We have spoken to you of the temporal and special shifts that are and will occur in the changing of the age. Time and space begin to contract into one point of awareness and being.

Each and every age is one more step up the ladder in the awakening process and the return in conscious awareness to the Source which has created it.

What we have not spoken of are the physical senses and how they are affected by this dynamic and indeed radical shift in consciousness. Unlike some religious teachings and philosophies, the body is not a hindrance or obstacle to spiritual attainment. Why would the creative force create less than an efficient vehicle to propel the consciousness contained within it to the consciousness of All That Is?

With that said, it is important to investigate the shifts in sensory perception that are beginning to occur as the cusp of this new energetic field transcends around the planet.

What are senses? What do senses provide? How are senses utilized and interpreted? In the most basic of observation, senses provide you a mechanism in which to maneuver through your environment, to find food, to protect you from harm. The senses, the five senses, are the only physical means in which the mind can interact with the physical plane of existence in which it dwells. Now there are, indeed, other senses that speak to Consciousness, but we will not speak of that today. Anyone versed in the simplest of scientific information is aware that your vision, hearing, touch, taste and smell are limited. They are able to detect a certain degree of sound or light waves, even aroma and touch. The human mind interprets this sensory information and makes, hopefully, appropriate choices for your well-being and benefit.

sensesThe key to understanding the shifts occurring in sensory perception is that the senses are servant to the consciousness/mind and not the consciousness/mind servant to the senses. What we mean by that is we see senses as input, and indeed it is, but its definition, its ability to detect specific stimuli is based upon the Mind that is observing and directing it. Therefore, as consciousness expands, as the dimensional shifts and vibrations rise so will your senses expand because you are able to comprehend things before unseen, unheard, untasted, untouched or even not smelled.

Consciousness determines sensory perception.

It is like the tale told when explorers arrived in the new world, the inhabitants were unable to see the sailing ship in the bay because they couldn’t comprehend it. Senses are a physical extension of conscious perception. In the truest sense of the word, a blind person could see or a deaf person hear without the physical senses. There is an ever-expanding world in physical form that is awakening upon your planet. When you begin to see, hear, feel, taste and smell things you have never experienced before, that are new in your environment, is it that you are now capable of comprehending them?

Is the new dimension, the shift that is occurring upon the planet just arriving or are you just becoming aware of it.

In our next sharing, we will explain the spiritual senses and how to incorporate and balance them with physical aspects of ones awareness. Would it not make sense that the physical senses would mimic and shadow your spiritual perception?

So at least begin to open yourself up to the opportunity that you are willing to let the boundaries down. Suspend your belief systems and be anticipatory that you can see, hear, and feel things that you have never experienced before. The next time you say, “Oh, it must have been my imagination” stop, look and listen.

Do not dismiss the expansive environment that you are experiencing through denial and disbelief.

eyeThe human mind is a curious concept for it tends to believe only what it physically senses. It believes only senses provide knowledge rather than believing then seeing or understanding. Believe and you will hear. Believe and you will experience the fullness of the dynamic existence in which you already dwell. Perhaps an analogy is–if you have only experienced the world as black and white photos does not mean that there is not color there. Not only are you on the verge of experiencing the “color” of your existence but also the depth of it. Your perception is not the limit of your consciousness, your consciousness is the limit of your perception.

Open wide your minds and your receptivity. Be unafraid of the changes that you will encounter for truly where you are going is less fearful than where you are. The union of an expanded consciousness increases the receptivity of the senses in the combination with the spiritual aspects of your being. As a result, you will be infinitely powerful, infinitely renewed and this realm in which you dwell will be transformed and transfigured into the paradise that you have been promised since the beginning of time.

Perhaps when we speak of the veil we are speaking of the self-imposed limitations of consciousness to perceive.

Beloved souls of light, this is a wondrous time, an exciting time; yet you are being called upon to relinquish that which is not beneficial, mend that which you have torn, heal that which you have broken and walk in the light, the sounds, the aromas, the taste and the touch of paradise.