You live in an era where the individual is touted as the supreme authority in one’s life. Individuals vie for positions of power, control and authority. In fact, the individual has become so important that one person can have an affect on an entire community, society, culture or country. If an individual does not like a song or a prayer, their rights must be protected disregarding all others’ opinions.

The individual has become adversarial in our society.

Yet, in this time of human rights, individual expression, and the right to follow the beat of “your own drum,” more people than ever before are unhappy with their lot in life, insecure in the fortress of individuality they have built around themselves to protect them from the enemy—the other.

The spirit of community in your current society is seen as an optional adventure into interaction with others. To belong to a country, a society or a culture is determined by how much that structure can assist the individual. The pendulum has swung from a time of societal tyranny and control to individual anarchy and dominance.

communityThe point of human rights, individualized expression, and its relationship to the community’s well being has been lost.

Yet when one fully understands the relationship between the individualized expression of awareness and the mass consciousness in which it participates, one can come to understand the meaning of community. The ego would have you believe that you are vulnerable and powerless. That the masses of humanity can overwhelm, swarm and overpower you leaving only the skeletal remain of your hopes and dreams. Perhaps that is why individuals run from responsibility and interaction with each other in the pursuit of their own well being and rights.

What has been lost when you have made the individual the master and community its servant?

Perhaps you miss the mark when you fail to realize that community is the sum total of the individuals and the individuals are the sum total of the expression of the community. You have dissected yourselves into minute segments of the whole having lost your strength, vitality, sense of well being. What draws you together is not a sense of camaraderie or a desire to enhance yourselves by enhancing each other, but rather out of common fear, such as terrorism, or catastrophes, such as 911, or even more subtle we are joined by our differences. The failure of this society will be in that which it holds for itself is what the individual hoards for itself will be denied. Society as a whole, community and a sense of belonging has become anemic, unfed by the sense of common good and responsibility.

Our call, our mission is to assist you in breaking down the walls of the illusion that you are you—and I am me.

The word I, is the most encompassing word in the universe. It is infinite in its meaning and eternal in its breadth. I, is the largest of all things. I encompasses all things. I is all things. You is the smallest word that exists and makes your self unwell.