As you go about your daily activities, you tend to become caught up in the mundane and routine, often never stepping aside to either look at your life or pausing to become introspective. Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence that steals your awareness of the deeper dimensional experiences you are having. Life becomes, let’s say, like a two-dimensional image rather than a three-dimensional experience. Live engaged in your world, be a participant rather than an observer and don’t let familiarity and routine make you numb to your world.  To do so is to lose awareness of the transcendence of your world around you.

Transcendence is a state of being. It is the natural state of existence and a promise that all dimensions are interactive, interconnected and accessible to each other.

Therefore, transcendence is not an escape from the physical world but transcends the physical plane of existence to see and experience it from a multi-dimensional point of view. When you transcend your physical being, you expand your abilities to maneuver within your world. You not only gain access to your spiritual nature, but the reality in which you dwell is transformed.

Transcendence, as mentioned, is the true nature of life. You are neither slave to nor lord over physical existence but an active participant and co-creator of it. All things come into perspective and alignment in the state of transcendence, for when you transcend the physical plane of existence, you are consciously aware of the multi-dimensional being you are.

Transcendence is the means by which the consciousness of creation is fully expressed in physical form through you.

Transcendence is a state of consciousness that erases the illusion between your creations and the consciousness that created it—and is a complete expression of God in physical form.