Let all the good things you do and all the good things that will come your way be an expression of the meaning of your life, not the source of it.

Physicality is the outward expression of consciousness. Everything you physically experience is born of the internal awareness.

Remember in all these conversations, we are sharing because you are so close, not because you are so far, we are refining and defining the path. It is going to happen in the twinkling of an eye, in a moment, in an instant when you least expect it the veil will fall and the internal reality of who you are will spill forth into your world.

Remembering that what you project outward is the source and the key of that which is returned.

Self-righteousness is an insidious de-evolution of the consciousness of All That Is. When you hold precious your own path, you will see all others as precious.

Savor the beauty of your life. Do not curse the vine on which you grow for the tree does not condemn its own roots as the roots are in service to the fruit although they never sees the light of day.

Good to remember that if your reality is experiencing a lack, your internal reality is somehow strangulated from the flow.

Your reality is in complete service to your thoughts, has no power over your thoughts.