The reason individuals do not know what will occur in their lives is not only would knowing steal the opportunity for the learning but the ego consciousness would make choices based upon the future rather than the present moment. As you know the future is created in the present moment; so, act as if your desires are being made manifest. We understand the confusion, frustration humanity experiences; yet, the purpose of this life is to master it, to face challenges boldly, bravely and confidently, trusting that the desires of your heart, the choices of your soul and the will of your spirit will be made manifest.

Look around you, not to compare, but most of humanity is facing challenges, and easily one could despair on the state of affairs of the human race and its consciousness. But each challenge faced, each faith maintained disempowers, bit by bit, the negative ego creations of the human consciousness. Though this world and throughout life, your experiences are important and real to your perception; yet, it ultimately does not matter. You are an infinite, eternal consciousness, and this physical plane of existence is but one frequency in an unlimited set of dimensional levels.

You are more than what you are experiencing, and there are aspects of you who are unaffected by your physical experiences yet in assistance to you.


The consciousness of All That Is willed and desired that there be no dark place in the creation of consciousness, that there be no place that is unreachable by the light of awareness of All That Is. You are that light and you transform your individual reality and the world in which you dwell by declaring light in the midst of darkness. Hope in the midst of despair. Faith in the midst of doubt and love where there is none to be found.

You are the light, and darkness fades and has no power in the presence of your infinite eternal being.

Claim your light today. Do not fight against the darkness; for, in that light the darkness is chased away. Conquer it by your light. Do not let the illusion dissuade you from the light that cannot be extinguished by the seeming darkness that surrounds you. Face your fears bravely, and go about your business of being God.

The earth is a beautiful plane of existence and the presence of humanity has graced it with holiness. Yet, the conscious creations of human thought have marred the garden created for them. The physical plane of existence is not dark or evil; it was a beautiful blank slate in the dimensions of thought waiting for consciousness to arrive to make it whole.

All we ask today is to hold the candle of your existence in the darkness and you will find that you will only be surrounded by light.

Allow the transformative process. Focus on the light you hold, not the challenges you face, and your pathway will be made clear.