The awakening of humanity is as sure as the rising of the sun in the eastern horizon; yet, one must choose to participate, to accept, and be open to that awakening. Much of the chaos you have experienced in your society, your world, and your personal lives is a direct result in the rising levels of consciousness that is occurring upon your planet. One need only to accept this shift, be willing to participate and to allow one to flow with the rising waters of human consciousness. When one struggles they defeat the purpose of life’s challenges and limit their ability to be successful in reaching their goals.

Most individuals drown from trying too hard.

So as you experience these rising waters of consciousness, the old established belief systems will crumble and be washed away by the waves of a new awareness. The old paradigms of religion, finance and government must be willing to shift if they have any hope to survive in a reality where greed, force and control are no longer powerful factors in the consciousness of humanity.

If greed, control, force and even deceit, are being disempowered in the light of a new dawn of eternal awareness, what new constructs, what eternal constructs should one be striving to bring into their life in order to fully participate in and experience the complete wonderment of the fourth dimensional reality in which they are destined to dwell? The old is being torn down, washed away, so that the new might be built. Your struggle, your resistance, is in direct proportion to your serving these old “gods” of greed, force, control and deceit.

This, perhaps more than any time in human history, is the moment for a true leap in faith.

Letting go of the chains that you perceived have kept you secure — finance, religion, codependency with governmental agencies, and trust — perhaps for the very first time in your access to abundance, power, freedom and truth. All that is out of alignment is being exposed, as it was foretold in your holy writings that all will be brought into the light to be cleansed, to be released and to be transformed.

As the Buddha, this is a time of detachment and uninvestment. Each individual, each family unit, community, state, government, and the world at whole is facing their unique challenges. Your challenges are the reflection of those things that hinder you from easily and effortlessly transitioning into the next dimensional shift of consciousness upon this planet. Perhaps just as your mother would admonish you at the door of your home to wipe your feet, we, The One Mind and The One Thought, are in the same manner directing you to cleanse yourself; for, where you are going, deceit, control, power, force and manipulation cannot reside.

In the dawn of a new age, darkness is diminished.

The old constructs of human negative ego consciousness are being dissolved in the light of eternal truth. Everything in which you put your belief that is not eternal will be wiped away. The challenges you face are not fatal, they are not a punishment, rather an opportunity to reevaluate and choose again, and as your brother stated, build your house upon the rock so as the waters and winds of change beat against the house, it shall not fall.

The first rumblings of change are upon you, and as humanity loses its ability to respond within the context of human constructs, the earth will begin its process of returning itself to the pristine state which was the garden you were invited to in the beginning.

Do not doubt or question past choices, lack of preparation or misguided goals.

Let us reiterate, this is not a time of punishment, this is a time of power.

The tribulation will be in direct proportion to one’s resistance to allow one’s consciousness and the resultant behavior to move into compliance and alliance with the awakening of a new age. Each experiences, personally and communally, that which they need to wipe their feet at the door of a new age. Turn your tribulation into triumph, be it finance, emotional issues, physical issues, perhaps struggling to meet the very needs to subsist.

These are not pretty words; for, consciousness is more powerful than all things, for that which we say is in alignment within your holy books, that there is no principality, there is no power or dominion in heaven or upon earth that can separate you from the love of God. Do not misconstrue inconvenience with failure upon your path. Be assured that when one allows the leap of faith into a new consciousness, one will be supported and held up by many hands. For we of The One Mind and The One Thought manifest to you in the great ships of song are here and liliespresent to assist.

Consider the lilies of the field, they neither reap nor toil; yet their father in heaven knows their needs and takes care of them. The universe exists for the sole purpose of assisting all of its creation to return into the one consciousness of All That Is. We guide you as loving parents, perhaps more as loving compatriots and friends to reach your goal.

We commend each soul upon this planet who has made the commitment to carry the light of consciousness in physical form through this transitionary period in humanity’s experience.

We have never expressed this to you before in the decade we have spoken to you that the tribulation has begun. We speak this not to scare you but to empower you, to prepare you; for, each of you carry the light through the darkness to the pinnacle of human consciousness. Be good stewards, wise masters and mighty soldiers. For the light of a new dawn has appeared in the eastern horizon of your conscious awakening, and all is well in your world. For we are The One Mind and The Old Thought and we hold you in our hearts, our minds and literally in our hands. And we have come to take you home.