which is occurring from this wave of universal energy, the transition will be easy and effortless. It is a tsunami of energy that can seem frightening when not understood. You do not need to be drowned by this force but rather allow yourself to ride the wave of consciousness into another dimension.

Each individual hears the resonant vibration of their soul, and the union of the sound of all souls is the sound of the universe, the Ohm.

Even the great ships of song mirror this truth; for the resonant Ohm of their presence is the communion of all the souls on board. Find, explore, and be diligent in the pursuit of the resonant vibration of your soul, the very place within your consciousness that your being vibrates in ecstasy in the awareness of divinity. All those who have ever experienced a spiritual catharsis, revelation, vision, prophecy or journey to the seventh heaven have found that resonant energy within. It is a place where your thoughts are in perfect alignment with consciousness and all is free to be created.